What to do With Another Windy Wednesday

| March 23, 2016

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“If it ain’t windy, it ain’t fly fishin’.” I believe that is how the exact quote of Lefty Kreh goes. Well, there’s windy and there’s Texas.

Fly Fishing in TexasWe’ve had sustained winds in the 25-35 range here in North Texas for a couple of days now, and it’s ruined otherwise perfect fly fishing conditions around here. Last night our old house was actually creaking under wind gusts that I figured at 40-plus miles-per-hour. Today? More of the same with a chance of storms this evening. It seems spring is in like a lion.

Even the steel yard gongs I have hanging [ppw id=”133620101″ description=”Texas Fly Fishing” price=”.10″]

around in the trees of our house are taking a beating, and probably keeping the neighbors awake at night. Yard gongs? I don’t know what else to call them, but they’re basically bells I make (deluxe heavy-duty yard art) that are pretty big and make a lovely church bell sound when the wind makes them clang. I never knew how many weird words are involved with making this kind of art!

I received a message on one of the old (April 2014) videos I did on sand bass along the “Trinity Ditch.” I went back and watched that video, https://youtu.be/x9uFKx9vgKk, and it made me realize that although we’ve had some very strong sand bass action already this year; there’s certainly time for more sand bass to run this stretch before we call the run done.

And as you know, there’s not much wind in a tree lined ditch. At the location of that particular video, the water has been dramatically higher this year, and the bottom structure (if the water has dropped back to those 2014 levels) is probably drastically different than it was in that 2014 video.

If I can sneak out for a little look, I will let you know how that turns out. Right now, the most immediate “work” is making more yard gongs for the art show in San Angelo (a very cool place), and working on selling a few Airstream trailers for our friends at A&P Vintage Trailer Works.


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