Get off The Sidewalk This Monday Morning

| January 27, 2014

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If you’re on the Monday morning sidewalk, all I can say is, WHY? Here in North Texas it’s thirty-one degrees and a wind of twenty-five sustained. I won’t bother to look up a wind chill chart because I just don’t want to know. Do you?

And that’s pretty much the summary of this winter; it has been a real winter here in North Texas, as real as any I can remember. Well, there was that winter when cars were driving on Lewisville Lake, but that was before global warming took hold.

What’s at the bottom of the winter doldrums, or any doldrum you find yourself in? How about jury duty? Yeah, my number got punched, and I have no idea what the future will hold once I am caught inside a county court cattle call later on today. I could try the Ted Nugent draft dodge, but I would only do that after a few days of living like Tom Hanks in “The Terminal.”


Now for something completely different: I will be conducting the first ever Fly Fishing Hangout that is a function of Google+ and YouTube … that no one is apparently aware of, or able to work through the technicalities to pull off. It has been explained to me as simple as clicking in to a video stream with the ability to have up to ten chatting Google+ Circle friends and dozens of non-circle friends watching and keying in comments and/or questions. If you are unfamiliar with Google+, you will want to get familiar because it’s the future of participatory events online – business and recreational.

The whole Google+ thing is bleeding edge, but your best bet is to add [email protected] to your Circles. Then, if you aren’t already added to the Fly Fishing or Fly Fishing Texas Circle, I will check in before the Hangout and add you in to those Circles. The address for that Hangout that starts at 7-pm CST tonight is – . Heck, maybe you’ll witness a crash-and-burn live and in living color? Most of the Texas Fly Caster videos are a one, or two, take affair (believe it or not). There’s none of that in this. It’s a live from web-cam event, and that’s the casual charm of the whole thing.

It could be interesting, or it could be like watching paint dry. Whichever, if you are able to start a “Hangout,” feel free to invite specific people in and see what happens! I am pretty sure these “Hangouts” will be a weekly event through Texas Fly Caster very soon.


Through the wind, and cold … welcome to wherever you arrived this morning! The days are getting longer and longer. The chickens are earning their food again, pumping out more fresh eggs than any two humans should consume. Every North Texas winter has ended, just as this one will soon do. Spring will spring, and flats skiffs chasing carp will get on glassy plane, drift to a stop, to the decks and to the poling platforms we will soon go. I say just hang in there, and we’ll make the turn.

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