Fly By Night Radio #001 – Fly Fishing Music for Late Night Listening

| October 22, 2014 | 0 Comments

Listen to NIGHT FLY RADIO SHOW #001 if you like – Robert Plant | Hard Working Americans | Phish | Jack White | Black Keys | Drive-By Truckers | Centro-Matic


Welcome to the first big fly fishing music roundup for the Fall of 2014! For those readers who are new here, you may be realizing that there’s a lot more going on than just straight simple fish porn. That’s the way it has always been, and that’s the way it goes.

I figured we better get an early start in this year’s countdown, by simply bringing out the first handful of candidates that have hit my eardrums this year. Not only are there a lot of new releases, there are more to come before we hit the countdown this December.

Still to come is a release by none other than Pink Floyd, a release called ldldldl that mends the riff with Roger Waters. Maybe we’re jaded, but the first guess is that someone needs the money for prostate surgery, or some grandkid in rehab. Nevertheless, we will see what a reconstituted Pink Floyd has to offer this November.

You will find accompanying audio with this story for the first time ever. Do not fear! Please click on the file to listen to what I am tentatively calling, “Night Fly Radio.” Yes, I stole a piece of it from Donald Fagan. I hope he is flattered, and no I am not “Lester.”

The tunes you can hear on Night Fly Radio 001 are selections from new releases by Phish, Hard Working Americans, Jack White, Robert Plant, Drive-by Truckers and Denton band Centro-Matic. It’s about a 30-minute show recorded in the dead of night in the middle of nowhere, so if it sounds like I am putting on the “AOR radio voice” it’s just a plain old beat down … and maybe a little sublime AOR attempt.

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Monday Morning Texas Fly Fishing Report

| October 20, 2014 | 0 Comments

fly fishing texas #flyfishing report

Hello fellow fly fishers! Welcome to wherever you are this morning. I hope the drive wasn’t too long for you this morning. Mine was a long commute at about an hour-and-a-half one way, but here we are for another Monday Morning Sidewalk report.

The fly fishing report for Texas is a lot like the report from last week. I do know for sure that the bass feed is on for fall, at least at Lake Amon G. Carter – the Bowie Reservoir section – as of last week. However, it’s always best to take a day off from work and check out your local water for yourself (HA!).

We have a few stories coming your way this week, but if you slept through the weekend, be sure to check out the stories that came out while you were sleeping – there’s a meeting of GRTU on the 25th. as well as a fly fishing tournament in the same area the same day. That tournament has some interesting angles to it; a limited number of participants, a unique location and pretty sweet prizes. The GRTU meeting should be valuable as well; they’ll be going over Guadalupe trout leases and there are some special things going on for Texas Women Fly Fishers, aka. TWFF. In case you were wondering, I am a member of TWFF and that is one active bunch! They also have a very organized information stream that lets members know what’s happening.

Bottom line for this week in Texas fly fishing news: Get to the salt if you can! I received photographs from Port Aransas that I immediately posted to the TFC Instagram stream, some nice spanish mackerel, and have seen images of sizable tarpon from further south along the Texas Gulf Coast.

There are a couple of stories to expect this week:

  • Fly Fishing the Pecos River New Mexico Fly Fishing Report From September – including a list of restaurants and miscellaneous recommendations.
  • The first ever Night Fly Radio show, a show about music in the old fashion AOR style.
  • AND – whatever else comes across from all the TFC resources across Texas.

Don’t forget that everyone doing the paid subscription thing is automatically entered in the YETI Giveaway (see left column for details). By now, my fly friends, who have been regulars (over the last eight years), may be realizing how paid subscription works; just like I said it would – only the costly original content, about fly fishing in Texas, is covered by the “Subscription” umbrella.

GRTU General Meeting October 25 at Sattler/Canyon Lake + Fly Tournament Nearby

| October 19, 2014 | 0 Comments
guadalupe river fly fishing #flyfishing texas hill country texasflyfishing
<FROM – News Release from Texas Women Fly Fishers>
guadalupe river fly fishing informationGood morning Texas Women Fly Fishers,
Just a quick note to ensure that you are aware of the upcoming GRTU General Meeting that many of you may be interested in.
WhenSaturday, Oct. 25
Where: CRRC Rec Center in Sattler/Canyon Lake, see page 13 of the newsletter. Click here and scroll to page 13.
This meeting will include a presentation for the 2014-2015 Lease Access program necessary for access to the many wonderful access sites on the Guadalupe River this season.
The special guest speaker is Pat Dorsey a well renowned guide, author, and originator of a number of very effective fly patterns. He is a native of Colorado.
Following his presentation, a Women Only Lunch and Learn session featuring our own Sheila Anderson. This promises to be most educational.
What: Lunch and Learn Session with Sheila Anderson on rigging and knot tying. This will be very valuable help for the beginners as well as the advanced. Sheila has been known to come up with some very clever and easy ways to rig our rods. You seasoned fisherwomen just might learn something new.

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