Fly Fishing On The Monday Morning Sidewalk

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Carp on fly texas fly fishing

We continued to define Fly Fishing Culture on the Skids yesterday morning on Ray Roberts.

Welcome to the Monday Morning Sidewalk. If you’ve never been here for this Monday morning ritual, it’s where we take a look back at the weekend that was, and look forward to the week ahead. For a lot of you, you’re back in school, either as a participant or a deliverer of participants to their respective educational facilities. The name “Monday Morning Sidewalk” comes as a paraphrase of a famous Kris Kristofferson song, “Sunday Mornin’ Comin’ Down,” written in about 1968, and sung best by the writer himself. If you imagine that song while reading this post, wherever you are this Monday morning, then you will be in the right frame of mind the rest of your week.


These days, I have to glean a lot of information from folks who are still posting away on Facebook, and sometimes as I sift through the chum, I actually find some good live bait. Over the weekend, I did see some bull reds being caught in that area, and jack crevalle as well. I believe the jacks were on bait, but the two bulls I saw sitting in Eric Kipling’s feed were definitely fly fed. As I was talking to JB yesterday, while standing on the casting platform of his East Cape Fury yesterday morning, he confirmed that “we’re starting to discover that bull reds are there all year long.”

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On Pokemon GO and Specks on the Beach – Danny Scarborough in Galveston TX

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So Emily and I were tired of the rain and wanted to get out and about. She wanted to play Pokémon Go I naturally wanted to fish. After checking the radar and forecast of areas I was willing to drive to and noticing it’s raining everywhere but the coast. With little debate we decided on Galveston being our best bet because as you Pokémon goer’s probably know it’s loaded with Pokémon and if you didn’t know now you do. So the plan was to walk the seawall let Emily hunt Pokémon until it was dark and then go paddle and fish the night lights.

 After probably an hour-and-a-half or so, I was getting bored and noticed how nice the surf was looking clarity-wise for Galveston. I decided to grab the fly rods and try my chances in the surf and let Emily continue her Pokémon Go game.

Houston Fly Fishing Courtesy Photo

I rigged up the 8wt with a float line and a chartreuse foam popper and a pink clouser dropper to imitate a popping cork, and rigged the other rod with an intermediate line and a big black and purple EP baitfish. As soon as I got to the jetty rocks, I noticed nervous bait in the first gut of the surf. I started working that area with the popper dropper. Probably about 5 minutes into that nervous bait started getting blown up and I don’t mean that normal trout sucking sound you hear — I mean 18 to 20 something inch trout getting airborne and bait flying in every direction! It was a sight to see!

Then boom my popper gets inhaled and it’s on! After a hell of a fight I pull up a 22” trout my personal best until the next cast. That very next cast two feet from the rock edge I watch as a beast of a trout murders my popper and I stick him good. He didn’t like it all and immediately earned the reel! The only trout to do so all day. After a decent game of tug-o-war and keeping him clear of the rocks I netted my new personal best  Speckled trout right at 25 inches just a beast of a trout on the fly rod or any rod.

This action continued for around 30 minutes and I even scored a double up two 18 inch trout at the same time! Then It seemed like the trout either left or were tired of that popper and things went kinda quiet. I switched over to the intermediate and started throwing that streamer. Maybe 10 minutes or so went by and the trout started exploding again, and again I started sticking 18 to 20 inch trout. I had a few break offs and cycled through a few flies mostly black, black/purple tarpon bunnies and pink clousers until I limited out.

Houston Fly Fishing Courtesy Photo

 Emily had joined me somewhere in the beginning and had watched all this go down. So when I limited out she was very willing to take the fly rod and keep it going. She made 2 or 3 cast’s and scored her first Speckled trout on the fly at around 17 inches. Then she upgraded to a 20-inch’er soon after and another 17 inch’er after that. By that time it was getting dark and we packed things up.

We were so successful we decided against night light fishing. Emily hit a few Pokémon Go stops and headed home to fillet some dinner. All-in-all an awesome spontaneous Pokémon Go/ Fly fishing beach trip. Emily caught her first Blastoise and speckled trout and I upgraded my personal best trout. It’s all about keeping both parties happy!

NOTE — THANKS TO DANNY AND EMILY for their story from Galveston, Texas. That weather looks familiar doesn’t it? All I can say is: Right Place. Right Time! and RIGHT ON! www.houstonflyfishing.com

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2016 Lydia Ann Fly Masters Tournament

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Lydia Ann Fly Masters Tournament Port Aransas #lydiaannfmt

Lydia Ann Fly Masters Tournament Port Aransas Texas


Fellow Anglers,

It is time once again to start preparing for this year’s Lydia Ann Fly Masters Tournament.  We have the date set, venue secured and web site up to date and ready for registrations.

