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| January 29, 2014

texas fly fishing fracking in england google+ hangout
conservation awareness for fly fishersIt must’ve been a couple of months ago that I received a contact from a writer doing a story on fracking in Europe, specifically England, and what the potential effects are on their environment. The magazine is Trout Fisherman which is a part of Bauer Media Group.

If you have followed along, you know I have a few opinions about fracking, the way it’s portrayed by the media, by environmentalists, and what it means in the big BIG picture. Water, ecology, biology, fly fishing and fracking … yeah, I actually do all of those – some more, some less.

I received a photo of the article that ran in a British magazine, Trout Fishing, in this morning’s e mail. The thumbnails are below, so feel free to click on them, enlarge and read the article. Thankfully, the questions, and my answers – were in writing. At first glance, the article appears to be pretty balanced and straight forward.

Tried and Tied

A couple of nights ago, we tried some new technology out compliments of some heavy capabilities of Google+. If you are as slow as me on the uptake, you may not know that Google and Google+ have been quietly building, implementing and refining (in that order) a social structure that allows people to connect to each other kind of like facebook, but without all the voyeuristic riffraff that dominates facebook. Okay, NOW enter true voyeurism within the part of Google+ called “Hangouts.”

I started an ill fated, first ever Fly Fishing Hangout Monday night, and not unexpectedly, nobody came. There was some frantic technical scrambling before I went live to the world – in what was essentially an “live feed” that was also recorded to YouTube (Texas Fly Caster Channel), but once I was live, I realized this Hangout thing can be one of two things: 1) essentially another video recording, or 2) a huge opportunity to talk back-and-forth on unlimited fly topics. But for it to work, folks have to show up at the hangout.

There are two kinds of Google+ Hangouts. One is recorded (spooled straight to a YouTube Channel), and the other is not. This is still bleeding edge stuff, so the next hangout will be tonight without the YouTube recording. Bookmark this – Texas Fly Caster, and let’s see how it works. You may have to add me to your circle, and I will add you to mine – of course! I am convinced this technology, although rough, is going to be huge. I assume that link is good, you’ll just have to go and see tonight.
Fracking in England ArticleFracking in England Article

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