Monday Morning – The Day After

| July 8, 2019

Holiday Weekends Are Tougher Than ME!

Do I sound beat in this video? You be the judge. Why else would I say I like wearing dresses? Obviously, nothing here hits the cutting floor (“editing” for you millennials). Maybe I should learn to use the edit tool?

After a long weekend, it is good to get back to the day job, even if that TOO is only temporary. You can read my take on that slow motion train wreck here — “I HOPE THE HIGH ROAD LEADS YOU HOME AGAIN.”


Today’s Episode

In this episode of the original Texas Fly Fishing Report, you will hear about conditions on Lake Ray Roberts, the Texas Gulf Coast and more.

Simms Bloomin’ Shorts are also part of the tease for a review I will be doing to let you in on some tripping tropic clothing, and that upcoming video will also show you how to prevent the sun from destroying your legs if you do wear shorts while out fly fishing – SO LISTEN UP if you kayak fly fish! Kayak fishing and fly fishing exposes more of your body to the sun in a vulnerable way than boating or wading ever does. Feel Free to Think about why that is — body position. You are virtually laying out in the sun when you are on a yak. Those were the worst burns I ever had, next to my surfing days anyway.

Later this week – I have another lecture, this one at Robson Ranch. We’ll see just what their fishing club is all about at their regular meeting July 10. It sounds like there are a few brave hearts there that want to fly fish more than just the High Rockies, and I am guessing what I bring will shock their system just a little bit.

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