Carp on Fly – Down to the Last Cast

| October 29, 2016

It smells like tomorrow will be the swan song for the epic CARP 2016 Season on Lake Ray Roberts, Texas. I’ll have a guest on board the skiff, but made no promises of even seeing any carp on the famous flats that produced so many memories in a new book of memories started this year. If next year is anything like, anything close to this year, then the world is right (regardless of politics).

I am betting there will be others out on the flats tomorrow, trying to get one more taste of the “carp thang” as well, and I guess I should warn them / you that I am going to blow up the Lantana Flat as the first order of business tomorrow. It’s only right really, after having them blown for me and a guest the last time I was there (by an unconventional wader*). *I would be glad to explain the nuances to you.


It will take awhile to gather all the “hits” from the Spring-Summer ’16 fly fishing, but I will try and get together a YouTube video or a slideshow … call it a brag reel if you like! I don’t mind looking back for the most part, but it’s a little hard to do that while looking forward to, and preparing for Oklahoma (still have to send in that paperwork proving I’m an ‘merican citizen and all the rest) this winter when it’s pushing 90-degrees the next three days.


It is enticing to leave the skiff hooked up to the truck, as it is right now, and just head south until it’s warm enough to be interesting on the water – and reading reports for places, like Lake Belton, and Lake Somerville do nothing to make me want to mothball the skiff any time soon.

Next weekend it is a change of scenery for sure though, as we head to the Chicken Farm Art Center in San Angelo, Texas. Regular readers will remember that we have made that trip a few times over the years, and although I have yet to catch a fish there, it is a fantastic getaway. Maybe we will get lucky this time? If you know anything about the water out that way (the Concho in town seems just about empty of fish), feel free to let me know – and if you live there – COME FIND ME at the Chicken Farm. I am sure I can get away for some fishing.


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