Pre Cool Front Carp Action July Lake Ray Roberts Texas

| July 3, 2014

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Mom, I don’t feel so good. Maybe it was that huge apple fritter I scarfed in the video? I have no idea what is going to happen when the digits get turned on that little memory card in the camera, but what happened yesterday was exciting to me anyway.

I had about an hour to burn, so I took advantage of the new images of Lake Ray Roberts and checked a newly redesigned (by the drought) cove and found it crawling with fish and crawling with mayflies too!

I am a little bleary-eyed this morning because Salas came into town and wanted to show me his famous crappie (I still like the yankeenorthern pronunciation crappy) techniques under one of the Lake Ray Roberts bridges. We didn’t catch many fish last night, and by the grace of God, we started to leave when the wind gained from out of the north and was noticeably cooler. Good, no GREAT thing, because although I had been watching my radar app every few minutes, a storm actually formed over the lake just as we got off the water.

It was one of those green storms lit by extreme lightning. The winds were amazingly high as we crawled back across the bridges in our trucks, so much so that it seemed to me the drive was more dangerous than anything. Anyway, there was significant rain ON Lake Ray Roberts last night, and it’s raining right now in Denton. I was tempted to use an exclamation point on that last sentence.

Unless you’re an audio/video person with a lot of time to kill, yeah I know, don’t bother to complain. There’s a reason why very few people dive deep into video in the fly fishing discussion.

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  1. shannon says:

    Nobody told me there’d be days like these!

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