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Wildcard Wednesday – A Little Taste of Everything

| June 28, 2017 | 0 Comments

I couldn’t wait to hit the keys this morning!

News flowed in last night, and I also burned some old fashion fossil fuel to find out whether one of my stories had finally hit the newsstand – and it did in the last 48-hours.


Lake Travis is now on the list of Texas lakes infested with the zebra mussel. This means the Colorado system is now infected with the zeebs, and that news comes just days after the lake that feeds the famous Guadalupe River – Canyon Lake – was put on the zebra mussel list. My prediction, many years ago, was that now that the zebra mussel has hit near the State Government’s home, we will see more media attention than ever before – paid to the zebra mussel and more money than ever before – spent to study this problem (in perpetuity). Watch the budget-bean-counters try to figure out how to get us to pay for their new millions in expenses — to clean the pipes and dams.

After I heard about the recent find at Canyon Lake, I contacted a scientist quoted in one of the articles about that lake’s situation. My primary question was related to a piece of incidental research I had done at a Denton dive shop last week.

At the dive shop, I had asked the gentlemen working at the dive shop whether zebra mussels were still present at Lake Ray Roberts. (I don’t see them shallow anymore.) They stated definitively that they are deep, and everywhere. So we can deduce the zebra mussel likes cooler water temperatures. REMEMBER, the zebra mussel invaded the north first … call them a re-gift from the yankees.

With that amateur information, I contacted Natalie Goldstrohm, Natural Resources Specialist Inland Fisheries Division – Abilene, and asked about the temperature observation.

“Zebra mussels do have water quality thresholds that are optimal for survival and these would include temperature, but would also include water hardness, pH etc. that could impact where zebra mussels can grow.  I can’t speak to the likelihood of zebra mussel spreading into the Guadalupe River or how a bottom release dam may influence the spread of zebra mussels. However, since zebra mussels are present in Canyon Lake it could be a possibility that the veligers could be moved to down stream locations during flood events if the water level of goes over conservation pool and over the spillway.” Continue Reading

Weekend Of Thought Gathering Perhaps

| June 3, 2017 | 0 Comments

Which is Worse

I am still deciding which is worse; blunt force trauma to the head, or 35 rounds of radiation to the head-and-neck. But since I never suffered blunt force head trauma, that I remember, I guess I will have to go with radiation.

Needless to say, the weather has smashed an otherwise fabulous weekend to smithereens – not good enough, not bad enough to make me challenge or retreat … just enough to stop outdoor life, and send me to the sound room where I am spinning the new Roger Waters while contemplating.

Speaking of guides, and stories, photography and such …

What do we say of the new cover of local magazine “D” (as in Dallas)? Rob Woodruff, Orvis Endorsed Guide (lest we forget to mention) graces the cover this month! Is that amazing, or what? Rob has obviously worked very hard to get where he is, and this is about as close* to the pinnacle of free advertising that any Texas (spelled Oklahoma) guide could ever hope for – in an entire career. Since Rob has apparently made lemonade out of the lemon that became of Beaver’s Bend after the floods, this marketing feat is even more impressive to little old me. I’d sure like someone to tell me my name rolled off his lips – even oncemuch less the 231 times he’s been mentioned here over the years.

For those readers (and haters at the extreme fringe of readers) who think this writer is about his own journey? I only wish you were right. Because if you were right, I would have written about myself in the Summer edition of Drake Magazine. Instead, you will find an article on Danny Scarborough** in the magazines “urban fly fishing” department for the, yet to be released, Summer of 2017. I certainly enjoy working with Danny to expose what he’s doing in Houston to a larger audience, a MUCH larger audience. What will it do for me?

I am hopeful that with a little luck and divine intervention, the new article will finally attest to the fact I am about writing about and photographing OTHER fly fishers and guides for publications – more than myself. And perhaps, just perhaps a few guides and readers (anywhere and everywhere) will get the idea (finally) that maybe what they do is worthy of print and photography. Stories need to come to me now, and in volume …

And believe it or not, my writing is not limited to knowledge of the subjects you find here! Test me if you like, about anything but math of course. For example, if you pick up the latest issue of Lone Star Outdoor News, you will find a story on artist Mike Quinn out of Santa Fe, Texas. So besides all the other subjects I write about, add art and history to the list (yeah, the art minor and the economic history minor may help a little bit).

***So who really hits the pinnacle of free press for Texas fly fishing guides this month / this first half of the Texas year? You tell me. I would love to hear from you. And if you know of other publications I should be begging at the door of, let me know about that too – for goodness sake!

Thanks for reading. Stay dry. Have a great first weekend in June, and maybe I will have something interesting to say by Monday Morning! Shine on you crazy diamonds!


