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| June 8, 2015

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Good morning, and welcome to wherever you are this morning. Sometimes I have to wonder exactly where I am, after dreams of poling boats interrupt another restless night’s sleep. Good dreams.

We finally have a weather shift, one that has taken us straight into summer conditions with the main difference being a huge amount of evaporation from our soaked sponge-of-a-land we call Texas. It’s so hard to be optimistic about the future, as this same kind of rain event preceded the last five years of drought, and no one is saying we’re in for anything different in our future. Feast, let me introduce you to famine.

The week ahead isn’t that unusual though. We have a small chance of rain, and we watch the USACE drain local lakes down, sending that bulge downstream. Questions have finally surfaced (in the MSM) about where exactly the zebra mussel will end up, and it’s safe to say they’re in the Trinity River Basin system, will be found in the Dallas waterway, and all the way down the chain. I think it’s safe to say: They’re everywhere in the system, until someone proves they’re not. Perhaps by our “Water Wednesday” report we will be able to forecast the path of these invasives from their known infestations (since the floods).


I hardly use this format to sell my personal belongings, but I figure I will throw out a few things I am liquidating as we make room for the skiff life around here. Here’s what I have:

  • Native Ultimate 12 Kayak SI / about a 2008 year model / Seat / Seat Riser / Paddle / Anchor / Several snap-in Native accessories / Rigged for Electronics with Ram Mount & Yak-Attack rail / Condition – 4.25 out of 5 used and well maintained indoor kept
  • Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 SOT / about a 2007 / New Seat / Rigged for Standing with Hobie Amas / Ram Mounts throughout / wheeled cart goes through scupper holes / Paddle / Condition 4.25 out of 5 used and well maintained indoor kept
  • The Native is a lightweight boat that is perfect for ponds and shorter lake runs. Awesome in rivers. You can stand in this kayak right away. It is the first generation of the Native Watercraft you see now. The seat has evolved since this model and the materials and mold has changed. It really shines when hitting coves, flats and running on electronics. These boats are a cross between a canoe and a kayak – with a huge amount of stability.
  • The Tarpon 140 was a model that came to define a generation of great kayaks. It goes straight and fast. When you get there, deploy the Hobie Amas and you have an awesome view to stand, stalk and cast from. Emphasis on fast. This is my saltwater boat when I need to get ten miles, or more, out of a day. This is a SOT, or “sit-on-top” kayak. You can’t sink it, and you can hardly turn it over. You can always fall off though!

There are two paddles. One for each boat, and whoever buys the first boat (at asking price) gets the first choice of either a Aqua Bound Carbon Eagle-Ray ABX 240 or an Aqua-Bound aluminum shaft 240 — two very different paddles, and one exponentially better than the other. None of the accessories on these boats will be parted-out for sale! I stand behind these kayaks reliability and functionality. Contact me for prices this week!

I also have a smattering of accessories for these boats that can be had by agreeable buyers.

If anyone out there has any knowledge of storage units around Lake Ray Roberts, I would also appreciate the heads-up on that, as there are so many that it’s daunting to shop around for several days.

Last, but not least, I have been talking with my “Facebook Contest Consultant” about giving away a free trip on Facebook, so if you haven’t already checked in to the Texas Fly Caster Facebook Page, be sure to get to it soon. If you do get a look at that page, you’ll see you haven’t missed much! I post information here before it ever appears there, as it should be. But for those of you cherished Facebook lurkers … have fun.

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