Monday Mornings Flying By This Summer!

| July 25, 2016 | 0 Comments

Good morning and I hope you are having a great summer! Blink, and it’s almost over isn’t it? We finally turned the corner here in Texas, with temperatures breaking through the 100-degree mark last week. I was surprised to find out that this heat takes a bit more out of me than it used to, and the recovery time (a frustrating waste of time!) now takes about a day – for a day on the water.

smallmouth bass texoma texas


That realization came when I spent the early part of Friday on Lake Texoma with a friend and his son. They were prefishing for a tournament there Saturday, and the Dad is a competitive bass fisher who has one of those glitter boats that goes fast, real fast. We went from one end of the lake to the other, with the last run to home being about 20-miles! I was on board to learn about where fish are, specifically smallmouth bass, and help them with their prefish.

I did manage to catch a smallmouth and a few largemouth to help their cause on what was a very calm day for Lake Texoma. That calmness allowed the heat to concentrate hard on us – like a deep basting. The next day? I was pretty worthless. However, the learning will translate well – into how and where to fly fish for smallmouth bass on Texoma. One other observation: We only saw one guide boat on Texoma, and no striper action at all. I’m being told that a huge number of the striper population on Texoma is gone — washed through the dam and now in the Red River below Denison Dam. And we all know what happens once they’re in that area below Denison Dam don’t we? 

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Port Aransas Texas – Lay of the (Is)land

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PART I – Port A Overview 2016

I am still processing all the information in my head about the sights, sounds and pluses and minuses I found at Port Aransas, Texas, during my stay July 8 to 13, 2016. I have to say that Port A is a combination of the best that the Texas Gulf Coast has to offer, and some of the bad things the coast is faced with these days.

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The fact that there’s camping and driving on the beach of Mustang Island means there’s a mass of humanity that shows up – from the south across the bridge coming from Corpus Christi, and from inland coming across on the ferry system. And they come in this huge wave that begins Thursday and ends Saturday night and early Sunday morning. The crowd is so tuned into this timing that rentals even run their weeks from Thursday to Thursday instead of weekend checkout days! This influx of thousands and thousands of party goers … CHOOSE AN OPTION TO CONTINUE READING —



  • A Photographic Look Inside the Tarpon Inn
  • Gallery Tour – Potters on Cotter and recommended Galleries and Studio
  • Restaurants and/or Buy off the Boat?
  • Fly Fishing Port Aransas in Wind and Slack
  • New Information on Conventional Winter Gator Trout Translated to Fly
  • The Jetties & Piers


Monday Afternoon Texas Fly Fishing Report 071816

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Hey even I make mistakes! I blatantly relocated the saltwater fly fishing portion of my recent trip from Port Aransas (I love you too), to the place I love the most – Port O’Connor, Texas, in this report. So it must be MONDAY! And it was Port A, not Port O. Watch the video for more fly fishing, or read my digression and decent into world “civilization” below.

Anyway, the world seems to have gone straight off a cliff doesn’t it? I can’t tell you how good it is to be far removed from civilization at a place like Port Aransas, even though there’s more to that story, more good and a little bit of bad in that story.

About the best thing you could do today is to cooperate with any police officer you see, or have an encounter with anywhere anytime. And to that end, I am taking time from a very, very slow schedule, to create a video that demonstrates how to cooperate with an officer should you be pulled over for a routine traffic ticket. This is common sense stuff that is obviously not being taught by parents, family or (I doubt your state requires it) driver’s education classes. I can’t believe we live in a world where common sense has apparently left the planet. Of course the video will not be posted here, but you can see and SHARE it from the YouTube channel for TexasFlyCaster.

Thanks for watching, and have a fantastic week.

Here We Go Round-and-Round

| July 15, 2016 | 0 Comments


Storms passed through Denton, TX, again today, and caused damage across our neighborhood. That includes a car that was simply driving down the street when a tree fell on it crushing the top. Sorry, I don’t think “photojournalism” first anymore, and didn’t go running down my street as I used to do, to cover what we, in the old days, called “spot news.” Photojournalism, is for lack of a better term, dead and gone. Continue Reading

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