Texas Fly Fishing Report For This Weekend

| June 5, 2015

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Hello, and welcome to the Friday Texas Fly Fishing Report. This report is about fly fishing conditions in Texas. I also have a couple of tips for mosquito repellent and skin care as the Texas sun finally agrees to shine. There is also a tip on how to charge your phones if you are miles away from a car charger. Be sure to watch the beginning and end of the video for some fresh fish porn!

And if you have nothing better to do this evening, don’t forget it’s First Friday Denton, and things are busy around here, even though summer has kicked in in Denton, Texas. You can learn more about First Friday at www.firstfridaydenton.com.

Remember to contact me, as some already have, about anything related to fly fishing in Texas! I appreciate incoming information from sources like Danny Scarborough at www.houstonflyfishing.com, and you will hear what he has to say about jetties fishing right now on the Texas Gulf Coast. My 2-cents-worth on that topic would leave you asking for change, as I am getting mixed signals from the coast. Signal one says things are just great, with fish being caught all along the coast, and Signal two says there’s an extraordinary amount of fresh water in the inland waterways as evidenced by a bustling stingray population. I’ll report and you can decide — just be sure to let me know!

ON THE SKIFF FRONT, I have pushed my pickup date back to July, so as to dot the “i’s” and cross the “t’s” on items like, WHERE THE HECK am I going to store this thing? and so much more. One other plus, July 1 marks the model year change, so the boat will officially be a 2016. What the heck.

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