Grey Monday on the Sidewalk

| May 10, 2021

Good Monday Morning from the dark and damp sidewalk of Texas fly life. Take a quick look around and you’ll realize; North Texas is still a nearly month behind the calendar date, and today we will struggle to get into the low range of normal temperatures we expect this time of year. The rain is picking up now, and the dogs are heading for their sleeping dens with the sound coming down on the roof.

Now the good news! With a later start to the spring and summer comes a longer and more interesting carp season on the back end – the fall of 2021! Fall seasons have gotten longer and longer over the last few years and with this late spring? we may easily be looking at a November extension in North Texas! That is pretty exciting news.


Houston is again in my sites this week, and as you know there is hardly a dull moment in the waterlogged HTown. If you are reading from the Bayou City, and want to show me how Houston fly fishing is done? Feel free to contact me. I am sure I can find some free time while I’m there, and once I’m in Houston – EVERYTHING IS CLOSE.


If you have been thinking about these fly line mats I sell? Well, they must be okay because I am having to ask what state the “ME” abbreviation is. Maine means these darn things have sold in every state on the West Coast and from the Florida Keys to Maine. That’s what I call, “A heck of a deal,” and one I never expected.


I added what amounts to the last ingredient the skiff needs to get “Texas Skinny” last week. I had the Shaw Wing sitting around for a couple of months, laying in wait for the season to begin and waiting for a few consecutive days of sun. It all came together, along with the need to repair my transducer puck after it flew loose last Monday morning. The next time you hear a funny sound coming from your lower unit? Be sure to kill the engine and go take a look. It just might be your foot-long burrito transducer being wound and ground in your stainless prop! It’s all good though, as luck and the skiff gods were with me a week ago today. Now all there is to do is zero in on the new trim settings for the Shaw Wing, and check the transducer output. Once the weather rights itself, we’re ready to go.


Don’t forget to go ahead and contact me about booking a carp trip, and what we can do is pencil it in, and work from that date (if necessary) to get to an optimal day to chase carp. Weekends are strangely not crowded right now, and don’t forget there’s a holiday weekend coming at the end of the month. There’s a lot more to sandwich in between though! Please keep checking in here, and always visit the YouTube Channel for the manic output that comes with (the few) great days of spring fly fishing here in Texas. If nothing else, subscribe to the Texas Fly Caster YouTube Channel to get those Texas Fly Fishing Updates that come only when the situation calls for updating.

Also in front of me is the need to find and procure a new(ish) kayak for rivers! Do you have a recommendation? I am looking strongly at a canoe this time, and ditching the kayaks that seem to only gain weight over the years. In retrospect, I should never have sold my very old Native Ultimate 12, and the fact they don’t make them anymore (not like the original anyway), only means they were TOO GOOD to last. The canoe that will do its best to recover that Native U12 feeling is a (believe it or not) Old Town Discovery 119 Sportsman Solo canoe. If you know anyone who is selling one of these, I will give a finder’s fee if it works out.

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