Monday Morning 48-degrees and Going Down!

| April 19, 2021

Just about the time you finish the word, “sprung,” it turns out spring has not yet …

I’m still tending to family in Houston, and fishing the NEARBY lakes when I have a chance. Yesterday was no exception, and I was again reminded as I drove through Round Top; everything is closer from anywhere but where I happen to live in this Great State.

Up until the time I quit fishing, to beat the closing of the park at Fayette last night, I had not a single bite on the power plant lake. After I quit, I decided to try that “one more cast” thing and tied on a rattle-eye dark green over black Clouser … and bang and spit back in my face. There’s nothing like adding insult to injury.

Fayette Lake is one of the few remaining coal power plant lakes still working in Texas, and my guess is it won’t be much longer before the mountains of coal disappear, and the year-round fishery disappears with it. All I can say is, watch the video coming out in the next couple of days, an easy one to make, as most loser videos are! There are thousands, literally thousands, of bass beds in the northern coves of this lake, enhanced building made possible by the year-round activity of bass, and when I say enhanced? Imagine bass beds the size of an 18-wheeler truck tire. At first, I though the lake was polluted with truck tires, but after a few minutes I realized there are not that many trucks in Texas. The beds are huge, tall like baby fish volcanoes, and all were fish-less. Don’t get me wrong though, I am not a bed breaker anyway, and consider it bad form for one to take a fish off a bed, even if it may harmless. What is harmless? I found out later, from someone with more knowledge of this lake, that MAY and JUNE are the months you want to do Fayette … so you know what that means …

Meanwhile, please enjoy this warts-and-all video from Bastrop Lake last week, and the numerous bass that were not harmed while caught! Bastrop was another lake that took a lot of looking, and enduring a cold front passing through while I was on the lake … just fast-forward past my McConaughey impression so that you won’t hold this one video against me (along with the hundreds of others!). Subscribe to this site, or the YouTube Channel, and I will send you the Bastrop Map with my findings.

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