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Fly Tie Tuesday – PoPs Fly Shop Reminder

| February 20, 2018 | 0 Comments
Clouser minnow for Texas Saltwater fly fishing

Clouser tied with coyote on top, and pink on bottom to emulate small shrimp. Sold HERE! Pops Fly Shop

Being sick just ain’t what it used to be! It’s lasting me longer than I want, and I gots things to do, and flies to tie!

I certainly enjoyed plenty of activity at my old site www.popsflyshop.com, but the world’s hackers just wouldn’t leave it alone, so I shut it down awhile back. Remember when the internet used to be fun? It’s a fading memory now …


So we have a new menu item at the top of the page, and it leads to PoPs Fly Shop and some images of what I sell under the increasingly prescient monicker of “PoPs.” I don’t mind it because I can take it with me wherever I go, when I go – to some other latitude that understands the need for a good supply of killer flies and items they can’t find anywhere else. Heck, the vast majority of my sales went to Houston and further south.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. The fly scene in Houston is so much more open, friendly, huge and down to earth than the scene I find myself in here.

So keep an eye on that page, and I will see if I can salvage the images from the old files of the website hackers burned to the ground.


Thankfully, being sick coincides nicely with the weather we are in today. I’d say it’s rained an inch already this morning, and it’s still coming down pretty heavy. A few more days of this and off goes the burn ban, and away goes the drought here in North Texas. Will we be so fortunate? All these other lakes in my sites are probably benefitting more than those north of the Messtroplex, and that DOES bode well for our spring searches of those named lakes.

Finn had his time out in the rain this morning, and unlike our other companion, he has absolutely no aversion to rain – he seems to like it. Breaking him in on the skiff next month, now there’s a trick to witness. His birthdate just didn’t jibe with the seasons that would have him on the water at a younger age. Forecast: A slow motion train wreck.

Thanks for tuning back in, and if you read, you can raise your expectations here!

Happy Monday Birthday Thomas McGuane

| December 11, 2017

Good Monday Morning to you all! To say the world is frazzled just doesn’t do the frenetic pace justice these days … but today is Thomas McGuane’s birthday, and at the ripe young age of 78-years, I do hold out hope that I will find myself alive and well at his age.

For those unacquainted with McGuane, he is very nearly the antithesis of diarist John Gierach in his writing style. [ppw id=”183910827″ description=”Reading and Writing” price=”.25″]

Yeah, I read both, but I guess I am old enough to have my preferences — and crazy enough to express them in a public forum. Heck, PC’s done nothing for me, that much is certain.

If you are seeing holes in the timeframe of posts, fly outings and such; that is because we just finished our largest and most successful ever “Leslie’s Backyard Holiday Art Show” last Saturday (no fly guys showed up with the secret password by the way), and today begins a short run “Pop-Up Shop” in Downtown Denton, Texas. Throw that together with a 32-hour-three-day work weekend for yours truly, and now you’re getting it? … the big picture.

Texas turned downright cold last week and the folks along the coast were freaked by the snow show from Corpus Christi, all the way up to Houston, Texas. I am still shaking my head because we had no snow here in North Texas – simply amazing. AND we are in a full-on burn ban here in Denton County, and yes, a full on drought once again. I, for one, am very happy for the salt to have a winter cold snap. THAT IS normal, and I believe the fish need NORMAL.

I’ll say it once again: The only place that does not get drought? Saltwater. They can suffer in other ways from the lack of freshwater intake, but there’s always water on the salt. Are you getting the picture of the future yet?

I had enough time to talk with people I trust about the state of the Art State over the weekend, and specifically how the internet has changed flavors so clearly this year. Folks have gone from the ease (sickness) of Facebook (and its fake news), to even shorter formats – Instagram. Now, you know I never miss the opportunity to drop my year of membership to social media, but I am pretty much moved on past Instagram as a venue – especially since it has been corrupted this year by the “likers” who don’t look at actual images, but try and entice a “like-for-like” response from other “Instagrammers.” Instagram is corrupted, and therefore pretty much an illegitimate format. I only “like” things I look at, and that hurts my standings of course.

No, we’re headed into long form in 2018 – the Loooooong Form. From the continuing challenges of YouTube, and over to a new-again interest in Podcasting that I am taking on as the ultimate challenge: painting a story in the mind’s eye, but keeping it technically easy and easy access and easy listening. Those are huge challenges, by the way. AND we will move into live broadcasting in 2018, simulcasting actually, any fixed reporting from the Fly Bar as well as any other opportunity that lends itself to the Periscope or Snapchat world (once again out in front of the fly fishing powers that be).

Have a great week, and feel free to call me if you are interested in truly unique gift shopping here in Denton, Texas! I will be working at the Pop-Up Shop several hours on weekdays, so come on by. Our hours are such that you can get off work in DFW, and come up here for shopping and a meal out in Downtown Denton, Texas. This shop will close just after Christmas, and the hours will get shorter right at Christmas, so make your plans and call me if you need more information!


Watcher Wednesday It’s Floodin’ Down in Texas

| August 30, 2017 | 0 Comments

When we say it’s “Floodin’ Down in Texas,” you know what we mean now don’t you? Texas proved it in the last seven days; we just do it bigger and better than anyone in these States. Bigger floods, bigger help and bigger hearts than anybody else. And I’ll stand on that statement.

