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| May 22, 2011

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Captain Steve Hollensed

Water temperature is about 69 degrees; Elevation: 614′ ASL, about 3 ft. low; Visibility is good with clear water from the dam to Alberta Creek to the north and Highport Marina to the west. Areas above these sections become increasing stained as you move up the lake, although not severely stained.

Although we have had some very good striper fishing over the last few weeks it has not been very consistent…until this week. Fishing has been very good this week with lots of nice stripers shallow most of the morning. The topwater bite is pretty solid now but topwater presentations may not be the most effective method. The fish are very aggressive and healthy.

Several factors are coming into play to make for good fishing right now…the shad are spawning and water temps are just about perfect for stripers. Unlike last year, in which we had a big deficit of threadfin shad, they are everywhere this year.

In addition to the shallow fish, deeper schools in 20 to 40 ft of water are active as well. Not all of the schools have the concentrations of fish to support deeper fly fishing but when they do, it is some very fast fishing. For these deeper fish I am using 350 & 400 grain Depth Charge lines on 9 wt rods. This pattern is usually best during mid-day periods.

For the shallow fish, I am using the Orvis Streamer Stripper lines in 7 & 8 wts. Three to Four inch chartreuse over white streamers work well most days.

Because of the high concentrations of Threadfin Shad and lots of stripers I am looking for an excellent summer of topwater fishing for blitzing stripers.

Water temperature is about 72 degrees. Elevation; 631″ ASL, about 1.5′ low. Visibility is good in lower & mid-lake areas. Stained in upper areas.

Overall, largemouth bass fishing has been slow. The best producing pattern for me earlier in the spring was fishing timbered main lake and mid lake points with wind coming across the point. Best fly was a rabbit strip fly fished in 1 to 4 ft. of water.

Although the largemouth fishing was slow overall this spring, sand bass fishing has been excellent this year. Large schools of sand bass were roaming the mouths of major main lake creeks producing some very exciting action. The key is to use 300 to 350 grain Depth Charge lines in both deep and shallow water. Fast retrieves with a chartreuse over white clouser sealed the deal. This has been a great spring for catching sand bass on Roberts.

On Saturday, September 24, 2011 Orvis Endorsed Fly Guide Rob Woodruff and I will be conducting Loop Lab 201 near Lake Ray Roberts in North Texas. The class will address more advanced, yet practical topics in fly casting. These topics include double hauling, methods to improve your distance, and methods to improve your accuracy. We will also address casting and presentation skills as they relate to warmwater, coldwater, and saltwater environments specifically. Class is limited to the first 10 students and the class is already beginning to fill. If interested, contact Rob or I as soon as possible for details.

One of my most valued pieces of gear that helps my clients catch fish (of all kinds) is the Orvis Streamer Stripper fly line. In fall and spring it is often my primary line. Because so very few clients have this line I make sure that I have at least a couple of reels spooled with it. It often is the difference between catching fish and not catching fish.

The line is composed of a 4 foot mini-sink tip that sinks fast…about 6 inches per second. It is perfect when the stripers are shallow but not hitting topwater presentations. Based upon how it is retrieved, you can work a rocky slope from the surface down to perhaps 8 or 10 ft.; and keep the fly out of the rocks yet close to the rocks. I love this quality about it and it catches lots of fish.

Another great thing about the Streamer Stripper is that it cast almost as easy as a standard WF floating line. It’s very easy to cast.

All warmwater fly fishers should have this line…it is extremely effective on largemouth, smallmouth, sand bass, stripers, and the list goes on.


With the high price of gas and travel many are considering alternatives. For those in the Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas areas, Texoma represents a cost effective venue for first rate fly fishing. With very high numbers of threadfin shad this year and high numbers of stripers I am really looking forward to some great topwater fishing this summer. Multiple half day trips targeting the striper blitz is a great way to take advantage of this. Premium accommodations at resorts on the lake, nice motels in town and only a few minutes away, or secluded cabins nestled deep in the woods on Lake Texoma are all available. (the cabins will require significant advance booking) Many options are available to suit your family or group.

My summer calendar is filling fast so advanced booking will aid greatly in securing the dates you prefer.

Captain Steve Hollensed
Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide
FFF Master Certified Casting Instructor

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