Cook Me Up in Onions and Vinegar To Taste

| November 20, 2010


It has been a drought year for music – period. It has been so bad that I have actually been feeling desperate to fill out the upcoming, nay looming, top ten countdown. Why would something so perfect as music cause anyone stress?
The reality as of now is that there may not be ten CD’s that make the top ten, but there will be a number one, and unless the ground or heavens open and rain down, or boil forth a new release from out of left field, the number one album to knock off is Kevin Russell, aka. Shinyribs, release that goes by the title “Well After Awhile.”

Of course I had a feeling his show tonight would be good, and that it would seal the deal, but little did I know just how hard it would slam the door shut on the other contenders – that now pale in comparison. Russell is a “… fortune waiting to be had,” to steal a line from Judas Priest. To see him, as we did tonight, is part east Texas Beaumont swamp, part sermon, part Jerry Lee Lewis, part showman and 100-percent songwriter. If I told you there were gut wrenching laughs for everyone to accompany at least ten minutes of perfectly interspersed banter, would you believe me?

Try not to lose sight of the fact that Kevin, and I feel like I can call him … Kevin, is a product of Beaumont, Texas, and now resides in Austin, soaking in the night light of the “Austin music scene” at first with The Gourds and now on his solo project Shinyribs, Kevin is ours and you may take some time to acclimate to the sound. Rest assured, if you put some of his tunes to your latest Venice, Louisiana redfish video – IT WOULD WORK.

If you get the chance, see Shinyribs before I put my mind to getting this music to Don Imus, and little Kevin Russell rides like a rocket to the moon.

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