Water Wednesday – Who’s Right Who’s Wrong?

| June 10, 2015

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June Texas Drought Map

june 2 drought map

The first question you should ask today is, “Who’s right?” I have heard, with my own two hairy ears, the talking weather-heads on TV saying, “Lakes will be curtailing their releases until the flood stage on the Trinity in Dallas goes from …” +37 above to +30 above (or down seven feet). 

Yesterday, at the Lake Ray Roberts, Texas, Dam, it was running wide open for several hours, and filling the Elm Fork to the brim at the Dam riprap – to  the  brim. So, whether or not the talking weather-heads, are right, or the USACE is doing something wrong; it’s clear the water from Lake Ray Roberts is dropping like a rock, and going on down to Lewisville. Now, the only thing I can think of is that Lake Lewisville is “curtailing” their releases to take some height out of the flood plane in Dallas, but there’s no way for a civilian to visually check from the ground easily, as the LLELA Park is closed all but Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Perhaps someone can step out of their office in Lewisville, and let us know what they see?

It should come as no surprise the USACE isn’t forthcoming in what their plan is (if you’ve seen it, send it), and they don’t look like they are going to be held accountable (since when have we been able to hold government agencies accountable, you might ask?) for being slow to start releasing in the early days of May, we can’t expect them to suddenly start sharing their classified plan. My theory runs along the same lines as what later turned out to be fact in dealing with the spread of zebra mussels from Texoma. There are three governmental agencies that have a keen interest in North Texas and Texas water. One is the USACE. Two is municipal water districts. And three is the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. And it’s not like the TPWD gets to cast a tie breaking vote … the USACE is big government, the water districts are red state growth-dedicated-non-conservationists, and TPWD? Yeah, right. The guys in the white hats don’t stand a chance.

Meanwhile, Texas is off the drought map for now. Of course when June came it just stopped raining which should come as no surprise.


And what of the zebra mussel? I wonder why we haven’t heard anything on water testing anywhere below Lewisville Lake already?

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