Denton Greenbelt Debacle 2020

| November 17, 2020

Well, now we are opening a whole new can of worms, aren’t we? If you look back to yesterday’s post, you’ll see all the pitfalls I see in going down one of these roads. Yet, go we must. Straight into quicksand lined with land mines.

If you are looking for more on the Denton Greenbelt Debacle, look BACK to yesterday’s post. I NEED YOUR HELP, a small army of help actually, to gather information – that’s all just gather information. If you find newspaper accounts, or internet sites that talk about the Debacle, please post them in the comments here.

I will start filling in the link blanks in future Greenbelt Debacle posts. We will include information from:

  • TPWD
  • Texas A&M Denton County Extension
  • The Greenbelt Coalition
  • City of Denton
  • The Greenbelt Alliance
  • Texas Master Naturalists
  • Denton County Greenbelt Plan
  • Denton Record Chronicle

Along with whatever else I find between now and then!

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  1. Jerry Dooley says:

    I’m in! we’ll talk. That whole greenbelt corridor is threatened – lots of talk about development up around the Collins Rd/Hartlee Field rd area. And ya know how s… flows downhill or down stream. First step – get Briggs elected Mayor.

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