Friday FISH FLASH Zero Birthdays and The Drake Magazine

| April 28, 2017 | 1 Comment

Heading around the horn, around the bend and down the road.

Welcome to your FISH FLASH for the weekend. Of course I’ll be putting information about a lot of things behind the .25-cent curtain, which few afford to lift – and helps thin crowds, separating the pretenders as it were. There’s a deep tip on where to find huge grass carp on Ray Roberts (remember last year’s tails?), a heads-up on The Drake Magazine, and finally some tips for what to do with your spouse if one of those treacherous “0” birthdays is upon you.


These weather patterns are perfect for finding grass carp [ppw id=”162441455″ description=”FISH FLASH THE DRAKE ZERO BIRTHDAYS” price=”.25″]

and where the buffalo roam – HINT: Both are found together often times! These weather patterns are set up perfectly for finding huge escapee grass carp on Ray Roberts, but you’ll have to beef everything up to have a chance. Remember grass carp on Ray Roberts (check your local lake laws) are a CATCH AND KILL fish. I strongly advise doing so. If you don’t? you’re breaking the law.

So look for that action in 3-4 feet of water in the flats like Lantana. These fish will be in the 30-50 pound range. You will see fins out when they swim. You will see huge swirls. You will see tails down, and giant muds when they work an area in schools. Compare this fish, in all its sliminess, to catching a permit. No, maybe a permit’s easier. Twenty-pound straight fluorocarbon and a fly with color (in mud clouds), a fly with little color for open shots.

This FISH FLASH comes with a warning: WATCH THE DAMN WEATHER! We’re aiming for the times between storms, the calm, but they may be very brief. I am very satisfied with the APP – HI-DEF RADAR. Give that one a try. It is straight forward about not “forecasting” movement with radar, which seems very intelligent to me!

So your location for that is Lantana Flats or any other flats in the northeast region of Ray Roberts. There is another location I’d like you to check out, and that’s the Trinity right below Ray Roberts Dam. I was there yesterday picking a bushel of blackberries (no not phones), and was there a few days back: There is a big flow going and tons of gar gulping air. They’re gulping air, make no mistake, but they will eat subsurface. Think white, and rope flies. ALSO: Check out the bends further down by parking at the equine park (down at the bridge and bend), and work your WAY UP THE RIVER. Stay at a distance and look on your edge for schools of huge HUUUGE buffalo up on the flat banks that are now flooded. These guys will hoover your fly on cloudy days, as they do not feel nearly as threatened (exposed to birds) when the sun is gone. THEY WILL SUCK, and they are bigger and badder than any hybrid. Don’t forget to take a baggie, and if you hands are tender – a glove, for picking blackberries. This first picking is about done, but with rain this weekend, the second crop will be a bumper crop!


“I loaded 16-tons and what did I get? Another day older, and deeper in debt. Saint Peter don’t you call ‘cause I owe my soul to the company store!” – Merle Travis

Okay I unloaded about a ton-and-a-half yesterday, and nicely completed the walkways around the back yard. I warned that this was it until at least July. When it comes to the yard, the job that never ends, just ended. I’ve had enough.

I’ve had a lot of bad shite happen to me on spousal birthdays that end in the dread ZERO. I hope this one’s different. Tomorrow is “DB” Day – ‘da birthday, and I should be pretty far gone by the time it wraps up for her tomorrow night.  TIP: Just follow orders, and keep busy if there are none, and whatever you do, DON’T FISH! It’s up to you guys to keep me busy and out of my own house and yard! Well, it’s up to you and Tom Bie, publisher of The Drake Magazine …


I submitted an article about a month ago to Tom (yes he said to call him Tom), and although he was pensive at first, at not knowing me, or what I could do in the way of photography and writing; he was effusive (see subscribers get the big words) after I sent him the manuscript and photography on Danny Scarborough fly fishing the Houston Bayous. He was so pleased, in fact, that he contacted me last night to let me know Clyde is in Dallas, and asked if I wanted to do a Texas ride-along since he liked the first article so much. For the record: I didn’t know I had it in me to be up to make the writer’s list for The Drake, but now the pressure’s on. Tom said he is planning for the Houston Bayou story to run in the summer issue.

I am certainly about the profession of writing and photography, and if you subscribers have any leads, or you yourself would make a good profession / professional story: I ALSO WANT to write business, agriculture and art stories … heck, I am interested in all topics, but need the professional publications you use – TO GO AFTER for publishing your stories. I won’t be begging you to let me help you professionally though – feel free to STEP UP and make this happen!

Thanks for subscribing, and I will let you know how things turn out. Big time emotions are right out front this weekend, but I am looking for fish Sunday — and would love to know what your plans are!