Monday Morning Sidewalk – The Dead Drift Goes Live

| October 18, 2021

Good Monday Morning to those of you who like to read! I “appreciate-cha” (love that word), and hope you had a fantastic weekend. 

For me it was time, with great fanfare, to take down the homemade sun screens that cover our back porch windows. They’re a bit tattered now, and they are not nearly as useful as they once were. The stick trees in back are now massive, and block the sun to a huge degree. And this year, those with acorns are pounding my tin roof and shop roof constantly. What’s with the acorn production this year? I almost makes me wish I was an acorn farmer right now. Along my streets, the pecans are so thick that the tree limbs are bowing down almost to the ground. Blame it on the freeze, or whatever your cause, but I have never seen anything like this – in all my years in North Texas. What new phenomenon are you seeing wherever you are?


Today marks the beginning of something old made new again. You may see the file player in this post? That is for “The Dead Drift,” a new format – you can go ahead and call it a “Podcast” if you like – an audio supplement to the Texas Fly Caster website and a shadow of this Monday Morning Sidewalk. It’s not the same, but nothing is the same since I had a failed launch of podcasting way back in 2007 — then called the, “Texas Fly Podcast.” What was old is new again. Podcasting has changed A LOT, millions of ways actually, since then, and I hope you listen to and enjoy this one. There are still technical hoops to jump through to get something like this done and accessible, much like the early days of YouTube, but with millions of podcasts on Apple to choose from, I think I will make this one free from here, and ONLY HERE, for now. (NOTE: Some controversial changes are seeping into YouTube – behind the scenes – you haven’t noticed. The “free” clock may be ticking there.)

The weather is obviously changing now, and I hear that the sand bass are coming off the top and going back down for the year at Lake Ray Roberts. Now about the time I say that, we get an Indian Summer (is that no longer PC?), and they come roaring back again, but this fall pattern – so far – is about as normal and predictable as they get. That said, get out your rain/snow / swimsuit gear and pack it for whatever comes next!

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  • New Superintendent Lake Ray Roberts Robbie Merritt 380 Greenbelt interview
  • In Houston – for a number of reasons
  • Texas Gulf Coast coming into Fall Focus

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