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Monday Morning Sidewalk – Bass O Matic

| November 13, 2017

Bass on Fly Rod

Good Monday Morning, or what’s left of it! This could be a week for the memoir after another weekend to forget! A book review pressing down on me – guess I should be different and actually read the book. This one’s right up our alley, “The Best Bass Flies,” subtitled, “How to Tie and Fish Them.”

It’s funny, I threw my box at them last week on Lewisville Lake, and what worked in the end, and worked quite well? The last fly I tied on was a Black / Black Clouser on a circle jig hook. I found some very good structure around a high pressure cove, and picked off four there, before heading back over to the old dam riprap I had just covered with a different fly – and put the hit on fish there as well. IT WAS the fly. And, if YOU are fly fishing for bass right now, and everything’s right, but everything’s wrong; try a super-slow retrieve to go with an impressionistic fly.

One nice thing about Lewisville Lake is that you can find cover from our prevailing winds this time of year – those would be the NORTH or SOUTH winds. This lake may provide cover, but it feels  like the bigger bass have departed. I can’t wait to challenge them this spring.

I have some feelers out for new stories to work this off-season, but am not hearing back from my primary contacts at the moment. Seems like everyone is busy these days, these weekdays anyway. What’s up with that? I am looking for anyone who would be interested (not magazine story related) in a day trip to the Blue River this week, or maybe a meetup in BendBow. Just let me know.

Well, it’s on to a pending welding project, a pending website build and post production on images for a band and that website build. Throw in a new product I am creating for the skiff crowd – doing a “Go Fund Me” for that one – and this week was over when it began.

Enough said, let me know what YOU are doing and where you are catching these days. If you say, “PK below the dam,” I would say, “You must live closer than I do!” I may make it out that terribly long way once the TPWD starts feeding the striper some fresh trout, but until then … have at it.


Who’s Your Daddy? Here’s What Dad Really Wants Father’s Day

| June 14, 2017 | 0 Comments

WHO’S YOUR DADDY? Fly Fishing Father’s Day Gifts 2017

We’re getting down to brass tacks. Have you done your Daddy right for this FFFD – that’s Fly Fishing Father’s Day? Those of you lucky enough to be Dads, thank your god for your good luck, and pass this story along to the people that matter.

I bet Dad already has all the fly fishing gear, dangling jangling trinkets, pants, shirts, boots and trout suspenders he will ever need. And, he looks a little funny in some of the hipster fly clothing – you might like; bright colors he’s never seen before, designs that are a little slim in the midsection and prices that will take away a few cases of your favorite hipster beer from this weekend’s event. So let’s keep Dad grounded with a list of gifts that keep on giving, from this Dad’s Day onto the next.

You can keep it simple for good old Dad, and just book a guided carp trip right here, right? Look no further, give that big extra gift to Dad today – by clicking the PayPal button in the side bar, and simply look no further. You really love your Dad, right?

And it’s still simple to give a subscription to the Pay-Per-View content on this site! Last week had a timely post on where / what / how of the current technical aspects of fly fishing for carp here in North Texas! This is the kind of information that saves a lot of time for dear old Dad, so that he can take you out to eat, buy you new stuff and keep your hipster lifestyle in tact. Read more about subscription benefits at Subscribe to Texas Fly Caster.

How about a subscription to Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine? I was published there last year, so of course that magazine is in favor with me right now. And it was a favorite as a kid as well. Anything that makes Dad smarter can’t be all that bad can it?

How about a subscription to the edgy Drake Magazine? Another of those magazines I am currently published in, and one I look forward to writing and photographing for in the future; Drake covers a lot of ground, sometimes with reverence and at times irreverent, but typically with great images and creative text.


As you can read, this year’s gift giving theme is EXPAND DAD’S KNOWLEDGE. Besides the reading material, the music below will free his mind, lift or sober Dad’s spirits and provide the escape from reality – an escape that is much needed these days. Some of it harkens back to his youth, with the taste of Pink Floyd (from Roger Waters), new Beatles remaster “Sargent Pepper’s … ” ,  to the way way back sounds brought to us by ultra-cool and modern artists featured on the fantastic release – “American Epic,” which is destined to be a Top 10 for 2017 (zero doubt about that!).

Fly Fishing Music Top 10 2016

| January 13, 2017 | 0 Comments

TOP 10 Fly Fishing Music 2016

We don’t have any “timeless” releases this year, among the final cut of Fly Fishing Music 2016, but there are some strong releases and a “fair warning” about bands to watch in the future.

In ten years, we’ve covered entire careers of folks like Ryan Bingham (remember that discovery?) and others. We’ve also seen legends depart the planet over the years as well; the documentary (I finally found the courage to watch) on Levon Helm, that touched on his throat cancer – cemented a brotherhood. Bowie? I am convinced he was actually taken home to the planet from which he came.

I would have loved to do a Fly Fishing Top 10 Music radio show, as in years past, but the economy does not give the stretch to drop a Benjamin on the CD’s I don’t already own. And I am no pirate (even if I did/do run the music RF on past radio casts). I have succumbed to the subscription service at Apple Music, and listen to countless releases for a paltry family membership fee. It certainly saves a boatload of bait when it comes to purchasing bad releases, or releases with only one good tune. (Our countdown is based on several factors, not the least of which is judging the ENTIRE release, not just a single tune.)

