Happy New Year! Glad You Missed US

| January 3, 2017


The war is over, and the good guys won! After several days of wrangling over the residual damages of a hack attack that occurred earlier in the month (of December), I bit the bullet, made the costly decision, and moved the Texas Fly Caster website over to new hosting — protected and monitored by armed guards trained in mortal cyber combat. What you will see – a return to normal, and a huge speed boost for the website. The head guard of the site also promises you that there is no malware and nothing was compromised during the attack. How can he promise that? Because there is nothing to compromise! If you subscribe to Texas Fly Caster paid content, make guide or any other purchases – THEY ALL RUN THROUGH PayPal, where their warriors protect you from sleaze bags of the interweb.

Some of the site’s functions may be lost as we cleaned out the closets, and put old plugins (things that go bling) on the curb. New ones will appear soon. And as long as we’re talking websites, we may as well at least think about a new look to this site as well. How long has it been since it was changed anyway???

So stick around! We have some catching up to do, and a lot of forecasting for the New Year 2017. Imagine that! It’s twenty-seventeen! Ten years flew by, along with a lot of other things. NOTE TO YOUNGUNS: That wheel turns faster and faster as you go.

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