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| March 31, 2011


I just wanted to remind you that April is when things get really going around the warmwater fly fishing arena, and in order to keep you on top of everything that is fly fishing all over Texas, I would appreciate it if you remember to check out all the sponsors on the site – ads in the left column, pertinent google ads, and even “donate” if you have even the smallest amount to help fill the gas tank for the next destination. Something for nothing is hard to come by in most places these days, but don’t forget you can get something for something in the FLY SHOP on this site. I sent out a hook order to Southern California this week and an order of Coyote Carp Flies to Dallas, Texas …. that works for me.

I need to remind the hundreds(!) of unique, and regular daily Texas Fly Caster readers, that I do have to work just like the vast majority of you do to, in these days, get by. So if you are unfamiliar with my photography work, I have two distinct sites that represent my work, and they are www.shannondrawe.com for my magazine and commercial photography, and www.sdphotography.com for the retail side of my photography work. I would like nothing more than to work with like minded fly fishers in the other worlds my work populates, so if you’re getting married in Boulder (yes we have readers there), or have a magazine shoot in Austin (lots of readers there too), feel free to contact me and let’s get to work! My current career, the one that chose me, mingles quite well with the demands of this site’s readers, and I know we would all like to keep it that way. Thanks – Shannon

I am still working on bringing you the White River Arkansas posts, and once that’s all in line, I am expecting to roll out another post tomorrow. I am working to keep these short and with more posts, as not to wear you out through another 1500 word treatise. The details of the trip, from memory, are just so interesting, as most journeys are to me, and the idea that when we left for Arkansas I would, a) sit in a 5-thousand dollar rocking chair, and b) see the most beautiful rainbow trout I had seen to this point in my life … those ideas were in the vapor.

PS – We are always interested in what you have to say as well!

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https://www.shannondrawe.com is where to find my other day job. I write and photograph fish stories professionally, and for free here! Journalist by training. This site is for telling true fishing news stories, unless otherwise noted.

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  1. shannon says:

    WFN has contacted Texas Fly Caster about being a contributor to the site. Do they have articles, or writers that relate to what we see here? Feel free to suggest a WFN writer, so maybe we can do that deal, and have some regular WFN content. Heck of a deal.

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