Monday Morning Sidewalk

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Remembering 911 War Hurricane Harvey Irma Call to Action

Welcome to wherever you are today, this great day called Monday! It’s great because my weekend begins in ernest, with a day of rest from everything that comprises my life as I now know it. You, on the other hand, are just getting wound up, caffeinated, motivated and shoveling the trenches for another week of loving war with work. Count yourself more lucky than I – in that respect. I applaud all of you who have dedicated your time, education, intellect and lives to building your careers on solid ground, and not shifting sand.


As the bells chime on the church behind me, I am again reminded this morning of where I was and what I was doing on September 11, 2001. If you replay it like I do (and we should), then you can’t help but still feel melancholy.

What happens when the last WWII veteran dies, do we forget the war? I always thought, as a historian, that living representatives of those events are the ties that bind us to remembering with clarity. Now, our warriors are still engaged in the war, with what I might add is the best set of marching orders yet (best thing the current president has done); moving the decision making from DC fat cats to the battle lines. We have to think of them, the quick and the dead, as well.


Texas Fly Fishing Report

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Watcher Wednesday Hurricane Blues and White Bass Hot Spot

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Welcome to the “Watcher Wednesday” column. This is a day set aside to just watch something you may never have seen before, and enjoy the view from the top of your working hump-day. Me, and my crack research team comprised if myself and I, scour the video world to find something that might be of interest to the demographic that appears to enjoy this website – something that won’t get you too excited, or put you to sleep either. It’s an amazingly hard job! It is difficult to talk fly fishing right now, as the destruction of our beloved Texas Gulf Coast is still fresh and the flotsam still to be gathered into those huge dozer piles, but I did wet a line, and caught some big fat sand bass yesterday. That information is for my subscribers below. Perhaps catching a few will help us get our heads screwed back on straight after the emotional wreck of Harvey? I hope it is your remedy.


I was driving


Monday Morning Labor Day Off

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Labor Today Hurricane Harvey The Dude

I hope you are having a fantastic Labor Day morning walking on your own sidewalk, away from your cubicle, crowded parking lots, traffic jams and co-workers and bosses who make you crazy. What  a truly f-d up picture the world of labor really is in the US today. Zero opportunities for creative individuals to succeed, an underemployed and underpaid basic labor force, and a country that has spent the last thirty years building itself on the backs of a huge, underpaid illegal population. Chickens are coming home to roost, but that’s not what you want to hear is it … maybe someday I’ll finish this thought …

The Big Lebowski


It is, after all, the day I have set aside for many years; set aside for watching “The Big Lebowski.” After this last election, I may have to add the movie “Idiocracy” to my Labor Day watch list as well. That movie used to be a comedy, but now?


You may notice the toned down the fly fishing focus in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. It just seems strange to talk about such small happy things when we have (consumer created) gas shortages, price gouging, shelves emptied of eggs at Wal-Marts, and a lot more pain and suffering to come for our coastal brothers and sisters. I have yet to hear of any organized response from the fly community, or fishing community here in North Texas. If someone wants to enlighten me/us, please feel free to do so. If there is anyone along the Texas Gulf Coast reading this: Tell us what you need, and we will respond. If you were relying on the MSM to keep your plight in focus? Most of them are long gone now, and you could be feeling abandoned or forgotten. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just hand out marching orders, and see what happens. There is a “Contact” form at the bottom of this article. Either comment, or fill out that form and let us know what we can do. I am thinking this is a time for the local fly fishing clubs and their attached communities to shine. What do you think?

Thanks again for showing up today, on your day off no less! I have to head out the door now, and go labor.

Texas Fly Fishing Report on Hold

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Harvey dominates our thoughts and prayers

Well, it’s finally over. Now, the typical trail of destruction remains, covered in mud, chemicals, flotsam, gators, snakes and mosquitoes. Yeah, it’s not going to be over anytime soon for the Texas Gulf Coast.

What I hope we can do, is become a source for direct contact and support for the survivors of Hurricane Harvey. If you know any organizations that are doing good deeds, please feel free to comment here, or send me information in the contact form, so I can publish that information as soon as possible.

We are seeing Texans being Texans these days – I saw a jet motor on TV used to put out a house fire when the pressure dropped at the fire hydrants (submerged three feet below the water), and I saw monster trucks (now we know what they’re for) pulling out Guard rescue vehicles … Texans.

With all this happening, you can imagine fly fishing takes a back seat for a little while. If we were communicating on the Dallas-Wide-Web, instead of the WorldWideWeb, we’d be talking about how little rain and how few effects we had from Harvey, and how slow the fishing is, but our local self-interests can certainly wait awhile.