Fly Fish Texas 2016 at Texas Freshwater Fishery Athens Texas

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fly fish texas 2016 athens texas

Special Events – Fly Fish Texas

March 12, 2016
Schedule of Classes and Seminars

All-day Activities (9 a.m. – 4 p.m.)

Topic Location
Fly-Tier’s Demonstration Roundtable
(featuring Fishy Fullum and Bill Heugel)
Anglers Pavilion
Casting Instruction Conservation Center Dock/Parking Area
Speaker Presentations on the hour Visitor Center Dive Theater
Speaker Presentations on the hour Conservation Center, Room B
Vendor Booths & Demonstrations Conservation Center, Room A
Beginning Fly-Tying Classes
(Noon – 4 pm)
Conservation Center Classroom
Trout, Bream & Bass Fishing
(Catch & Release)
Lake Zebco & Fishing Stream along Wetlands Trail

Scheduled Classes and Demonstrations

Time Topic Speaker
Anheuser-Busch Dive Theater
10:00 Basic Fly-Fishing, Care & Feeding of Your Equipment Mark Marmon
11:00 Dive Show
12:00 Northern New Mexico Fly-Fishing David Lemke 
1:00 Mobility-Impaired Fly-Fishing Mark Marmon 
2:00 Dive Show
3:00 Warm Water Fly-Tying Fishy Fullum 
Conservation Center, Room B
10:00 Fly Fishing 101 Bob Cappallo
11:00 Essential Flies for Texas Fresh Water Bruce Sublett
12:00 Llano River, Hill Country Gem Harry Crofton 
1:00 Open Forum on Single & Double Hand Casting (followed by on-the-water casting outdoors) Gary Davison
2:00 Fly-Fishing After the Flood Phil Rispin 
3:00 Urban Fly-Fishing Jerry Hamon 
Conservation Center Classroom
10:00 Trout Rigging (1-1/2 hours for 15 students) David Lemke
2:00 Build Your Own Leaders (bass & trout, for 6 to 12 students) Harry Crofton

Outdoor Seminars (weather permitting)

Time Topic Speaker
Shore of Casting Pond in front of Anglers Pavilion
10:00 What’s In the Water? Aquatic Organisms for Fly Anglers Keira Quam
11:00 Fly-Fishing, Kayak Style Jerry Hamon 
1:00 Glass Is Not Dead! (demo of old vs. new fiberglass rods) Bruce Sublett 
3:00 What’s In the Water? Aquatic Organisms for Fly Anglers Keira Quam
Fly-Fish Pavilion
9:00 Beginning fly-fishing class leading to
basic fly-fisher certification
Call (903) 676-2277 to register.
1:00 Beginning fly-fishing class leading to
basic fly-fisher certification
Call (903) 676-2277 to register.

Monday Morning Sidewalk

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texas fly fishing fly tying tailwaters fly shop fishing clubs

Welcome to a Monday Morning Sidewalk, like so many sidewalks before. I hope you continue to arrive wherever you are safe and sound, and remember to check out what’s happening in fly fishing this week – EVERY Monday morning at Texas Fly Caster. Here’s where we get our game faces on for the week, no matter the games we play. Speaking of games, how about that Denver defense? I’ll leave it at that.

Sunday, yesterday, was an exceptional day where I met no less than five new fishermen, two of the fly persuasion and three of the euro-carp persuasion, all at my neighborhood pond Northlakes Park here in Denton, TX. That just goes to show you that you never know where or when you’ll find comrades in fishing! One of these fishers is becoming legend, in my neighborhood anyway, for all the freaky fish he’s catching in the dark bottoms of my little neighborhood pond – see the photographs and comments HERE. Talk about an underwater freak show! If you’re still jonesin’ for a fly fishing opportunity this week (rather than taking up winter euro-carping), be sure to REVISIT the FISH FLASH I did last week, and wait for the wind to fall and the crowds to clear (I heard that spot was jam packed on this past weekend) and fresh fish to show up (translation: Thursday).

