Give a Little Get A Little

| August 30, 2021

As one of those “YouTube Creators,” I get these occasional “Tips & Tutorials” on how to do a better video, and generate more viewers and subscribers. Some of those tips are actually interesting, like the one that did an algorithm on what the most standard greeting is that appears on YouTube videos – across the entire YouTube video system. The number one greeting by far is, “Hey Guys.” Of all my hundreds of YouTube videos since 2008, I am sure there are dozens I’ve done that start that way. 

My standard greeting here on Monday Morning is, was, and always will be; “Welcome to the Monday Morning Sidewalk.” And for those of you new to the “Sidewalk,” it is based on the feeling from a Kris Kristofferson song, SUNG BY KRIS, “Sunday Morning Sidewalk.” While the wasted-ness of the song has it’s own aftertaste, what I take home from this song is the complete heart and soul invested in the song – it’s all there. What do you expect from fellow Valley Boy? 

Give A Little Get A Little

A nice flow has developed to-and-from readers and YouTube viewers in recent months. And while I am not nearly as plugged-in as a working fly fishing guide on the Texas Gulf Coast, I do keep an ear to the rail … listening, always listening. 

A Texas A&M student recently texted this:

“Howdy Shannon, my name is A. I’m a big fan of all of your videos on YouTube and keep up with your posts on the website! I just wanted to pick your brain a bit on some saltwater fly fishing if you don’t mind. -I’m going down to port aransas area this upcoming Sunday through Thursday  with one of my buddies for a kayak trip before we start our junior year at TAMU. My recent trips haven’t been very successful for a number of known and unknown reasons. I usually go to wading spots along highway 361 like Fish pass, Wilson’s cut and then Bird Island at PINS. But I have trouble understanding the tides+ wind to determine what location to fish and where to fish (wind blown shorelines, shallow, deep). And does how much does the moon phase matter for daytime fishing. I have checked the phase calendar for next week and it’s pretty much full all week. Should I get out on the water earlier or just fish high tides? Do you have any tips or advice for having more successful trips down there? Thanks again for all the awesome content. Enjoy your chill videos and have learned a lot about fly fishing.”

A few texts went back-and-forth (worked their way into my last YouTube Video), and the information I gave was not worth, and hardly related to the final information received from A. from his DIY trip to Port Aransas, Texas, last week.

“We ended up catchin a couple reds and trout in the lights at night. The conditions were relatively good low wind higher tides in the am then got really low. Saw and spooked a bunch of cruising reds and a couple schools but whenever we’d put a fly in front they just wouldn’t commit. Threw small tan and white clousers and some shrimp patterns that I tied. Still always a blast gettin down there though! / We put in at Wilson’s cut and paddled a couple miles north drifting grass flats then fished in some lights in the canals on north padre island over by docs restaurant.”

Last night I received this text:

“Howdy Texas Fly Caster!  I’m Heading to Port O Friday. Any reports on tarpon? Jetties, Pass Cavallo, Michels cut, tarpon hole? Thanks!” M

Now there is a topic we could call a “Biggun” in bass parlance! Not only is it salt, that I am 300-plus miles distant from, we’re talking the unicorn of the Texas Gulf of Mexico – tarpon! What a can of worms. Nobody has ever, ever made me a promise of actually having a shot at catching a Texas tarpon, and seeing one? First, I will try to talk you out of it. Nevertheless, something as difficult as a Texas tarpon on fly deserves an update as the seasons are about to change … I’ll see what I can do to help M find his unicorn.

I certainly appreciate the incoming questions, and keep them coming! If you are a Gulf Coast Guide reading this, feel free to take the pressure off me! I can tell you in advance, the Texas Fly Caster reader, and watcher of videos is, most of the time, looking to do their own DIY saltwater trips. I will tell M. what I “know” which should take about two lines of a text, and then the search for CURRENT Texas Tarpon information begins in earnest. 

Thanks for reading the original Monday Texas Fly Caster column, Monday Morning Sidewalk, and unless there are herds of tarpon in the Texas bays, be sure to check for a new column next week – right here on the Texas Fly Caster website!

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