We are simply going to step away from the fanfare for this year’s Top 10 Music Countdown (2016), and start at 10 and go down to 1. Will there be a radio cast? Only if you request one. If you want me to elaborate on these selections, just ask, and I will back my choices.

  • NUMBER 8 – Tie – David Bowie & Leonard Cohen — “Blackstar” & “You Want it Darker” respectively
  • NUMBER 7 – Wilco – “Schmilco”
  • NUMBER 6 – Kings of Leon – “Walls”
  • NUMBER 5 – Radiohead – “A Moon Shaped Pool”
  • NUMBER 4 – Drive by Truckers – “American Band”
  • NUMBER 3 – Jim James – “Eternally Even”
  • NUMBER 2 – Bob Weir – “Blue Mountain”
  • NUMBER 1 – Lucinda Williams – “Ghosts of Highway 20”

Thanks so much for your patience, as this was heavily delayed by the cyber warfare with Chinese hackers back in December. Please feel free to add your Top 10, or even a single release that you think was overlooked in the countdown. I will follow up this story with another post in a week – containing reader contributions to the Fly Fishing Top 10 Music Countdown 2016. One week – the clock is ticking.

Thanks for reading! Get out your kayak, the water’s going to rise in North Texas this weekend! As Clapton said, “Let it rain.”

Fly Fishing Music – Rounding Up Unusual Suspects for 2016

| January 12, 2017 | 0 Comments


It’s almost time to stop listening, and start talking about some unusual music that kept me going in 2016. This isn’t the official final FINAL list, but who’s getting a final spin before the list comes out tomorrow.

  • Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Skeleton Tree
  • Wilco – Schmilco
  • Bob Weir – Blue Mountain
  • Drive by Truckers – American Band
  • Kings of Leon – Walls
  • Pretenders – Alone
  • The Robinson brothers releases – Chris & Rich individually
  • Lucinda Williams – Ghosts of Highway 20
  • Jim James – Eternally Even
  • Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool
  • Listening is done to these two – Stuart Cohen / David Bowie
  • Mudcrutch – II


What to LISTEN for in 2017

I am still thinking about a band called The Boy Who Died Wolf from the 2016 releases. And we have Ryan Adams coming back strong in 2017 with a new release in February. The rest of the music world?  They still play coy little cat-and-mouse games with their releases, as they lick a finger and hold it up to the economic wind before releasing anything.

I think it is a safe bet there will be a lot of “protest music” coming forward in the next four years, just as we had after the 2008 economic depression (that is still here). Time does wear down the opposition, doesn’t it?!

Tune in tomorrow!

Monday Morning Sidewalk – How About a New Can of Worms?

| August 1, 2016 | 0 Comments


Welcome. It is one hot, or as the Donald would say hot-hot, Monday morning. We’ll be putting together a chain of 100-degree days that will take us all the way through this week and most certainly have an effect on fly fishing here in North Texas.

The heat’s nothing new for this time of year, and if it doesn’t keep humans inside (if you are as dumb about fishing as me), then you will be looking for fish that are smarter than us, and trying to escape the hot water that comes this time of year. Your clock needs adjusting.

It’s time to change your clock to “fish-bite savings time,” and that means we’ve got to get out early or late when fish are more likely to be active on any endeavor we are looking to undertake for the duration, or until another extraordinary weather event that cools things off here in Texas (can you say hurricane?).

Lately, I have been having a complete blast chasing sand bass, by the acre, on Lake Ray Roberts in the evenings. The heat of the day is broken, and there’s just something “oceanic” about looking for huge schools on wide open water, chasing them down and catching on each, and every, cast.

Saturday, on Lake Ray Roberts, was no exception. I was out working on a series of photographs for TPWD Magazine, and after doing the shore photographs, I decided to hitch up the boat and capture some image from the water. It provided a fantastic perspective … on the crowds of hundreds of people who were at the parks on Ray Roberts Saturday. (As regular readers may recall, I have a policy against getting near these lake populations on the weekends, but that’s exactly what these photographs called for.)

I was crossing the east side, from Jordan launch to Johnson Branch, when I suddenly realized I was running over small groups of small sand bass marauding off the point of the park. So, I shut her down, and up they came by the thousands. I took a short wind drift, caught fish on every cast, left them hungry, and took off to finish the photography.

I came back to them later and they were still going strong. Conventional fishing gear will fill your YETI cooler if that’s your thing, but no matter what, you’re better off getting way deep – below the schoolies that will nab anything off the top twelve inches. And if you have a trailer on your spoon, even a simple trailer on a spoon — you can expect to catch two at a time.

www.houstonflyfishing.com danny scarborough guide


It’s off to Houston to pick up a load of “stuff” to refurbish and sell – as I build the junkyard business. And while there? It just so happens that Danny Scarborough www.houstonflyfishing.com is into catching one of the funkiest freshwater fish swimming in Texas. He’s been guiding folks for bowfin somewhere around Houston, and I just have to get a little of that prehistoric, slithery action.

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