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THE TO DO LIST 2016 – Short But Sweet

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Fishing to do list 2016

Now that everyone has quit their workouts, abandoned the Dallas Cowboys, abandoned diets and quietly put away the thoughts of healthy New Year’s Resolutions for the time being, I read back across a post I shared on (the hated by me) Facebook the other day. Not only is it valid, I guarantee I will stick to this list of resolutions! It shouldn’t be too hard, 2015 was certainly struck by “fishus-interruptus” in the last half of the year as I battled my physical problems.

I think you can hardly say we’ve waited around for the weather to spring open before we have taken up the fly fishing cause, and started running with it again. We’ve already spent time on the Texas Gulf Coast’s southernmost point, the most clean and beautiful inshore water on the Texas Gulf Coast. A few stories in coming weeks – real tight stories with summaries on the fishing, the food and other observations are forthcoming this month. It’s a little difficult to pinpoint when stories will run right now, seeing as the fever of fly is taking over as I read about early bass staging on lakes – due to these strange conditions we are living through now. And there’s the off-and-on fly fishing for huge sand bass and hybrid FISH FLASH, a phenomenon that can kick on-off on a moment’s notice. Right now, it’s obviously on.

Now that I can access those momma bass, staging deep, getting ready for spring, I figure it’s time to see if we can reach them with a fly, don’t you? This article by Lynn Burkhead – “As Waters Warm, Big Bass Season …,” gives you some insight into what I think could be a good way to get through the work doldrums this month. All in all, it’s a good time to THINK and PREPARE.


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A Little bit of This and That Here and There

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Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company
– Grand Re-Opending and Open House Picnic –

Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company
Saturday, February 6th (All Day)
1933 East Levee St
Dallas, TX 75207 

Join us on the Levee to celebrate our grand reopening in our incredible new showroom on the banks of the Trinity River. Bring the whole family (and your dog) to enjoy live music, cold beer and an outdoors picnic on the deck out back. Simms Rep, Eric Kraimer, will be onsite doing demos and answering questions. Mark your calendars and be prepared to be blown away with your first look at Texas’ new and improved fly shop & destination travel service. Check out the lineup thus far, and stay tuned for more details.

  • •Live Music by Paul Puckett and Flood Tide Co
  • •Lunch Picnic on the Deck
  • •Free Beer
  • •Manufacturer Reps and Industry Partners
  • •Destination Travel Guests (Argentina, Louisiana, Bahamas, Yucatan, More)
  • •Casting Demos “Stock the Bar” (Details to follow)
  • •Huge Raffle Giveaways!

People! I can’t tell you what a major improvement in space and access the new location of Tailwaters is, especially for those of us who have to drive a long way just to get to Dallas. Not only is Tailwaters in a great location, it is now almost walking distance from the only other Dallas business I utilize – Competitive Cameras. Need a camera? Need a new fly rod? It’s my harmonic convergence. Go ahead and take your Chevy to the Levee.


Here’s some information you should know before YOU GO! Straight from Oklahoma Fish & Game Department.

Lower Mountain ForkJanuary 31. Elevation above normal, water 45 and murky. Trout good on PowerBait below the dam. Beaver’s Bend State Park is still closed. However, fishing is still open at Mountain Fork Park east of Broken Bow. Even with releases still ongoing from Broken Bow Lake, fishing has still been good on the lower parts of the river. Report submitted by Mark Hannah, game warden stationed in McCurtain County.

Lower Mountain ForkFebruary 2. Stocked approximately 2,360 rainbow trout on January 28. Report submitted by April Drake, secretary at the Southeast Regional Office.


I made a stop at Barlow’s in Dallas – on the southbound side of 75 just south of Belt Line Friday, and they have a shortage of some fly tying materials I take for granted. Specifically, kip tails seem to be in short supply, and I have been using that exclusively to tie the Clousers, like those I use during spring sand bass and hybrid runs. I am about to put a few new color combinations on the PoPs Fly Shop site specifically for the spring, so be sure to keep your eye on that site. If you’ve never been to Barlow’s – make sure you do go there next time you need to stock up. They don’t have everything, but what they do have is at the best prices anywhere. The quality is very good as well – it’s exactly the same merchandise you find at any big box location, but with a lot more of the interesting things for fly tying like circle hooks.

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