Monday Morning – Push and Pull

| October 29, 2012

Good morning wherever you are this clear crisp North Texas morning. If you are reading from the US East Coast, welcome to our world – living on the Gulf of Mexico has served up hurricanes on Texas shores that are magnitudes greater in power than what you are facing, but due to the concentration of media where you are, “it’s the end of the world” scenario for New York, New York.

This storm just goes to show you, we (here in the Chicken Fried Nation) can survive with Washington, DC, shut down, with Wall Street shut down, and if the east coast-centric media were to go black, I think we would survive that too.

I took a look at Bridgeport, Texas, Lake Bridgeport last week, and it fulfilled my expectations – the expectation you have when reading a lake is twelve feet low. More on that soon.

Perhaps I buried the lead on that story from East Texas last week, but did you see those rainbow sows the fine Dr. caught in Broken Bow a couple of weeks ago? It’s fairly rare to catch one of those in Oklahoma, but to catch five big rainbows in one day … somebody else show me that’s been done before! I have the fly, and I have the location, but with all the meat eaters running amuck in Beaver’s Bend (poachers and law abiders), they are probably fully digested by now. That’s not to say there’s more though.

We had that cold front, the one my Mom says we always get before my birthday, last week, and the push to go to Oklahoma is countered by the pull to head for the salt of the Texas Gulf Coast. Everything I am hearing is that the coast is ON, including tarpon off the jetties somewhere near Rockport – Aransas Pass. If anyone has a recipe for tying a floating (as in suspended) mullet, feel free to hook me up. Apparently tarpon are chomping the small mullet as they suspend heads-up around the jetties. Poor little mullet.

While there’s no Blue River stocking schedule out yet, and Texas Stocker Trout schedule is yet to appear (mid November), I had a trusted friend tell me the smallmouth bite is on at Texoma. That same conventional fisher has a pretty strong opinion about Lake Ray Roberts as well, “It sucks!” Yeah, well maybe it’s time to do something about that (get ready TPWD).

Keep your eyes on the gear you’ve been thinking of buying as manufacturers are trimming their offerings to what sells the most, and we all know that may mean the best gear at the best price – just not the most fashionable color. I picked up a discontinued backpack – the Simms Full Day Pack – at Tailwaters Dallas at a very good price (thanks for the birthday money Mom) last week. The color has been discontinued – the color we need here in the hot Texas sun. I also got a few rods in my hands last week – the Winston Boron III-SX has my attention as does the G.Loomis NRX Saltwater rod series.

There’s also a new Go-Pro camera on their site, so that means there will be some softness in pricing of your (now obsolete) older Go-Pros. The new ones boast performance upgrades so great … it’ll be difficult to put this purchase off any longer. Be sure to click on the Go-Pro ad at the top left of this page for a direct link to purchase.

Don’t go running off to Bridgeport, Texas, until you read my report tomorrow. While I am still deep into getting the Airstream (mobile fly shop/shack/lodge) rolling, I can be talked into fishing just about anywhere during the week – as long as this stomach ailment is kept at bay. Feel free to contribute, ask about possibilities of stories, and click through to look at some of the outgoing links in this post. You may be glad you did.


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  1. exexangler says:

    i agree. the media is out of control. however, being from texas, and after living in the NYC area for the past 18 years, i’ve noticed one key point. the difference is that all the infrastructure here is at least 30 years old. there is no such thing as underground distribution power lines. when the power goes out, it stays out for a while.

    while the hurricanes here are going to be considerably weaker than those in the gulf, the impact from a weaker storm here will be much greater and wider.

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