Texas Trout Stocking Schedule 2010 – 2011

| November 20, 2010

Welcome to a slim version of the Texas Parks & Wildlife 2010-2011 Trout Stocking Schedule! Thanks, as always, to TPWD and the trout stocking they do to get children their parents, and others to get outside and fish all across the State of Texas, and if you are interested in detailed information on the Guadalupe River trout fishery, be sure to check the Texas Fly Caster series that is currently running right here at www.texasflycaster.com.

Directions to this list of locations can be found by going HERE.

Ablon Park Pond – Garland 2,400 23-Jan-11, 17-Feb-11
American Legion Park Pond – Missouri City 2,000 13-Jan-11
Jasper Arena Park Pond – Marshall 1,600 20-Dec-10, 6-Feb-11
Ascarate – El Paso 6,900 15-Dec-10, 12-Jan-11, 21-Feb-11
Bandera City Park Lake – Bandera 1,000 5-Dec-10
Bane Park Lake Houston – 2,278 14-Jan-11
Bates Allen Park Pond 1 – Missouri City 600 14-Jan-11
Beal Park Lake Midland 1,650 10-Dec-10, 19-Jan-11
Bear Creek Park – Keller 3,000 23-Jan-11, 27-Feb-11
Bethany Park Pond C – Allen 1,700 9-Dec-10
Blanco State Park #4 – Blanco 4,000 9-Dec-10, 28-Dec-10, 13-Jan-11, 23-Feb-11
Blue Hole Park Lake – Georgetown 1,250 8-Dec-10
Blue Ridge Park Pond – Missouri City 600 11-Jan-11
Bob Sandlin State Park – Mt. Pleasant 2,700 16-Dec-10, 29-Jan-11, 24-Feb-11
Brackenridge Park – San Antonio 1,850 11-Jan-11, 9-Feb-11
Brentwood Park Pond – Tom Green 1,100 13-Jan-11, 3-Feb-11
Buena Vista Park Lake – Waco 1,796 5-Dec-10 and continuing every two weeks until early March
Buescher State Park – Smithville 2,000 8-Dec-10, 21-Dec-10
Bullfrog Pond * – Austin 896 3-Dec-10 and continuing every two weeks until early March
Burke-Crenshaw Lake – Pasadena 1,500 21-Jan-11
Burroughs Park Pond – Spring 2,500 14-Jan-11
C. J. Kelly Park Pond – Midland 1,650 10-Dec-10, 19-Jan-11
Canyon Southeast Park Lake – Canyon 1,100 14-Dec-10
Canyon Tailrace – New Braunfels 18,621 3-Dec-10, 10-Dec-10, 17-Dec-10, 31-Dec-10, 7-Jan-11, 14-Jan-11, 21-Jan-11, 28-Jan-11
Carl Barton Jr. Park Pond – Conroe 1,880 11-Jan-11
Caudle – Hale Center 1,166 3-Dec-10 Dundee
Cedar Hill State Park Perch Pond – Cedar Hill 1,200 11-Jan-11
Centennial Park Lake – Friendswood 1,000 10-Feb-11
Central Park Pond #1 * – College Station 1,792 3-Dec-10 and continuing every two weeks until early March
Claiborne West Park – Orange 1,000 20-Jan-11, 3-Feb-11
Cleburne-Hulen Park – Cleburne 1,900 12-Dec-10, 8-Feb-11
Comanche Trails Park Odessa 6,080 22-Dec-10, 18-Jan-11, 13-Feb-11
Comanche Trails – Big Spring 4,004 14-Dec-10, 14-Jan-11
Copperas Cove City – Copperas Cove 1,500 7-Dec-10, 20-Feb-11
Crane County Pond Crane 250 1-Dec-10
Doornbos Park Nederland 500 20-Feb-11
Eisenhower Park Pond – Houston 3,000 5-Jan-11
Elder Lake – Kilgore 3,000 17-Dec-10
Eldridge Park Pond – Sugar Land 1,000 2-Feb-11
Elm Creek Buffalo Wallow Abilene 600 16-Dec-10
