Monday Morning Sidewalk – Beyond The Weekend To Forget

| April 9, 2018

Putting Out The Fire With Gasoline

What a weekend to forget, wasn’t it? My sympathy goes out for those who got themselves ramped up and ready for the Lake Athens Fly Fishing Festivus, only to have the day blasted by cold weather and high winds. I haven’t heard anything from Johnny on the Lake, but I was out in it (not fishing) and the strength and intensity of this cool front qualifies as “freakish” to my way of thinking about early April. And thanks to environmental regulatory rollbacks, we are headed toward worse extremes, more unpredictable seasons and, really, who knows what else?

Good Monday Morning! I appreciate your staying off the weed(s), off the grass and on the weekly Monday Morning Sidewalk column. It is still the most popular day for fly fishers to land here, and so it’s the one column I make sure to try and get DONE and IN on time.

I was wide awake Saturday night (as opposed to being half conscious at the recording time) when I cued up the first episode of the new season of “Texas Insider Fishing Report” to see Brie’s baby bump and a few other subtle changes to that show. They ARE making improvements, and if you are an offshore person – you should NEVER miss this show. I did have a hard time telling whether their reporting has taken a turn toward over hype, or if the coast is really as HOT as they say it is. The reports divide the state in wide horizontal swaths for the most part, and that’s no favor to the fishermen doing the reporting; Texas is a wide state! There’s a balance of freshwater fishing reported as well, and things are apparently just as HOT inland as they are on the Texas Gulf Coast. Regardless of whether the reports are true or hyped, the show did nothing but pour gasoline on the fire around here. Once we get warmer mornings, and the wind stays down? NOTE – There’s a delay before these episodes show up on YouTube, but subscribe and get notified when they are posted.


Wanna go round in circles? The weather isn’t done with us just yet, but if you are a paid YouTube Subscriber – you got access to two detailed fly fishing hotspots that are a short drive from Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas.

If you were looking for a Texas Fly Fishing Report on the YouTube Channel, I have decided not to do those unless there are changes in the reporting. There was very little measurable difference between the last week of March 2018 and the first week of April … and so it goes.

The SPRING WINDOW is getting smaller with every passing day of bad conditions, so that means a few things; FIRST – Our mascot Mr. Finn – has yet to step aboard the boat. SECOND – We are going to have to blow right past fly fishing what we know (Lake Ray Roberts), and GO to that list of other nearby lakes RIGHT AWAY. And the timing for rising gas prices? Could it be more perfect?

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