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Monday Morning Sidewalk – Big Changes in the Local Fly Force

| April 30, 2018 | 2 Comments

Woodruffs Blue Damsel Lodge Hollensed All Over the Globe

We have ourselves a THREE F day to start the week that leads us from April into the promised land of May this year. Fly Fishing Frustration rules the day, and according to the weatherman – most of the week ahead in North Texas. What else is new? If you watched last Friday’s Texas Fly Fishing Report, then you know I told it like it is when it comes to April 2018. It wasn’t pretty, and it wasn’t chamber of commerce either. I can’t wait for April to be OVER! PS – I will leave the simulcast on FakeBook the rest of today at Facebook Texas Fly Caster.

Rob & Jenny Woodruff Missoula Montana Bound

Speaking of chamber of commerce … I guess the power fly duo – Mr. & Mrs. Woodruff – are headed toward greener pastures than those of Beaver’s Bend, Oklahoma! Reports from BendBow, would have you would think they were catching big honey browns two at a time all winter long, but word is they are officially timesharing between BendBow and running a fly fishing lodge in Montana. The move makes perfect sense on every level.

They’ll be the new lodge managers at Blue Damsel on Rock Creek, not far from Missoula. There won’t be any more guiding for bass in East Texas according to Woodruff, BUT they will be in Oklahoma from November to February, then hitching up the wagons and heading for Missoula for March – October season. If you are a trout lover, this sounds like a dream come true. Rob’s experience with trout, some very difficult trout and conditions, instantly make him (and her of course) into a real force where fish and water flow freely – in my humble opinion. Add his entomological knowledge? I can’t wait to see the reports!

Flywater Angling Steve Hollensed

So, I would guess that the water that the Woodruffs leave behind is water that our other regional Orvis Guide Workforce – Steve Hollensed – picks up full-time. Steve, as you will recall, also has the fly striper business on Texoma. However, if you take a look at his website; it looks a lot like he’s heading for fishier pastures as well — fly fishing in Argentina, fly fishing in British Columbia and the well worn fly fishing from El Pescador Lodge in Belize. Somebody’s got to pick up that East Texas bass slack, don’t you think?

I will have another of the subscriber only video insiders coming out this week. I don’t even know what it will contain, but I know you are itching for some GOOD information, and I’m here to scratch.

END NOTE – If you know any of these three guides, Steve / Jenny / Rob, we would love to hear more about your experiences with them over the years. Feel free to COMMENT, if you, ANY OF you, would like to do so. Don’t worry, this isn’t Facebook, and this site does not harbor any of your information for simply commenting on a story – NOTHING – ZIP – ZILCH – NADA.

GOT NEWS? If you have any news, feel free to send it along. You know we’re more news than fluff, or chamber of commerce around here, right? I am also running still photographs you send in – on the Texas Fly Fishing Report whenever those hit the airwaves, so text me your photographs with – date / general location / names / descriptions.

Monday Morning Reporting – Beaver’s Bend Report from Rob Woodruff

| March 30, 2015 | 0 Comments

beaver’s bend fly fishing broken bow flooding oklahoma #flyfishing

Good morning everyone! When there’s significant news to report, there’s nothing I can do but get straight to it. This was sent to me from Rob Woodruff, who I haven’t heard from in a good while — he’s very busy. There’ll be more independent reporting this week – a story on fly fishing Lake Buchanan for carp comes out tomorrow.

Courtesy Woodruff Guide ServicesHigh Water on the
Lower Mountain Fork River

At about 11:30 AM on Monday, March 16, The US Army Corps of Engineers began releasing 1100 CFS of water down Spillway Creek at Beavers Bend State Park. They did this without warning people on the creek and river, the officials at Beavers Bend State Park, The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation or even the USACE Area Manager who works for them. The initial release sent a 4 foot wave of water and debris down the creek, knocking down, bruising, battering and washing away anglers and people walking along creek banks. The Park Rangers and the Swift Water Rescue Unit from Broken Bow Fire Department had to respond and rescue people stranded by the high water. My wife, Jenny Mayrell-Woodruff, was guiding a trip at the time and had to act quickly to get herself, her clients and a 10 year old boy who had been separated from his parents to safety. It is very fortunate that no one drowned or was seriously injured.

That it was Spring Break and one of the few weekdays of the year when there are families and small children on the river, the release was scheduled well in advance to allow routine maintenance on the generators at the hydroelectric plant and the lake was only two feet above normal height and 25 feet under flood pool, all add to the evidence of a very poor decision made by the Tulsa Office of the US Army Corps of Engineers.
More pictures of the flooding caused by the March 16 release are available on the Lower Mountain Fork River Foundation’s Facebook Page:www.facebook.com/media/set/set=a.966572810032313.1073741828.121582697864666&type=1

March 20th., The US Army Corps of Engineers announced an updated  policy for water releases from the Broken Bow Dam Spillway:

Currently about 1000 cfs (typical flow is around 100 cfs) is being released through two flood gates at Broken Bow Dam. This flow is expected to continue for the next 30-45 days. The water is very clear and 48 degrees  The river is fishing well in places, but it takes planning and cautious wading to fish it safely. I would only recommend fishing by physically fit, strong, experienced waders over 14 years of age right now. Myself and most of the guides on the river are following the same criteria for guided trips at this time. Be aware that a warning horn means an increased flow from the Spillway, not the usual Power House release. Spillway Creek, The Bluffs, The Evening Hole and Lost Creek will all be effected by the higher water.

