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| January 4, 2017

New Old 97’s video – CD out in 2017. Yes, they may deny, but this IS a Denton band.

“Nobody Tells Me I Can’t. Nobody Tells Me I Shan’t.” – Pretenders

There’s a lot of catching up to do Texas fly casters. I can safely say I am not addicted to this inter web blogosphere of legend, myth, fiction and fact. I actually enjoyed the little break while the demons did their damnedest to wrestle control from my feeble grasp on the Texas Fly Caster website. For what reason (other than the profit of my previous #hostgator host) I will never know. So here’s the catchup …

There’s a fly fishing story! Imagine that, a story about fly fishing on this venue that wanders far and wide. It’s about a trip to the Blue River (again), and some technical stuff on catching those fat slabby rainbows up in the C-n-R hinterlands. Stocking continues, and the fish are showing  signs of being “educated” now.

There’s another fly fishing story on the Guadalupe River mix of rainbow trout and striper. I’ll have to pull that one out of Danny Scarborough somehow, but you’ll love this one!

There’s a story or two on last year’s music roundup of fly fishing music. Nobody stepped up and recommended music for the countdown. So that’s all on me. I am turning the Pretenders “Alone” a lot right now. There’s also a few more that could make a TOP 5 — and I may even drop down from ten to five again this year.

There’s always stories on current conditions. A trip out on Lewisville Lake on New Year’s Day 2017, just to putz and keep the skiff in line – it was a bit more complicated than that of course.

There’s a membership giveaway coming this week: Purchase an annual pass for paid content and get a choice of goodies sent to you from me! Cool, right?

There’s a look forward to another winter trip to the Texas Gulf Coast, this time in February, TO, drumroll please, Port Aransas, TX! There’s no telling what kind of trouble I will get into on this one! The anticipation on this one is killing me though. Someone ask me someday: What is one of your greatest disappointments in your life – related to Port Aransas, Texas?

Running in the background? There’s also a powwow of folks who are looking to create a new event in relation to the hugely successful and well organized Bass World Championship tournament on Lake Fork. If we can do what we are talking about doing? It’ll be REAL news.

Of course there’s a lot of things getting in the way of all this, kind of like a fat guy in front of you at the all-you-can-eat buffet. But, God willing and the creek don’t rise, we will all get through this year together, healthy, happily, in one piece and most crassly for my own existence – profitably. Profit (in any venture) is very important this year – very, very important. It may sting a little, but after ten years, what else is new?

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