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Backcasting 2016 – A Look Back at The Year of “Recovery”

| November 23, 2016 | 0 Comments

For those who are a captive audience wherever you areĀ this Thanksgiving weekend, please enjoy a look back at what turned out to be an epic year of chasing carp on Lake Ray Roberts, Texas. A look back at a year of recovery for me. A look back at how rough things were, and appreciation of all things, a Thanksgiving for how good my health now is. To say I don’t recognize myself from this March to this NovemberĀ is a bit of an understatement. But then, I certainly don’t recognize myself from, say summer 2015 to now either!

Enough about “myself” though! This long video (which you can FF at any time) is a way for me to close it out, create a document, and keep on moving; new chapters are already in the works. You may experience problems with video length / quality / streaming speeds — and there will be a lot of bandwidth chewed along with that dressing over the holidays!

If you do watch – THANKS! And if you don’t? Thanks anyway! I would rather not see myself on screen anymore, so you can keep me off screen by sending me “newstips,” and story ideas, and inviting me along on your trips — to DOCUMENT YOUR FLY FISHING (and other) STORIES for consumption by hungry fly fishers here at Texas Fly Caster. Operators are standing by!

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving tomorrow, and we’ll see you out there somewhere on Black Friday!


Carp on Fly – Down to the Last Cast

| October 29, 2016 | 0 Comments

It smells like tomorrow will be the swan song for the epic CARP 2016 Season on Lake Ray Roberts, Texas. I’ll have a guest on board the skiff, but made no promises of even seeing any carp on the famous flats that produced so many memories in a new book of memories started this year. If next year is anything like, anything close to this year, then the world is right (regardless of politics).

I am betting there will be others out on the flats tomorrow, trying to get one more taste of the “carp thang” as well, and I guess I should warn them / you that I am going to blow up the Lantana Flat as the first order of business tomorrow. It’s only right really, after having them blown for me and a guest the last time I was there (by an unconventional wader*). *I would be glad to explain the nuances to you.


It will take awhile to gather all the “hits” from the Spring-Summer ’16 fly fishing, but I will try and get together a YouTube video or a slideshow … call it a brag reel if you like! I don’t mind looking back for the most part, but it’s a little hard to do that while looking forward to, and preparing for Oklahoma (still have to send in that paperwork proving I’m an ‘merican citizen and all the rest) this winter when it’s pushing 90-degrees the next three days.


It is enticing to leave the skiff hooked up to the truck, as it is right now, and just head south until it’s warm enough to be interesting on the water – and reading reports for places, like Lake Belton, and Lake Somerville do nothing to make me want to mothball the skiff any time soon.

Next weekend it is a change of scenery for sure though, as we head to the Chicken Farm Art Center in San Angelo, Texas. Regular readers will remember that we have made that trip a few times over the years, and although I have yet to catch a fish there, it is a fantastic getaway. Maybe we will get lucky this time? If you know anything about the water out that way (the Concho in town seems just about empty of fish), feel free to let me know – and if you live there – COME FIND ME at the Chicken Farm. I am sure I can get away for some fishing.


Crack in the Door – Ray Roberts Marina Has Ramp Open

| July 22, 2015 | 0 Comments

open boat ramp ray roberts fishing #flyfishing #fishing #carponfly

For the vast majority of fly fishers, a boat ramp is something we never needed around North Texas. We’ve been on foot for, in my case, ten years, and on easy launch-anywhere kayaks for almost all of those years as well. All the wrangling about where to launch to chase carp this season is precipitated by the fact that a walk-and-wade pursuit of carp or any other fish on Lake Ray Roberts (right now) is all but impossible. And the ramps at all TPWD parks have been closed since May, and are promised to be closed until at least September.

Well, there’s a crack in the door – a convenient place to launch kayaks and boats on Ray Roberts. Apparently the privately managed Ray Roberts Marina (USACE owns the property), is allowing a limited number of launches daily from their ramp tucked back in a cove behind the marina’s boat slips. Capitalists that they are (and always have been), there’s a $5-dollar fee for the launch, and although I have parked there a lot, for some unknown reason I am a little less trusting of the security in this area.

This opening would explain the huge amount of boat traffic on Lake Ray Roberts last Sunday. I will get out there later today to confirm this report, and see just how crowded it is during the middle of the week – all this in an effort to get a clean launch of the skiff later on this week. If you are a boater, be sure to put safety first, and watch for significant amounts of floating debris – debris that may have significant amounts of submerged danger attached to it. It’s far from the “safest” time to be on Lake Ray Roberts, but maybe you’re like me, and hear the fish calling.

Meet the Depressed – Mainstream Media That Is

| August 11, 2013 | 1 Comment

Fun times watching the old mainstream media squirm as Jeff Bezos steps in to purchase the Washington Post, and begin the final turn from paper to digital – free online content, to paid. Make no mistake, good online content, at some point will cost YOU money to read online only. Or perhaps you will get a paragraph for free, followed by a click to the paid content (automatically debited a nickel or dime at a time. Let’s see … average 500 unique dimes a day here … awww, what would I do with an additional $20-thousand usd a year … take readers further, faster perhaps? Sounds like a good idea to me!

As a re-forming journalist (as in; I am changing my shape and stripes), I have been caught up in the death of newspapers for about 23 years now, and the death throes of paper news continue, with most of the smaller spasms (from small dailies) just about done.

With the beginning of change to large dailies the big TV networks take notice, examine their own navels and wonder if they are next to be bought by some internet mogul, some Mark Cuban type. Maybe so, but I think it will take a while longer.


Where this site appears to have made its mark is by striving to bring you along for experiences, and leaving you with the knowledge that you need to do these fly fishing things we want to do. After about six years of providing unique content – images, words and video, there’s not another website that specifically talks about fly fishing in Texas that provides a greater volume of content, or ranks higher than Texas Fly Caster. I hope you all still enjoy the free content, continue reading, continue commenting and continue providing ideas about stories on Texas fly fishing.

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