There’s nothing to enjoy or celebrate today, and I hesitated to even post anything, but sometimes music says it all for us.

I was on the road yesterday, for a photo shoot down in Round Rock, Texas, and they were drying out from a weekend of rain. Last week, before all this, I had planned to roll a story on the new digs for Living Waters Fly Shop into this trip, but all plans got pushed; I talked to owner Chris Johnson, and he said they are in the midst of the moving frenzy and under pressure to get it done. So you can look forward to an interview of Chris whenever he is ready to allow cameras in to his new location.

What I saw on the road yesterday was subtle, but obvious if you are the observant type. Eighteen-wheelers are stacked up, parked all along I-35E’s rest stops and truck stops – stacked up solid. They’re basically circling the airport, waiting for it to reopen – hundreds of them.

Then there’s the strange behaviors; I saw a little old Subaru Forrester with fifteen five gallon gas cans strapped to the top of it. The math on that is mind boggling – seventy-five gallons of gas on top.

There were mini convoys of cars, stopped randomly on the roadside, dazed and somewhat confused. It seems that unprecedented weather brings unprecedented behavior. Plenty of us just don’t know what to do, or what we can do.

Around here, we are focusing on animals – pets rescued and displaced by Hurricane Harvey. We will be dropping new supplies off for the Denton Animal Support Foundation this morning at New York Sub Hub at 305 W. University Dr. (US 380). We are not able to take in any animals, but can certainly send some supplies in the right direction.


East Texas Takes a Beating: Waking up to the Aftermath This Monday Morning

| May 1, 2017 | 0 Comments

It’s the weekly Monday Morning Sidewalk

Death and destruction visited one of the most beautiful parts of Texas, East Texas, Saturday night. So while we hunkered down under the awning at my SO’s big birthday shindig, tornadoes were trenching up lives and property near Canton, Texas, and for miles around.

That news weighs heavily on my mind this Monday Morning. I often remark, “It’s only a matter of time,” when we take a direct hit, and all this hard work is blown away. It’s North Texas, and where we live spring is a game of Russian Roulette. I can’t even keep count of the number of spins we’ve had, but it’s in the low double-digits.


Maybe that’s why I am interested in helping out in East Texas, get back a few spins of that revolver, get some good karma back on my side? If you are in East Texas, our thoughts are with you. If you want to go to East Texas and work, or know how to get plugged into East Texas recovery efforts – CONTACT ME as soon as you read this. When you have as much time as I do, it’s not necessarily a luxury. (Besides – I am a bit of a closet chainsaw lover, and mine needs a good workout.)

AND IF I can’t get drafted into service in East Texas, I’ll be working away here; spring has thrown down a few dominoes of opportunity and none are the double-blank. Ray Roberts Dam was raging last I saw, the second blackberry harvest is about to pop BIG, and there’s an “off-road” opportunity I am want to revisit as well.


I DON’T KNOW how many of you still read books, or for my growing younger crowd – want to read books on fly fishing, but I had a book review run recently in the Lone Star Outdoor News, which gives me the green light to run that review (in original form) here. I’ll fit that in here this week, or you can go read the latest Lone Star Outdoor News.


I got a pretty big reaction to my first shots fired on the pages of Facebook, and for those of you who do not partake in Facebook (the smart folks), I am basically formulating my own revolt against the internet succubus that Facebook has become. Facebook is out of date, bad code, negative on society and for me only a necessary investment of time – feeding it only for business from here on (Yeah, it’s necessary, but has never generated any ROI in eleven years of being there!). If you are also a Facebooker – STEP 1: is to admit you are a “Facebook Lurker” if that’s what you are. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but I certainly have ID’d many family members who get all their personal information from reading Facebook – STEP 2: You will be labeled a #facebooklurker, and blocked – unless you begin to talk! Just say no to Facebook, and revive the adventure of the internet, and exploring the open internet system.


Go out and have a fantastic week whatever you do! I will interrupt to bring you pertinent updates to the East Texas situation. If I am not summoned, I will be here to bring information about fly fishing as I receive it. Be safe in your driving on the sacrificial roads of the Golden Triangle (of death), and check back here EVERY DAY THIS WEEK for fresh content!


Water and Weather Wednesday

| March 29, 2017 | 0 Comments

Welcome to the Texas Fly Caster Water Wednesday!

There’s big and small topics related to the weather, from the pointless deregulation of coal to micro storm events passing through North Central Texas.

Around here, the spring storm cycle has started and sometimes residents can miss the insurance agent by a matter of blocks – that’s how concentrated these storms are as the broad sweep comes by from west to east. Last night, for example, we had 60-mile-per-hour winds but no apparent damage or hail.

Further east and south, Rockwall, Texas, got a dose of everything and they are digging out and there are about 200-thousand thousand homes without electricity this morning. Several schools are closed for the day.

I took a look at northern creeks yesterday, and they were Nestlee Quick color and up to the top. And that is one of the effects this weather has; sudden creek flooding that throws everything off for a few days.

Stability, right now that’s what we need stability. This is the time of year when the whippersnappers jump the gun, and it’s just not time yet, so keep your powder dry. And keep reading of course! This last rain event will most likely top off area lakes again, and that means releases in April. Those releases will generate some of that increasingly famous action below dams. North Texas water is in good supply, even though drought colors are seeping into the map. Below the current map, the map from one year ago.


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