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| October 6, 2023

Seasonal Update for Texas Fly Fishers

Fall is dropping in on us now, here in North Texas. While the temperature rollercoaster has kicked in, it means one thing – SEASONAL TRANSITION. From North Texas, to the Texas Gulf Coast, fly fishing is effected by the elements. And we do have elements don’t we?

This video is one of those “big picture” videos about seasons, and not any very specific water bodies, lake systems or river systems. The Texas Gulf Coast? Well, we know it pounds on, and will for about another month. This marks the time I moved down to South Padre Island last year, to be the boots-on-the-sand for Los Pescadores, and thankfully, while my work is done for that organization, I can’t help but wonder how great it could have been moving there in, say, May, and having the BEST of the seasons to fly fish there instead of the worst. That’s just how it goes though, right? I know that particular long-term coastal opportunity will knock again in the near future.

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