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Monday Morning Sidewalk

| February 22, 2016 | 0 Comments

Welcome from wherever you are to the Monday Morning Sidewalk here at the Texas Fly Caster portal to everything you ever wanted to know [ppw id=”133620214″ description=”Texas Fly Fishing” price=”.10″]

about fly fishing but were afraid to ask*. We have finally fallen into a wet weather pattern after many weeks of dusty, windy dry weather here in North Texas, and as much as it thwarts fly fishing, it’s needed.

If you have kept an eye on the Instagram feed (at left), the latest photo shows just how crowded some of the local hotspots can get on weekends. Welcome to the weekdays! It’s hard to believe a place like that will have any fish left after getting pounded relentlessly by as many as fifty fishermen all day long for two days in a row, but God is good enough to provide us a nearly limitless supply of sand bass, and threw in a few hybrids for good measure. As for all those fishermen out there harvesting the bounty? Well, it reminds me of the 2008 economic depression, where I saw so many people fishing to eat, just to eat. Fishing there is good, and I am also now, again, living the life they are, or were. I can relate. The worm does turn.

Speaking of Worms

I’ll be bringing a few new flies to PoPs Fly Shop this week, all in an effort to help my fly friends catch more fish this spring. As much as PoP (my alter ego) likes to tie the classic flies that catch fish, I also like to try classic flies in new colors. Will they work? The only way to find out is to send a few out across the land. Check PoPs Fly Shop for a special offer starting this week! I’m also working to bring a smallmouth bass river fly to the shop early next month – for you guys down south. Will it work on lake smallmouth? Get me to a lake that has a good supply of smallies, and I’ll find out for you.

You YouTube I YouTube Too

This week also marks a return to the YouTube airwaves. A lot has changed at YouTube since my last Texas Fly Fishing Report. YouTube is growing into an original content provider, and just before I went down last year, they enhanced the ability for content providers to charge for their content. Imagine that! With 564 subscribers and more than 186-thousand views … just give me 50-cents for each view and I am a working (for profit) creative entity again! Do yourself (and myself) a favor, and visit the Texas Fly Caster Youtube Channel today – and subscribe to the channel. You will then be notified of new videos as they go on the air. I subscribe to several, and with my old DVD player getting a signal, I can run fly videos (off YouTube) endlessly while working in the fly shop. (We all know how short the supply of GOOD – NEW – fly fishing DVD’s there are on the market right now.) If you tune into the new video(s), you will also see a lot has also changed with me. I am getting back to these YouTube stories before I am ready; my voice is still weak, and water needs are constant, and I know I am short about thirty pounds (scary to look at IMO). However, the fish wait for no man / woman / whatever.


Thanks for those of you interested enough in my plight last year – for reading and expressing that interest. Of course when something like this happens, it made me think. I believe my experience with cancer is supposed to be shared with others – perhaps to help someone through my specific type of cancer. I had been writing about it occasionally on a website called Caring Bridge, and now I have started a discussion board for people who may have throat cancer from HPV at IF you know someone who could benefit from knowledge about this exploding strain of cancer, feel free to tell them about the site.

Thanks for reading. Have a great week, and arrive safely to all your destinations as you go about the world in your shiny metal boxes.


Live Broadcasting From the Fly Shop First Ever Live Google+ Fly Fishing Hangout

| January 30, 2014 | 0 Comments

texas fly fishing google+ hangout

Last night was one for the fly fishing memoir. We had a live feed to the world via the free raw technology Google is working on in their Google+ Hangouts. If you haven’t messed with Google+ hangouts, then you just haven’t been frustrated quite enough yet!

Before I go any further, let me elaborate on the “Fly Shop” just a bit. For those of you retailers, particularly those reading as you do, from near the State Capital, the term “Fly Shop” can be used to describe any number of orifices that hold a person, and the gear that person may buy, sell, hold and make. UPS doesn’t stop at my Fly Shop every day, or every month, so just relax. (If you can’t relax, you’re in the perfect location to lead the “legalize” movement, and you could benefit from that legislation.)

Sure, I sell a few flies now and then, but they are the equivalent of lifetime light bulbs; they last forever. On top of that I am the one making them, and you can’t buy them anywhere else – not China, not Africa or “name that country.”

