Monday Morning Bright Lights Big City

| January 10, 2022

Good Monday to you! I hope it is better for you this Monday than it was for me last Monday!

Seven days – to the day – after testing + for COVID, I am feeling markedly better, and the wheels are turning pretty fast once again. So fast in fact, they may just spin off before we get finished here at the king of all Culture on the Skids website … Texas Fly Caster, and the Monday Morning Sidewalk!

Regulars may notice the banner? Yes, in the ever-changing world of my mind, I put away the “holiday banner” for safe-keeping in the attic along with all the other toys.

I am beginning to wonder if there will be a next year, a next holiday season, a good reason to roll the banner out for the next time. Based on the state of the Country and the State of the State? I may head to Mexico for this election cycle. What’s that sound?You say you want a revolution?

Going Live Soon

One thing is obvious: People love to see a train wreck in real time.

I am happy to provide in 2022, but when is the big question, isn’t it? What if we just go head-to-head with the other live broadcasts? same bat time, same bat channel! I find that appealing in certain ways, but I may have to work on my costume first. And I’ll probably need a “Robin” to go with me … how about a female co-host? Any volunteers? That is sure to bump the watch numbers through the roof, right boys?

FIRST THING IS FIRST – I do need to work on the WAY I go live, and we will probably have to alter my format to make the whole thing float … assuming we want it to float! Heck! Right now, I can’t even use my outdoor “studios” it is so cold and windy here in North Texas!


My music countdown was slapped together pretty fast this year, and that means I missed a few – even a few CD’s that were sitting on my fly tying bench – CD’s that definitely make the Best Fly Fishing Music of 2021 list. What’s so fine about writing here is; I can now make up for my mistakes, and not even call it a mistake. We are “enhancing” the Best Fly Fishing Music list with a couple more releases to be noted this week.


Some of the old rods here may recall a few years back when I attempted (in vain) to monetize the gold in this website? Yeah, that flew like a lead balloon … and went away. It was an awkward thing from the get-go and never really worked like it was supposed to work.

So when I finally came across Patreon last year, and with the fuel from a pretty successful (non-profitable) Texas Fly Caster YouTube Channel, I decided that maybe there is a piece of that money pie that would get us through the next few fly fishing travel years … by doing a Patreon Fly Fishing startup. From what I see so far, there is no one there from the Fly Fishing world, and anyone with a brain probably should’ve taken that as a hint. Off we go into another adventure that makes the technicalities of YouTube PALE in COMPARISON. Be sure to at least subscribe to the discussion part of my new Patreon Fly Fishing Channel, and you can have direct input into what happens there this year! Stay tuned …


On YouTube, I have renamed my Photography Channel to f.8 Photography where I can talk about a WHOLE LOT MORE than just still photography. You know me, it’s hard to keep it simple!

Thanks for reading, and thanks for texts and such in regard to the COVID thing as well.

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