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| July 12, 2011

TFC Readers – Thanks for bearing with the lower than average output on Texas Fly Caster. I am working a long way from a dsl connection, and dial-up laptop cards are not what they promise to be. Hang in there though! Fresh fishing spots from the Clay County, Texas, area are cooking (literally).

7/11/11- Fishing Report

East Texas Lakes:
Lake Fork- Low lake levels, an absence of aquatic vegetation and high surface temperatures kept the evening topwater bite from taking off this year. The deep water bite for Bass has been exceptionally good this summer. The newly arrived Sandbass have been schooling on points, humps and roadbeds. Midday through evening topwater schooling action for the Sandies and Largemouth should begin to become more consistent now that the lake is beginning to stratify, making the deeper portions off limits.

Smaller East Texas Lakes– Weed growth is better on the smaller lakes and several of the more eastern lakes are full of water. Bass and bream will readily strike poppers fished along weed beds, creeks and pockets on the main lake in the mornings and evenings. A sink-tip line will help prolong the action when the sun gets high. Bass have started schooling in the afternoons on Gilmer Lake.

Lower Mountain Fork River:

Zone 1- Release from the Spillway is at approximately 100 c.f.s. and the creeks and river are clear. The water temperature is 59 degrees in Spillway Creek. The last two weeks have offered some of the best Trout fishing so far this year! Best flies have been Pheasant Tail Nymphs, Olive Caddis Larvae, Soft Hackles and Zebra Midges. Dry flies like Stimulators, Doculators, Crackle Backs and Terrestrials are continuing to draw strikes in Spillway Creek and the Evening Hole. There may be one more Hexagenia Mayfly hatch during the full moon at the end of this week.

Zone 2 – Generation has been light for several weeks. Zone 2 has been fishing well and Sulphur Mayflies have been hatching the last few days. When no hatches are present Stimulators and baitfish streamers have gotten the strikes.

Zone 3- The area immediately below the Re-regulation Dam has been producing a mixed bag of Trout, Sandbass, Walleye and other species on streamers.

Upcoming Zone 3 Repairs- After 3 years of hard work by president Patrick Waters and the Lower Mountain Fork River Foundation, the Re-Regulation Dam clean out project is slated to begin this autumn. This means cold water year round again for all of Zone 3.

Remember that my weekly fishing report for the Lower Mountain Fork River is available at: .

Loop Lab 201; Advanced Fly Casts and Presentations.
On Saturday, September 24, 2011, FFF Master Casting Instructor Steve Hollensed and I will be conducting Loop Lab 201 near Lake Ray Roberts. The class will address advanced topics in fly casting. Curriculum includes double hauling, distance and accuracy. We will also cover casting and presentation skills specific to warmwater, coldwater, and saltwater fisheries. Class is limited to 10 students and the class is now half full. If interested, contact Steve or me for details.
Tuition: $200, advance registration required.

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