| May 17, 2021

Welcome, one and all, to a wet and wild Monday Morning Sidewalk in Texas!

The words Houston and rain go together like coffee and cream in my mind, and the next few days are predicted to be like inching through the Starbucks drive-through, over and over, here in the Bayou City. The word from DFW is actually worse. Spring rains, and floods are pummeling the Prairies & Grasslands region without remorse, and the battle between wet and dry lines reaches across most of the Great State.

With that as a background, my most recent Texas Fly Fishing Report video seems intentionally accurate, but this is Texas weather we’re talking about … luck is the main ingredient when getting it right. 

With this weather pattern firmly in place, most of our “go-to’s” are gone away. That’s not to say a little high water doesn’t present fly fishing opportunities now, and later. NOW, there are these opportunities where fish are “shaken and stirred” from typical spring habits. That means you can find them in places you may never have imagined: big bass shallow, crappie still hanging out in shallow spawn mode, and carp? you may well find carp in the trees before this spring spree of flooding is over and done. LATER, these lake dams will tighten up and as that water drops? we’re looking at some fantastic fly fishing opportunities below a few Texas lake dams. Those include Possum Kingdom Dam, LLELA (Lewisville Lake Dam), Denison Dam (Texoma) and a few “ideas” you could mull over. 

I have heard the area below Lake Sommerville, that riprap and dam, have some monster carp roaming there (that’s all I know about that). I am hearing about some good opportunities on Benbrook and surrounding creeks. Ray Roberts, as you can see in the video, is one lake that is shaken and stirred right now – with multiple species of fish in the freshly wetted shallows. And if you want a real reach? Get a load of Sean Polk, Tailwaters Dallas, Instagram feed! He’s hitting those shallow fish on Lake O.H. Ivie, a lake that gets little attention because of its sketchy track record for containing fish life force – WATER. It has water NOW, and Sean is showing us the fish!

TPWD Fish Scroll

Remember that my Texas Fly Fishing Reports contain a free video viewing (unique for now, but imitators to come) of the TPWD Fishing Reports at the end of the video. Skip to that if / when the monotony of my voice becomes too much. Watch the scroll, and TRANSLATE it to your purposes – wherever you are in Texas. I only wish they had Texas river reports as well. And keep in mind, the Gulf Coast listing is in a geographic, not alphabetic order. 


Guys and Gals, fishing and fly fishing is actually an “all-weather” affair. We buy the gear that makes this so, and now is the time to test that gear against its elements. Safety is always first and foremost – ALWAYS – but once you tick your own unique “safety boxes” off, go, do and show! 

Right this moment, here in North Houston, it looks like it should be raining dogs and cats, I like dogs better, and it’s still not raining! About the only advise I will take from this Monday Morning is the idea that we gotta’  get out and move to improve our opportunities this week. Thanks again for showing up on the sidewalk today, get your motor running and get out on the highway (as long as it’s not flooded).

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