What Do You Get When You Cross Lebowski and Joad?

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texas fly fishing #flyfishing texas

You get the Labor Day Monday Texas Fly Fishing report, of course!

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Lay Low Labor Day Weekend and Keep You Powder Dry – Friday Fly Report

| August 29, 2014 | 0 Comments

texas fly fishing #flyfishing in texas saltwater
There’s a usual rush of folks contacting me about where to go to take advantage of the long weekend we are again faced with starting today, and I all I want to say is, STAY OFF THE GRID! It’s the last hurrah of Summer 2014, one that has been high on the strange meter, and one that only ends on the calendar – after this weekend.

Houston fly fishing is hinging on the weather right now, as the instability that drove through North Texas this morning heads that way. It doesn’t mean you can’t find some fly fishing seclusion this weekend, but you may find a storm or two being the reason you are out there all alone! If you really want a clean get away, take a look at the tide charts, and consider the sand on the backside of South Padre Island, Texas.

If you have access to fresh water pond action, I am still seeing action on topwater, and with these temperatures that have climbed drastically in the last ten days — slow you retrieve down to get that bass bite you’ve been trying to find.

Lake levels have “crested” around here, and we find ourselves in something of a purgatory (that place between), with the water still in the habitat, the carp not, and the bass losing a little bit of interest. Clarity on Lake Ray Roberts, on places like the Lantana Flats, is of the swimming pool variety – clear but warming substantially. I don’t really know how else to say it, but that lake’s freaked out.

I’ve always gone with the theory that a holiday weekend amounts to the worst behavior people can offer on the water. Deaths? You bet, we have consistently produced bodies on local water bodies like Lewisville, Lake, or Lake Dallas if you prefer. And there are always a few more lakes in the area that get in on the grim reaper’s action. Although, in all honesty, it’s the drivers on Texas roads that will do the most damage to us all.

Even if we survive the bad behavior of others, the stereos and boats will certainly keep the fish stressed – on salt, on lakes and wherever they happen to be. Be sure to document, report, call in, or whatever else you can do to squeeze as much bad (or illegal) behavior out of our wonderful, rich Texas environment. Maybe throw the bad actors under the twitter bus by adding a hash tag, like #lawbreaker, #naturespoiler or some other descriptive. The whole twitter thing can be turned into a tool for doing a lot of good, with a little effort.

Have a great weekend, and be careful out there!

Texas Fly Fishing Guides: A New Outlet for Fresh Fly Fishing Reports – Here via YouTube

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If you are a fly fishing guide, please watch this video. Check out the TFC Channel as well. One thing for sure – it’s not WFN!

As viewers may have noticed recently, I presented a “guide report” as part of the Tuesday video this week, and it featured information gleaned from the numerous Facebook posts by Texas fly fishing guides. That’s pretty easy pickings really, but we can’t help but offer EVEN MORE as we often do here at Texas Fly Caster.

The ideal would be to have (you) guides, when convenient, write a short report specifically for the Guide Report that is about how the fishing is, how busy you are, as well as anything you want to say about your services — for me to read on the report. Simple. Makes sense. F r e e.

Watch the (long) short video, and if you are a guide that did not receive the newsletter sent last night, feel free to – a) add yourself to the Mailchimp e mail list (on the left), and b) tell us what you think about this idea.

It’s pretty simple to essentially create your own show, your own network via YouTube these days. Good content, great content … not as easy.

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