Emory City Park Lake Emory 250 13-Feb-11
Faulkner Park Lake – Tyler 1,800 1-Dec-10, 18-Jan-11
First Capitol Park Pond – West Columbia 500 13-Dec-10
Fort Boggy State Park Centerville 1,000 25-Jan-11
Fort Richardson State Park Jacksboro 2,180 12-Dec-10, 9-Jan-11, 13-Feb-11
Frisco Commons Pond – Frisco 3,150 6-Feb-11
Fryer (Wolf Creek Park) – Perryton 2,800 9-Dec-10
Garner State Park (Frio River) Leakey 2,200 29-Dec-10, 19-Jan-11
Glen Rose Towne Lake – Glen Rose 2,000 8-Dec-10, 5-Jan-11
Greenbriar Park * – Fort Worth 1,896 1-Dec-10 and continuing every two weeks until early March
Guadalupe River (see Canyon Tailrace)
Harlingen Sports Complex – Harlingen 1,000 3-Feb-11
Heritage Park Lake – Mt. Pleasant 2,000 15-Dec-10, 19-Jan-11
Herman Brown Park Pond – Houston 500 2-Feb-11
Hurst Chisholm Park * – Hurst 1,896 1-Dec-10 and continuing every two weeks until early March
Jasper City Park Pond – Jasper 1,800 16-Jan-11
Johnson Branch 2 Sanger 1,000 19-Dec-10
Keneteso Pond – Gainesville 2,750 9-Jan-11
Kennedale City Park – Kennedale 1,700 19-Jan-11
Kidd Springs Park – Dallas 3,500 27-Jan-11, 23-Feb-11
Kitty Hollow Lake – Missouri City 1,000 12-Jan-11
L.B.J. State Park – Stonewall 533 19-Jan-11
LNVA Barrier Pond Beaumont 4,000 14-Dec-10, 18-Jan-11
Lake Corpus Christi – Mathis 1,500 30-Jan-11
Lakeside Park * – Duncanville 1,896 1-Dec-10 and continuing every two weeks until early March
Lakeview Park Pond Nacogdoches 769 23-Jan-11
Lamesa 9th Street Park – Lamesa 4,000 3-Dec-10, 2-Feb-11
Landmark Inn State Historic Site Castroville 1,000 27-Feb-11
Lewisville Tailrace (Elm Fork Trinity River) – Lewisville 5,506 17-Dec-10, 14-Jan-11, 18-Feb-10
Live Oak Ciy Pond – San Antonio 800 16-Dec-10, 11-Jan-11
Llano River (Grenwelge Park) Llano 800 8-Dec-10
Lost Maples State Natural Area – Lower – Vanderpool 300 18-Jan-11
Louise Hays Park – Kerrville 2,200 14-Dec-10, 25-Jan-11
Lower Overton – Overton 900 20-Jan-11
Magnolia Ridge Pond Woodville 1,800 8-Dec-1
Mary Jo Peckham Park * – Houston 3,160 3-Dec-10 and continuing every two weeks until early March
Medical Center South * – Amarillo 4,424 2-Dec-10 and continuing every two weeks until early March
Meredith Stilling Basin – Stanford 2,000 2-Dec-10, 3-Feb-11
Meridian State Park – Meridian 1,800 12-Jan-11
Mesquite City Lake * – Mesquite 3,160 1-Dec-10 and continuing every two weeks until early March
Mike Lewis Park – Grand Prairie 3,000 17-Feb-11, 6-Mar-11
Miller’s Pond * – San Antonio 3,792 2-Dec-10 and continuing every two weeks until early March
Mills Pond (Wells Branch) – Austin 500 16-Jan-11
Monahans Perch Pond – Monahans 2,000 5-Dec-10
Nelson Park – Abilene 1,376 15-Dec-10
New Horseshoe – Rosenberg 1,800 16-Jan-11
Nolan Creek – Belton 2,900 15-Dec-10, 11-Feb-11
Northwest Park Pond – Irving 3,100 5-Jan-11, 6-Feb-11
Oakes Street – San Angelo 2,000 2-Dec-10, 21-Dec-10
