Welcome To The Bleeding Edge – Live Fly Video Hardly Ready For Primetime

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Well, that was FUBAR. It won’t be long before everyone gets on this bandwagon – YouTube Live broadcasting, but for now it is still rocket science to me (and the majority of unwashed I presume). I will complain to the software makers (who I paid good money), and see if it makes any difference.

There’s a lot of dead time in this video, but here it is. I trust it will start at the ten minute mark, and you are welcome to look backward to the warmup for some real boredom. This video is about all the different water columns and flies in those columns – for catching largemouth bass on fly.

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We, by we I mean me, myself and I, will be headed back to the bleeding edge of a live broadcast tonight via the YouTube Channel for Texas Fly Caster. Of course, YouTube still does not make it easy. I could not even find a button for a clear link to the upcoming broadcast, but I am guessing this is it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6btnCCbPF4 .

I will be talking about catching bass in different water columns. The focus is on flies for each water column – in general. It’s hard to know exactly what course we will chart tonight, but I hope to run about 30 minutes, I am also hopeful for AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION and will cut it off if the technology does not work properly (always a possibility). I really do not know much more than what is stated here as of this writing. OF course questions from viewers will make it more interesting!

NOTE – I started live broadcasting about four or five years ago, and there are a lot of variables. Software has to “push” the broadcast to YouTube, which then pushes it out to you. (It really wasn’t ready for primetime at that time) Connections five years ago were much slower than they are now. So that is improved. IF I can get this thing up and running, and it works well, there will be a lot more live broadcasting in the future. And there’s the potential for a regular broadcast.

Texas Fly Fisher’s Water Wednesday Report – You Decide

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Texas Drought Map 011717

Learn more about the map here – US Drought Monitor – State Drought Monitor 

LOOKING GOOD! Rain is passing through today, and adding to our reservoirs. That’s a good thing because it isn’t even the Texas rainy season. Once spring piles some rain on top? We can hope for those dams to open and release … bringing us another spectacular year for all species, but for the hardcore tug — we can look forward to good hybrid action again this year. Last year’s hybrid action was as good as it was ten years ago (when all this Texas Fly Caster stuff started).

It is great to be able to report good news! That’s all I can say about our fragile Texas weather.


Sometimes I wonder if I should be going to the Louisiana Marshes every chance I get? With the story coming from CBS This Morning this morning; the rate of the marsh’s disappearance at “a football field per-hour,” what does this mean for the redfish nursery? It has been disappearing for years, so is that what makes the Marsh so good? One of my fly friends who spends time fly fishing in the Louisiana ecosystem talks about the Marshes this way:

“They used to be covered with trees and mangroves to the waterline. The old photographs show it. Fishermen, commercial and sportsmen, would thread their way through to fish. Now it’s wide open grass covered islands.”

Louisiana redfish on fly

What does the future hold for those of us who want to spend time fly fishing the Louisiana Marshes?

INTERNAL NOTE FROM BEHIND THE CURTAIN – The Texas Fly Caster website will be updated to be all “https” url’s starting very soon. This is reassuring to you and the folks who sit behind the BIG CURTAIN at Google. You will likely see all (live / maintained) websites going to “s” very soon.

Music is Art – Denton’s Fly Fishing Community Knows More Than You Think! Keep The Secret

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Denton is well known for their diverse music scene, and in past years it wasn’t uncommon to have a skilled musician land on the couch in your living room. Plenty of well known bands started here in Denton, but because of its size (and unfair treatment of musicians by venues), most claim Dallas as home. That’s too bad, but until the mentality toward bands changes at the club level, here in Denton, hard feelings toward the club scene persist.

Live Denton Music Scene

One of my favorite venues for music in Denton is Dan’s Silver Leaf. Here’s their list of upcoming shows and here’s a link to – Dan’s Silver Leaf.

  • January 19 – Brent Best Matt Woods and Adam Lee
  • January 20 – Dylan Leblanc
  • January 21 – Midge Ure
  • January 26 – Young & Brave with Wesley Jensen and Mother Tongues
  • January 27 – Hayes Carll & Travis Linville
  • January 28 – Will Johnson
  • February 3 – Josh Halverson
  • February 4 – Chris Welch & The Cicada Killers / Scitt Danborn
  • February 11 – Alejandro Escovedo
  • February 15  – John Doe. Solo.
  • February 17 – Zac Wilkerson / Chris Watson Band

Take your pick. It’s all good.

Denton Music Scene