This year promises to be even better than the last six year’s events and should be an extra special tournament that you will definitely want to attend.  In addition to the new faces we expect, the regulars who have supported us from the beginning and a great excuse to get out fishing, you will certainly want to check out the improvements that Redfish Willie’s has made to their restaurant.  If you haven’t been by there lately, be sure to stop in and check out their new $70K pavilion they recently completed and have graciously allowed us to use for this year’s tournament!

Below are a few things I wanted to share on how each of you can help make this tournament the best ever:

–          Volunteer opportunities: This tournament belongs to each and every one of us that has participated over the past six years.  We want to get more people involved in the tournament to help spread the workload and to give everyone an opportunity to support CfR even further.  The biggest area of support we need is to help solicit donations from fly shops, venders and corporate sponsors.  We can also always use a hand on site for Late Check-In and on tournament day.  If you are interested in helping out, please send me an email  at robburlingame@yahoo.com or call/text me at (210) 885-3730 and we can find the best spot for you to help.

–          Spread the Word: I know many of you are on different blogs, work for different companies, are members of different clubs, visit many local fly shops and run in circles of other fly fishing addicts.  Please help spread the word about the tournament to anyone you can think of that might be interested.

–          Save the Date: Of course, the tournament wouldn’t be what it is without all of your support over the past six years.  Be sure to put this year’s event on your calendar!  We look forward to seeing everyone again this year.

Details for this year’s tournament are below:


Date: Saturday, Oct. 1, 2016

Location: Redfish Willie’s Waterfront Grill at Redfish Bay Boat House,

Conn Brown Harbor, 322 Huff Street, Aransas Pass, TX

Format: Fly Fishing, Catch & Release Only, Separate Divisions for Boats and Kayaks

Cost: Early Registration (September 23rd or before) – $65 per angler / division

Late Registration (Sept. 24th – Sept. 30th) – $75 per angler / division

The registration site is now live, so feel free to sign up online!  

This makes things much easier on the tournament staff!

More details will be distributed as we get closer to the tournament date and as always, we will keep the website and facebook page updated on a regular basis.

Feel free to reach out with any questions you have.

Tight Lines!

Rob Burlingame

(210) 885-3730 cell



PUBLISHER NOTE : I have more articles about Port Aransas, and things to do there that will help sway your thinking – thinking about doing this tournament this year! Let me know if you want to read those, and I will make sure you get them in your e-mail in-box. Don’t pass THIS ONE up.

Monday Morning Sidewalk

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Good Monday morning to you all! For large numbers of you, your life just got a bit more complicated, as you deliver your kids to their schools for the beginnings of another year of education by the books. In what has been a fantastic carp season to remember here in North Texas, it has been anything but by the books when it comes to the fish, the habitat and lately – the weather.

It was a weekend to remember on Lake Ray Roberts, as we had a bit of a second coming that even amazed the highly experienced anglers that witnessed the huge numbers of tight-lipped carp all over the usual locations. For me personally? It was a weekend with two consecutive days of extraordinary fly fishing for carp. (You may say to yourself; will he ever get tired of this carp thing? I say; apparently not!)

Saturday was a chance to pit myself against the rain, and see just what the fish were thinking about the weather. Well, the rain started to burn off as the afternoon wore on, and instead of stepping all over carp I couldn’t see, I started presenting (a totally different fly) to them … and they started eating. Saturday was my best day for numbers – EVER. Without the frustration of Thursday, Saturday would never have happened though. I had to reach out to my guru for fly recommendations after solid refusals of every fly I presented, and he solved that problem in time for the epic weekend. Saturday was a day where I landed twelve common carp, shattering my count record, and a day where I left dozens and dozens of fish on the table for the next day. And they’re probably still there this morning.

I left the table set because I knew I would be riding along with JB on his East Cape Fury (aka. the Plymouth), and didn’t want to spook-out the cove for Sunday. That turned out not to matter. JB had other ideas, and they were better than mine. We headed up into one of the far north feeder creeks where each of the turn-in coves held fish, and they were still feeding on my fly. And that’s where I caught my personal best Ray Roberts carp at a (Boga-ed) 9-pounds. It was all good … for me anyway. (RR TPWD record carp on fly is 10.63)

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