Pair-a-Trees Pond – Wills Point 500 20-Feb-11
Palmetto State Park – Luling 574 16-Jan-11
Pampa City – Pampa City 2,000 2-Dec-10, 17-Feb-11
Pittsburg City Lake – Pittsburg 2,000 15-Dec-10, 20-Feb-11
Plum Lake * – Wichita Falls 4,601 1-Dec-10 and continuing every two weeks until early March
Possum Kingdom Tailrace – Graford 9,000 7-Dec-10, 28-Dec-10, 12-Jan-11, 4-Feb-11, 1-Mar-11
Resoft Park Lake – Alvin 1,000 7-Dec-10
Richards Park-Upper – Brady 750 9-Dec-10
Rita Blanca Kids Fishing Pond – Dalhart 3,160 14-Dec-10, 8-Feb-11
River Park Clear Fork Trinity River – Fort Worth 2,000 6-Jan-11
Rose Park – Mansfield 800 1-Dec-10
San Gabriel Park – Georgetown 1,250 12-Jan-11
Seabourne Creek Park Rosenberg 1,000 3-Feb-11
Sheldon State Park Houston 500 3-Jan-11 Jasper
South Lakes Park Pond * – Denton 1,792 1-Dec-10 and continuing every two weeks until early March
South Llano River State Park – Junction 1,878 4-Jan-11, 2-Feb-11
South Weeks – Wichita Falls 800 1-Dec-10, 12-Jan-11, 9-Feb-11, 2-Mar-11
Southside Lions Park (Hi-Lions) * – San Antonio 3,792 2-Dec-10 and continuing every two weeks until early March
Spring Lake Park – Texarkana 2,650 15-Dec-10, 27-Jan-11
Springfield – Mexia 1,000 30-Jan-11
Sulphur Springs City Park – Sulphur Springs 1,523 6-Feb-11
TFFC Casting Pond (Lake Zebco 2) – Athens 5,000 1-Dec-10
Teague Park – Longview 2,400 13-Feb-11 TFFC
Temple Lion’s Park – Temple 1,699 19-Dec-10, 13-Feb-11
Theo (Caprock Canyons) – Amarillo 2,800 14-Dec-10, 19-Jan-11
Tom Bass I * – Houston 896 3-Dec-10 and continuing every two weeks until early March
Tom Bass III – Houston 5,500 4-Jan-11
Towne Lake – McKinney 4,020 6-Feb-11
Trinity Park Clear Fork Trinity River – Fort Worth 2,000 5-Jan-11
Two – Acre Lake – Canton 3,079 13-Feb-11
Tyler Nature Center – Tyler 2,000 Call for Special Event dates and times (1-903-566-1615)
Tyler State Park – Tyler 4,000 9-Dec-10, 20-Jan-11
Utopia Park Lake – Utopia 750 15-Feb-11
Waldron Park Corpus Christi 1,000 24-Jan-11
Waterloo Park Pond – Denison 6,800 17-Dec-10, 9-Jan-11, 30-Jan-11, 13-Feb-11
Whitley Place Pavillion Pond – McKinney 2,950 23-Jan-11
Woldert Park Pond – Tyler 930 1-Dec-10, 18-Jan-11
Total to be Stocked 278,895

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  1. Had success at San Gabriel Park in Georgetown this morning. AE Wood Hatchery wrapped it up around 10:30am. The trout were rising on something, (couldn’t tell what) but a #18 mosquito pattern was producing for a bit. Then I switched to the much frowned-upon, tandem pellet fly rig on 5X. Caught 14 total, all around 10 inches. I felt good all day today.

  2. shannon says:

    When it comes to Texas stocking, look at the Guad with 18,621 fish + the GRTU stocking! I am thinking of relocating.

  3. Skumar says:

    I had a great time below PK last year. Which is your favorite spots?

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