Courtesy Woodruff Guide Services

Even with the higher water conditions, fishing is very good in some areas. My wife,www.flyfishbeaversbend.comcaught this beautiful 24″ Brown Trout on March 25.

Thanks to Rob Woodruff at Woodruff Guide Services – www.flyfishingfork.com

Tenkara Class With Rob Woodruff in Broken Bow October 4

| August 17, 2014 | 0 Comments

tenkara fishing #tenkara broken bow oklahoma fishing

Tenkara Class
October 4, 2014
Broken Bow, OK

Tenkara, the traditional Japanese form of fly fishing, continues to rapidly grow in popularity in the US, Japan and Europe. It is a fun, simple and effective means of catching Trout and other species. I began fishing Tenkara style in 2010 and began to offer guided trips on the Lower Mountain Fork River in 2011. I became a member of the Tenkara USA Guide Network that same year.

tenkara class broken bow - courtesy Rob Woodruff

I will be offering an in-depth Tenkara Class on Saturday, October 4 on the Mountain Fork River. The class will consist of a 4 hour on the water session and two hours of fly tying instruction at The Forest Heritage Center covering traditional and modern Tenkara flies.

Topics include line and rod choices, rigging, fly selection, casting, presentations, strategies and playing & landing Trout.

Tenkara rods, lines, flies and fly tying materials will be provided. Students are responsible for waders, wading shoes (rentals are available), Oklahoma Fishing License and fly tying tools. Everyone is welcome to bring their own Tenkara rod if they prefer.

The class will be limited to 8 students. In order to maximize the time and attention I can give students while on the water, the class will be divided into two groups. The Morning Group will be on the river from 7:00-11:00AM, the Afternoon Group will fish from 2:00-6:00PM. Everyone will participate together in the fly tying session from 12:00-2:00PM.

Tuition is $125.00

– Rob Woodruff

Rob Woodruff – ORVIS DALLAS Trout Classes in Beaver’s Bend Broken Bow

| March 20, 2014 | 0 Comments

#flyfishing texas fly fishing dallas orvis rob woodruff

Orvis Dallas 301 Trout Classes

Woodruff Guide Service, Flyfishbeaversbend.com and Orvis Dallas will be offering two Trout specific Flyfishing 301 classes on the Lower Mountain Fork River, May 31 and June 28, 2014.
These will be intermediate level classes covering topics including:

Casting and Presentation Techniques for Specific Types of Water
Safe & Stealthy Wading and Approach Practices
Streamside Entomology and Fly Selection
Rigging Methods for Nymphs, Dries and Streamers
Hooking, Playing and Landing Trout
Proper Catch & Release and Photography of Trout
Reading the Water
READ MORE – Continue Reading

Mystery Fly Tournament Lower Mountain Fork River Foundation

| February 6, 2014 | 0 Comments

one fly Lower Mountain Fork River Oklahoma texas fly fishing rob woodruff guide service


Lower Mountain Fork River Foundation

Mystery Fly Tournament
(Formerly known as the One Fly Tournament)
Saturday, February 22, 2014

(In 2013 the LMFRF, and many other conservation organizations, were notified that we were using a trademarked name when we called our fundraiser the “One Fly”. So the name has changed but the rules remain the same.)

It’s time to make plans to attend this year’s Mystery Fly Tournament sponsored by the Lower Mountain Fork River Foundation. The entry fee is $50 per person and you must be a paid member of the foundation. We have a lot of prizes to give away. All proceeds benefit improvements on the Lower Mountain Fork River. Rules and registration information are available at www.lmfrfoundation.org.

Registration is also available at 580-494-6115 or by 6:30 AM at the Judge’s Table the morning of the contest. But don’t wait too long, only the first 36 entrants will receive a “2014 ? Fly” embroidered cap.

Lake Welsh is Hot!

Cold weather means more power generation, warmer water and great Bass fishing. We have been catching good numbers of Bass from 2-5 pounds and February is usually the top month there.

Located near Mt. Pleasant, TX; it is an easy trip from the DFW area. I provide rods, flies and lunch. Just show up with a Texas Fishing License and you are ready to enjoy a day of fly fishing for Bass.

March Browns on the Lower Mountain Fork

February and early March on the Lower Mountain Fork River mean it is time for the March Brown hatch. These large mayflies combine with the Blue Winged Olives and Midges to offer some of the best dry fly action of the year. Book a full or half-day guided trip today.