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| January 5, 2015

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What? You can fly fish in Texas?!
– Time to roll over the odometer and start all over again! –

Good day everybody! I hope you all had great celebrations for all the events of the past couple of weeks, and are ready to get back to the business of fly fishing here in Texas! As always, I hope that everyone arrives safely back to wherever they need to be, and in time to sneak out of their cubicles, offices, or wherever – and tune in to what will probably be the last video report posted on MONDAYS.

As you can tell by watching the video, it’s damn cold in North Texas right now, and we’re apparently about to get another blast around midweek. You can tell I am not firing on all eight in this one! My engine is cold, and I can’t decide to get more long johns or another space heater for the 65-year-old house. There’s no precipitation to go with this weather, so the drought goes on.

It’s the first Monday of the New Year 2015, and there is plenty to talk about. Most of what is happening revolves around changes (because I love to change things up) here at the website. There will be more details coming out this week, and you will want to check back every day to keep up with the goals, changes and news that happens during all these other discussions. Some changes are actually BRINGING BACK regular series from the past, and some are headed straight into uncharted territory.


The Monday Morning / Monday Fly Fishing Report is the first thing to change, and since it is Monday, I figure why not announce that the MONDAY TEXAS FLY FISHING REPORT is moving to a time more valid for the vast majority of fly fishers in the State of Texas. We are going to move the Texas Fly Fishing Report to Thursday. Now, even when it was Monday that didn’t mean it was a video EVERY Monday, and we will miss a few Thursdays as well. BUT, it will be fresh information for those who have only weekends to fly fish. Makes sense, right? Watch the video for a small report on Houston and North Texas.


As part of the ongoing adding-and-subtracting that goes on here; I think it is a good idea to add the schedule of Texas Fly Fishing Club Meetings every Monday as we stagger along the sidewalk to the week ending. If your club has a meeting, and I miss it on Monday – COMMENT BELOW and it will show up. I have yet to sensor a single comment that wasn’t spam, in eight years. And now the ninth year begins! I’m still wondering just how, when or if it will all end, but for now we’re going to keep it rocking along.


  • Today it’s the Dallas Fly Fishers monthly meeting in Dallas, Texas.
  • Tomorrow it’s the Red River Fly Fishers monthly meeting in Sherman, Texas.
  • The Brazos Valley Fly Fishers meet Thursday.
  • Laguna Madre Fly Fishers Corpus Christi meet Thursday as well.

Be sure to check the website I built for the Texas Council International Federation of Fly Fishers for more details on the Texas fly club life. Clubs have their characters, and own unique characteristics, but they are still a great place to learn and gain energy during the slow fly fishing times here in Texas.

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  1. Mike Mendez says:

    Tomorrow is the FWFF meeting.

  2. shannon says:

    yes there are some audio dropouts. I have no idea why but you aren’t missing anything. Thanks for noticing though!

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