Memorial Day Monday Morning

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texas fly fishing #flyfishing #flooding texas floods
by Shannon Drawe

It’s Memorial Day 2016, and chances are you won’t be reading this from your office or bathroom stall this morning. And I’m flattered! You probably missed the morning commute, aka. gauntlet as well, which is always a thing to be thankful for.

The wheels of time roll much faster now. It’s crazy to think that the South Padre January trip was already four months past, and yet the posts have yet to float. I’ll finally be working on those today, and plan to break them down into the social-entertainment side of SPI, and the fly side of the most beautiful location on the Texas Gulf Coast.

On The Home Front

We are definitely slaves to the weather for now. On the flats Saturday (cameras were not allowed), a place that was teeming with fish two weeks ago, the fish were few and far in between. It was purely a recreational outing, so there was no pressure to find the fish, and there was plenty of time to think. The way I figured it, with the ups-and-downs of the water levels, these fish don’t even know there’s water on the flats again! It’s either that, or one of the many, many walk-waders who are showing up, had already pounded the flats down. I wasn’t about to pull the skiff out on a holiday weekend, as that goes against my rules; holiday weekends are off limits on Texas lakes. There was an abundance of bass in the flats though, and they were biting flies like crazy.

One of the worst lakes (typically it tops the list) for death and destruction in Texas, Lewisville Lake (or Lake Dallas), actually looks like some great habitat for shallow carp at the moment. Keep in mind, I’m talking at a speed of 65, crossing a bridge, in a deadly construction zone – when I am spying the shores. That lake is way up these days (because of all the rain drainage and Ray Roberts draining into Lewisville too).

It’s hard to complain about the situation here in North Texas, as the drought has not exactly been forgotten, by me at least. I am very happy to see the Ray Roberts habitat covered again, even as the USACE tries to drop that lake hastily. I can’t see how they can continue to add to the problems at Lewisville Lake, and get away with it (engineering-wise, or homeowner-wise).

In case you have been ignoring the news, there’s a flood event headed down the Brazos, and mandatory evacuations are going on around Wharton, Rosenberg, Simonton, Missouri City, and I hear Washington on the Brazos is also in trouble. Brazoria County is being warned to prepare, and the reporters are saying the flooding will last to next weekend. And we all know where the water ends up, don’t we? Our prayers go out to all those who find themselves in harm’s way due to the spring flooding here in Texas.

MY Father’s Day Fly Fishing List

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fathers day fly fishing gifts for dad
by Shannon Drawe

Getting started early on your Dad’s Day gift? Well, I can only tell you what I would’ve wanted, and it’s all good.

father's day fly fishing giftFirst, I would want me! How about a Guided trip on Lake Ray Roberts for carp? Simply get me a gift certificate for me to guide me to the carp season of all seasons!


No alcohol. No cigars (that one hurts).

What do you want for Father’s Day?

Monday Morning Sidewalk Slosh

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by Shannon Drawe

Carp on Fly Ray Roberts - Courtesy Photo

Good morning. Welcome from wherever you are to the source for current information on fly fishing in Texas. Sure, there’s a lot of other “stuff” thrown into this digital salad, but then fly fishing “hero” stories are so … 2004, aren’t they? Besides, the kids, the new generation, are the heroes, and they don’t seem to write very much. I wonder … do they read?

Carp on Fly Ray Roberts - Courtesy Photo

It seems we here in Central North Texas have been


+Shannon Drawe
+Texas Fly Caster

The Eyes Have IT

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costa vs. smith sunglass comparison for fly fishing #flyfishing
byby Shannon Drawe

Costa Sunglasses User Error Costa vs. Smith

NOTE – Remember my old adage, “See the fish. Be the fish. Catch the fish.”? That first sentence


*Proper care of sunglasses includes using a lanyard for every pair of sunglasses I own. It also includes cleaning the lenses with prepackaged Zeiss lens cleaning papers – without compromise. I also store my glasses in their cases when not in use, and preserve (don’t use) particular sunglasses, like deep saltwater lenses, until I am actually on that type of water. Turning any pair of sunglasses into my “daily drivers” just means they are more likely to encounter damage, than if they are simply saved for their purpose.

Smith Optics Integrated Lanyard Leash

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