Mind – Body – Soul of a Fly Fisher – What is it About Dogs?

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life flag #flyfishngWhat is it about dogs? They have the uncanny ability to evoke every emotion that we accredit to fellow humans. They come in all flavors, just like humans. And we celebrate the joy of their births as greatly as we morn their deaths, most often.

Today, our oldest dog, who surprisingly enough outlived our younger golden retriever by 11 months, lies on our back porch, inside on her bed, facing forward so she can look down the hallway. Her time is measured in hours now. She’s about to give up the ghost.

This event, at her age, is expected and much more of a natural outcome than the loss of our golden last year. Her name IS Ellie and she scarfed life in just as she scarfed her top-shelf dog food – aggressive, dominant, and as my wife reminded me saying, “She’s the brains of the operation.”

She’s winding down hour by hour now, and I know everyone has their own ideas on a cherished companion’s endings, but we are well aware of her pain levels, expression of pain, and there’s none of that. It’s just a fast spinning top finally winding down. There’s no winding that string back on, and we tend her as we would hope to be tended ourselves.

But it makes me think … about how much a part of our souls, the souls of many fly fishers, these dogs are. I can’t even keep count of all the passings I’ve seen from fly fisher’s perspectives – since the advent of easy sharing of hard things on Facebook, and through their websites. I feel their pain. Last ride on a drift boat, constant companions that never complain … a last ride in the car for my golden last year …

This is the only way I can figure out how to limit reading of the rest of this very personal section of this story to my subscribers who I know and who actually care ——-


Thursday Night Live – Texas Fly Fishing Report

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texas fly fishing live video report GoPro battery

Good morning fly fishers! We had our first live version of the Texas Fly Fishing Report© last night, and the technology went smoothly – WITH ONE EXCEPTION. Apparently the Google+ application that used to spool the entire live program to YouTube … NO LONGER SPOOLS the open forum video discussion to YouTube any longer. There’s no way to know that when you hit the “GO” button though. So here’s the Report in written form.


It’s Texas, and the weather will alway play a role in our fly fishing success. It’s such a big State that we typically have different patterns in different parts of the State. This weekend we will have rain coming through virtually the entire State and clearing off by Monday. It’ll be widespread, and Oklahoma will also be under the same skies. So maybe it’s time to tie flies, stay in and watch that little football game Sunday.


There’s a whole lot of information you can glean from Facebook posts by Texas fly fishing guides. And what I am seeing is that fish are coming from guides who are working in Louisiana salt water. This weekend’s weather will emphasize that even more. Was anyone aware that Facebook was hacked earlier this week, and offline for hours? Eventually somebody will crush Facebook with a hack, and unless everybody has saved the words and images they entrusted there – they’ll all be gone.


Today’s tip – Be sure you immediately open and put the battery in your new GoPro Hero 4, and turn it on right away. There should be a minimal charge that allows you to turn it on and make sure it works in general. I just went through the whole rigamarole of a new, out of the box, GoPro Hero 4 that had a bad battery. (I slapped on a Hero 3 Battery BackPack to power it) I contacted GoPro to see what they could do, and the long delay in response lead me to where I purchased it originally – BestBuy. Their policy? You have to return the whole thing (within 15 days). Now, if you are familiar with the packaging of a GoPro, you know it’s incredibly wasteful and jinky packaging. Nevertheless, I managed to get all the bits and pieces together and returned for a clean exchange for a new camera. This one fired up, and the battery charged up like it was supposed to. All that for a $19.99 battery! GoPro obviously still has a problem with their batteries – and it’s turning into a long-term problem now.

Texas Fly Fishing Report for Thursday – Night – Live on YouTube

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fly fishing texas report #flyfishing

Tune in tonight for an attempt at a live Texas Fly Fishing Report via the quirky technology behind YouTube. I should be up and running in what they call a “Hangout” in Google-YouTube parlance. Here is the link to the post – Live Texas Fly Fishing Report – . And apparently a low quality recording of this also gets spooled the the Texas Fly Caster YouTube Channel – just in case you want to slow down a technological train wreck.

This is a big can of worms, and they will be the live kind, not the San Juan kind. It’s fraught with technical glitches and pitfalls. I will be doing this act from the studio office to take advantage of faster computers there. The old laptop just can’t handle the truth.

This could really be “fly fishing culture on the skids” – but you’ll want to tune in just to find out!

Thanks for riding this one out with me.

Water Wednesday – “Here We Go Again” said Sisyphus

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texas fly fishing water conservation #flyfishing drought lake levelsconservation awareness for fly fishers





One of the reasons I quit publishing the “Water Wednesday” report was because of the daunting set of challenges it provided. The story eventually always boils down to Texas state leaders, committees, local policy, supply and demand … a lot of things that become “wonkish” pretty quickly, highly important, but wonkish. Not to mention the fact; with no support for conservation / the fishers viewpoint / political activism, it quickly becomes a “David vs. Goliath” task – with no stones laying around.


So as we embark on the revival of the Water Wednesday reports perhaps it’s time to dial down the idea that anything is going to change for the better. The politicians won’t become proactive. They won’t shift from supply to demand, and they won’t recognize the single cyclops coming toward us all is the light of a freight train in the dark. And it has the potential to derail the much of the Texas economy, and outdoor life and living – for generations to come.

How many years of “drought” does it take to adjust our science and thinking to the FACT that this is the new normal? Do we realize that all the dams, reservoirs and lakes that were built in the 20th. Century, were built in the wettest century since rainfall records were kept? These are the normal times for Texas, punctuated by “rain events” that quickly runoff or are siphoned off by an exploding population. Currently, the big picture for Monitored Texas Reservoir supplies is a little more than 35-percent down from capacity.

As dire as I see this situation to be, perhaps you have another perspective? We will definitely try to keep this a bit less “dark” and try to find the silver lining (fish) in the puddles that were once lakes, although I am far from optimistic on this one.

There wasn’t enough time to get out and visually show you a current video from the drought stricken lake nearest to me – Lake Ray Roberts – but we may be able to do that in the next few weeks. Talking is one thing, seeing is quite another.

Lake Ray Roberts, Texas, sits about 11 miles north of Denton, Texas, and is among a list of lakes that are part of the Trinity River Basin Reservoirs. The breakdown of the watersheds into their basins (on the water data website) do provide a very clear picture without concentrating on just one lake —

End Note – This column is a lot of work, but we will continue to bring it to you in free form to make it easier for you to share with other fly fishers interested in the holistic experience that includes personal investment in water conservation.

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