Riding The Tiger – On The Monday Morning Sidewalk

| April 8, 2019
Marathon, Florida, on the load out. Last shot before leaving.

Back home now. Let’s see you try and predict when the bluebonnets are at their absolute peak, or where and when a lightning bolt will strike, or … when the tarpon migration moves through the Keys. But that’s another story or more, for another day (or more).

Back home we ride the weather tiger once again. While I am receiving photos of monster bass from Lake Ray Roberts, I know my calendar is reminding me, or about to remind me of the “First Carp of the season” in years X, Y and Z. 

This photograph is Tim Bach and he specializes in bass on fly at Lake Ray Roberts. This guy is a pedigreed fly fisher, and obviously knows what he’s doing. Feel free to hit the contact page here, and I can put you in touch with Tim – and I would not HESITATE if I were you!

It took a few hours to get (almost) all the road film off the skiff yesterday, and while I was hoping for a rain rinse, I did not get one. For those keeping scorecards at home, I drove from Key West Florida to Denton Texas, leaving at 10:30 am Friday, and arriving in Denton on 7 p.m. Saturday. I didn’t know I still had an iron posterior, but apparently I do. The shakedown cruise is over now, and I am ready for some real action a bit closer than 1400-miles away.

Feeling how good early spring actually feels, I realize we were really pummeled by our Texas winter. Even the long Florida drive left me with a spring buzz. When I saw the town in the light of day, it was obvious Mother Nature had begun to re-cover this ugly town’s bones with her green growth, soft purple honeysuckles and redbuds. In the matter of a week, spring sprang a new wardrobe and dropped her fine allergens for all to sniffle.

Right now, for the first time ever, I am locked in to a schedule that prevents me from hitching the boat and looking for that first carp of the season (one calendar alert popped today). I am relegated to odd times and more evening oriented action for bass as we start cranking up the year, but maybe the weather-heads will be wrong about this weekend!

Remember to check the YouTube Channel later this week! I should have some touristy stuff from Florida, and we will get a Texas Fly Fishing Report — YES THE ORIGINAL — out consistently starting this week. ALSO, check back here for more detailed information on Marathon, FL, and what I learned about that mythical place. Be sure to contact me and get on the FISH FLASH text messaging list. I will send out information about where the fish are biting as it happens, and you will be the first to know – IF YOU ARE ON THE LIST.

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