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Early Morning Load Up

| April 18, 2014 | 0 Comments

texoma fly fishing texas stripers carp
The coffee maker just made its final gurgle, like a dead man’s lung full of pneumonia. The giant opossums in our neighborhood are probably headed home after a night of feasting on dog food all over, fat as ticks.

The peanut butter sandwichers are slathered, and packed, as well as water, striper Clousers, an eight weight with sinking line, a couple layers of clothes and more flies for whatever we may see on Lake Texoma today, what I’m hoping to see on Texoma today.

When you’re fishing with a GIS expert, not only does he have classified lake maps, he’s always got something to show you on his phone. Me? I was looking at the numbers on the topo lines and drooling over the one possibility I don’t hear much about at Texoma – massive shallows near ancient creeks and the Red River bed. Carp next to open water? “I gotta get me some of that,” as Lefty would say.

If we get into it today, I will try and throw out some good old fish porn here – posting by phone. Keep your eyes on the Instagram block on the left, if nothing else works.

A.D. Maddox Artist to Visit East Texas in May

| April 17, 2014 | 4 Comments

The Longview Museum of Fine Arts will feature A.D. Maddox this May 17th. in Longview, Texas.

To tell you the truth, I had no idea who A.D. Maddox was until I did a little looking. My bias toward art, and certain types of media within the art of fly fishing are probably pretty obvious to readers here by now. Being a pro photographer for 27 years, knowing those struggles to this day, knowing the technical aspects of water versus camera, the brutal nature of fly fishing’s toll on photography equipment; all that gives me the deepest appreciation for the art of photography in fly fishing. But a minor in art, and weekly trips to local galleries (Fort Worth and Dallas mostly) back when economic good times were rolling, kept my mind open as did my wife who taught art and is now a full-time working artist.

My fly-art-world view opens occasionally to let in people like Derek DeYoung, especially after being around him for a few days in New Orleans a couple of years ago. DeYoung’s style, with its bold colors, bright trout and creative cropping (photo-like), appeal to my desire to take my art to the next level. DeYoung is a fine person too.

The living of a true artist in the fly fishing world seems to come from selling your art in every way possible – iPhone covers, tin can lids, tee shirts … the list is almost endless. If I were an artist, you bet I would do the same thing and as much asmore than anyone could tolerate!

One can’t help but love her quote on her website:
“I believe people fly fish to enter a more serene state… One that is completely free from the chaos and pressures of our modern society. I strive to capture these brief moments of perfection on canvas so that the viewer can remember the utter simplicity of the experience. Fly Fishing is a spiritual pursuit!”

And her site tells a great story of just how talented Ms. Maddox is, as well as a few other things …

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Fly Fishing Film Tour in Houston & Austin April 17

| April 16, 2014 | 0 Comments

f3t texas fly fishing film tour texas flyfishers of houston fly fishing texas f3t austin

320 Trailer from Cpt Jack Films on Vimeo.

NOTE – I guess we could describe April 17 as a wide release date for the F3T 2014 Tour Movie? If you read down to bottom, you will see the tour date April 17 for the famous Fly Fishing Film Tour in Asheville, NC, Silverthorne, CO, Cartersville, GA, Modesto, CA, and Amherst, MA. See the remaining dates, and buy F3T tickets here.
Fly Fishing Film Tour courtesy logo
Fly Fishing Film Tour and Heroes on the Water Benefit
Saint Arnold Brewing Company
Thursday, April 17

Are you a fishing and outdoor enthusiast? Then this event is for you. Every year the Fly Fishing Film Tour, or F3T, travels around the country bringing world class fly fishing films to local angler communities. We’re partnering with our friends at the Alamo Drafthouse Rolling Roadshow to deliver the two films on a big screen right outside the brewery in the parking lot.

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