Live Broadcasting From the Fly Shop First Ever Live Google+ Fly Fishing Hangout

| January 30, 2014

texas fly fishing google+ hangout

Last night was one for the fly fishing memoir. We had a live feed to the world via the free raw technology Google is working on in their Google+ Hangouts. If you haven’t messed with Google+ hangouts, then you just haven’t been frustrated quite enough yet!

Before I go any further, let me elaborate on the “Fly Shop” just a bit. For those of you retailers, particularly those reading as you do, from near the State Capital, the term “Fly Shop” can be used to describe any number of orifices that hold a person, and the gear that person may buy, sell, hold and make. UPS doesn’t stop at my Fly Shop every day, or every month, so just relax. (If you can’t relax, you’re in the perfect location to lead the “legalize” movement, and you could benefit from that legislation.)

Sure, I sell a few flies now and then, but they are the equivalent of lifetime light bulbs; they last forever. On top of that I am the one making them, and you can’t buy them anywhere else – not China, not Africa or “name that country.”

But you can tie them yourself! Last night was the first ever Google+ Fly Fishing Hangout that ran through the Texas Fly Caster Google+ page as a “Live Hangout,” and that’s exactly what we did – hang out tying the same Clouser (LMB Clouser) for an hour. Now, like it or not, these live Fly Fishing Hangouts get spooled over to a connected YouTube account, so we can relive an hour of tying the same fly again and again … Live Fly Fishing Hangout #1 on YouTube. Nightmarish!

Hey, if you like me, please feel free to NOT watch this raw and unedited video. The technology is so young, I didn’t ever know if anyone was watching (they were), and I was unable to see their typed questions – which other participants saw! Google+ Hangouts have a long way to go. Like the difference between a PC and a MAC computer, the work arounds for using Hangouts are extensive. However, this technology is going to be as common as any when it comes to streaming live events (like from an event at a fly shop), doing executive meetings, and heck … how about a live feed from the water? I’m telling you now, or maybe warning you, this Google+ stuff is a game changer.

The creative upside, of this wide open door, is limitless, and we (you and me) have to try to go through it.

Anyway, I just want to let you know the technology works, and I will be doing Live Hangouts on a regular basis. The next one will be shorter and I hope to get more watchers and participants. Feel free to NOT watch the first one though!

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