Get Out and GO! Salt on Fire

| October 3, 2015 | 0 Comments

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I could almost smell it, and now my eyes see it: This October is already epic along the Texas Gulf Coast. The latest Lone Star Outdoor News dropped in my mailbox today, and it’s simply gushing with great reports on the Lone Star State’s Gulf Coast. Bull reds? Check. Trout? Check. How about snook, or tarpon on the jetties? Check. Calm green water is in close and somebody needs to pick up a stick and go beat some of these fish down!

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Lake Ray Roberts Bass Future So Bright I’ll Just Say It Again

| September 30, 2015 | 0 Comments

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So let me say this at least one more time; Lake Ray Roberts is going to make one heck of a bass lake in a couple of years! I keep hearing more reports of those small green trout being caught there by the 20’s and 30’s, and no thanks to anything TPWD did for the lake, boom-time is only a couple of growth spurts away. (Folks are catching so many they just quit fishing after 20 or 30!) I think it’s entirely possible to catch a hundred in the yearling range right now.

As much time as I spend on the lake, studying it’s (literal this year) ebb-and-flows, it was pretty easy to see the floods came at exactly the right time for the Lake Ray Roberts bass population. It sure didn’t work for much else in our sights, but when you compare an un-trampled lake like Ray Roberts to one like Fork (triple the stocking of Roberts and also boasting new TPWD fish attractors) … well, not yet, but let’s just say I am ready to book half-day sundowners for bass next spring – with supreme confidence.

Fly Fisher on ‘Roids!

I am sorry for not writing sooner, but as you may have read, I took the advice of a medical professional who said, “just go about you life as before,” and for two days after my last chemo treatment I was flying due to a little steroids added to the chemo (I later found out). That high was followed by an extreme low. You can read more about it here — Caring Bridge — if you like.

Needless to say, today was a chemo day, and my fingers are furious at the keyboard as you can probably tell. Unfortunately, these highs are not lasting nearly as long though. For those keeping score, and for the haters out there, I’m only halfway done with (treatments) eliminating this forever.


As I really have no idea how often I can write, I want to leave this list of Texas Fly Fishing Club Meetings that may be near you no matter where you are in Texas. Seeing as Texas Fly Caster information comes from yours truly, and virtually nowhere else – and this horse is lame – I figure you can certainly learn from the rank-and-file at these meetings in the interim. Here’s what I have:

  • 10/01 – Round Rock Fly Fishers Meeting
  • 10/05 – Dallas Fly Fishers Meeting
  • 10/06 – Red River Fly Fishers and Fort Worth Fly Fishers
  • 10/08 – Brazos Valley Fly Fisher and Laguna Madre CC Fly Fishers
  • 10/13 – Central Texas Fly Rodders (Waco) and Central Texas Fly Fishers (San Marcos)
  • 10/19 – East Texas Fly Fishers (Longview)
  • 10/20 – Alamo Fly Fishers (San Antonio)
  • 10/29 – Rockport Fly Fishers (Rockport)


I am about to get my mind wrapped around tying the “Game Changer” fly, but as yet have not been able to make the new version of the Chocklett’s Body Wrap by Hareline Dubbin, Inc. YouTube was my friend – at first – but something’s not right with what I’m doing. I may just retreat to good old Enrico Puglisi and give that a go. If you know a good YouTube lesson, please feel free to let everyone know. I am gearing all my efforts toward South Texas deep winter salt, and I have particular designs in mind.

END NOTE – Thanks for reading and checking back (to find nothing new for extended periods). I liken this (ride I’m on) to riding a bucking bull; sometimes I am flying high, but I am getting a lot more time face-down in the dirt. It’s only temporary. What comes out on the other side will be different, changed, but also charged with a new more vigorous set of marching orders!

Isle Du Bois Park at Lake Ray Roberts is Now Open!

| September 17, 2015 | 0 Comments

isle du bois park lake ray roberts open #flyfishing

Let me be one of the first to say hooray! Lake Ray Roberts largest and most used park, Isle Du Bois is now open for visitors after many months of being closed because of those May and June rains that seem like they were a year ago already.


This is the time to go. I caught bass all over that place on my skiff while the park was closed, and now that things have settled down, you will find fish in several locations. Be sure to check the shoreline riprap adjacent to the pier (the stretch along the shore to the north). Be ready for some schooling sand bass at sunset holed up right there as well. They’ll take a long cast, but you’ll see them.


Now is the time to peruse the entire park for the coves offered, and get a look at:

Why Didn’t You Say So!

| September 16, 2015 | 0 Comments

texas fly fishing for carp #fishing el nino drought carp habitat

NOTE – Among the plethora of doctors, nurses and dietician I saw yesterday (the long day), one of them said, “just go back to the routines you had before all this happened.” I almost slapped my head (like I could’ve had a V8), but thought better of it, and thought again … sounds good to me. My wife, who is my fantastic caregiver and second set of ears on the longer days said, ‘You gotta’ go fishing!” Of course, we are on the front end of the pain curve, so in another couple weeks I may crawl back under the bunker again, but for now I’m giving it a go.


And All  I can say is, IS IT RAINING where you are? It sure isn’t raining in North Texas, and the drought map tells the tale of history repeating itself. You will recall, I made this analogy to the great Texas drought of the 1950’s which was brought to my attention earlier this year because it is the drought that was “interrupted” twice by major rain/flooding events. Well, we may not have a twice yet, but we do have a once now. Regardless of our opinions on the topic, and regardless of Texas Climate History, regardless of El Nino´, the drought is on again here. What does that mean to fly fishing Texas lakes as some of us do, and especially those lakes hit hardest by the floods of 2015?


My experiences this summer on Lake Ray Roberts basically told me a tale of a lake bulging with fish that were … basically … confused. Finding hundreds of bass in the 1-to-2 year-old range was not a problem, and closed parks and ramps brought them out to play HARD. And there are millions of bass fry as well. Even the little six inch bass are taking swings at flies that are bigger than they are! However, we’re a bit more interested in gold than green, and carp are where the confusion starts. I believe these fish are and have been confused by the spring weather, and now they are equally confused as their habitat is so unstable due to the rapid draining of the lake sense the floods. Feel free to think.

Fly fishing is a game of inches in so many ways. And fly fishing for carp in shallow flats is one of those games of inches. Too high, and they may be there, but too deep to get the sink right (and seemingly more spooky). Too low, and they’re off the shallows. Well, what if the habitat is changing by inches over the course of a week? Carp may want to go somewhere, heck they may have been there, but now that flat is high and dry!

History tells me I have caught my last carp of the season, those last remaining individual sloven slackers who just want one more bite from my table, as late as the first week in November, and consistently into October – tailing off to November. The lake is stabilizing its level now, and others down the chain are opening up. Will we have a wet El Nino’, or will it be a dry one? We won’t know until all the shouting is done, but I am putting all my money on red, as in drought red, for this El Nino’ season and I so very much want to be wrong.

Thanks for reading! Thanks for all your personal messages of encouragement. I am sorry that I cannot keep with the YouTube Channel updates, but I may find some way to do YouTube content that really doesn’t include yours truly, therefore making it a bit more … pleasant.

Next time – rejuvenating my saltwater fly tying energy with new materials and a new (to me) book I am finally getting around to reading …

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