But you can tie them yourself! Last night was the first ever Google+ Fly Fishing Hangout that ran through the Texas Fly Caster Google+ page as a “Live Hangout,” and that’s exactly what we did – hang out tying the same Clouser (LMB Clouser) for an hour. Now, like it or not, these live Fly Fishing Hangouts get spooled over to a connected YouTube account, so we can relive an hour of tying the same fly again and again … Live Fly Fishing Hangout #1 on YouTube. Nightmarish!

Hey, if you like me, please feel free to NOT watch this raw and unedited video. The technology is so young, I didn’t ever know if anyone was watching (they were), and I was unable to see their typed questions – which other participants saw! Google+ Hangouts have a long way to go. Like the difference between a PC and a MAC computer, the work arounds for using Hangouts are extensive. However, this technology is going to be as common as any when it comes to streaming live events (like from an event at a fly shop), doing executive meetings, and heck … how about a live feed from the water? I’m telling you now, or maybe warning you, this Google+ stuff is a game changer.

The creative upside, of this wide open door, is limitless, and we (you and me) have to try to go through it.

Anyway, I just want to let you know the technology works, and I will be doing Live Hangouts on a regular basis. The next one will be shorter and I hope to get more watchers and participants. Feel free to NOT watch the first one though!

Water Wednesday – All Over the Map

| January 29, 2014 | 0 Comments

texas fly fishing fracking in england google+ hangout
conservation awareness for fly fishersIt must’ve been a couple of months ago that I received a contact from a writer doing a story on fracking in Europe, specifically England, and what the potential effects are on their environment. The magazine is Trout Fisherman which is a part of Bauer Media Group.

If you have followed along, you know I have a few opinions about fracking, the way it’s portrayed by the media, by environmentalists, and what it means in the big BIG picture. Water, ecology, biology, fly fishing and fracking … yeah, I actually do all of those – some more, some less.

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Get off The Sidewalk This Monday Morning

| January 27, 2014 | 0 Comments

fly fishing texas #flyfishing #fishing
If you’re on the Monday morning sidewalk, all I can say is, WHY? Here in North Texas it’s thirty-one degrees and a wind of twenty-five sustained. I won’t bother to look up a wind chill chart because I just don’t want to know. Do you?

And that’s pretty much the summary of this winter; it has been a real winter here in North Texas, as real as any I can remember. Well, there was that winter when cars were driving on Lewisville Lake, but that was before global warming took hold.

What’s at the bottom of the winter doldrums, or any doldrum you find yourself in? How about jury duty? Yeah, my number got punched, and I have no idea what the future will hold once I am caught inside a county court cattle call later on today. I could try the Ted Nugent draft dodge, but I would only do that after a few days of living like Tom Hanks in “The Terminal.”


Now for something completely different: I will be conducting the first ever Fly Fishing Hangout that is a function of Google+ and YouTube … that no one is apparently aware of, or able to work through the technicalities to pull off. It has been explained to me as simple as clicking in to a video stream with the ability to have up to ten chatting Google+ Circle friends and dozens of non-circle friends watching and keying in comments and/or questions. If you are unfamiliar with Google+, you will want to get familiar because it’s the future of participatory events online – business and recreational.

The whole Google+ thing is bleeding edge, but your best bet is to add [email protected] to your Circles. Then, if you aren’t already added to the Fly Fishing or Fly Fishing Texas Circle, I will check in before the Hangout and add you in to those Circles. The address for that Hangout that starts at 7-pm CST tonight is – . Heck, maybe you’ll witness a crash-and-burn live and in living color? Most of the Texas Fly Caster videos are a one, or two, take affair (believe it or not). There’s none of that in this. It’s a live from web-cam event, and that’s the casual charm of the whole thing.

It could be interesting, or it could be like watching paint dry. Whichever, if you are able to start a “Hangout,” feel free to invite specific people in and see what happens! I am pretty sure these “Hangouts” will be a weekly event through Texas Fly Caster very soon.


Through the wind, and cold … welcome to wherever you arrived this morning! The days are getting longer and longer. The chickens are earning their food again, pumping out more fresh eggs than any two humans should consume. Every North Texas winter has ended, just as this one will soon do. Spring will spring, and flats skiffs chasing carp will get on glassy plane, drift to a stop, to the decks and to the poling platforms we will soon go. I say just hang in there, and we’ll make the turn.

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