Lake Texoma Fly Fishing Report – Steve Hollensed

| November 21, 2011

THANKS goes out to Steve Hollensed, for his detailed report on Lake Texoma.

Lake Texoma: about 6 ft. low; 64 degrees; Most of the lake has good to very good visibility; Fishing pressure and lake traffic is very low

Striper fishing remains excellent with fish very active, aggressively feeding, and working in multiple schools most of the day. Almost all areas of the lake are holding some fish, especially the mid and lower lake areas.

Currently, large schools of stripers are running in the deeper water of the main lake. The schools are usually about 30-40 ft thick, beginning at about 5-10 ft. from the surface. The better fish are coming from the deeper parts of the school; smaller schoolies from the top. These schools are moving very fast. Often, they are running across a point, along a bluff, or into a cove. When this happens, the depth finder “blacks out” with fish and the fishing goes up another notch.

Other schools at times are running on the mid-lake flats in about 10-25 ft. of water. Points and drop offs are good targets early and late in the mid lake areas.

In almost all cases fish are active under “working gulls”. This fall, the gulls are very abundant and very helpful in locating active schools of stripers.

Because most fish are running a little deeper now, your best chances come with fishing fast sinking lines. I like 350 or 400 grain Orvis Depth Charge lines on 9 weight rods.

Smallmouth Bass fishing has been excellent as well. Lots of bronzebacks can be found oriented near the shoreline on rocky points and rocky shorelines adjacent to deeper water.

This is a great time to fish all day and target both stripers and smallmouth. Because the water temps are in the mid 60’s we are seeing very active fish and because of the abundance of threadfin shad, both stripers and smallmouth are in excellent shape and fighting hard.

It has been a great fall season, and perhaps the best part is that it is not over yet. This fishing should continue for some time and we are having some of the best fishing of the season now.

If you would like to book a trip before hard winter sets in, then now is the time. I offer both half and full day trips. I also offer instructional guide trips with an emphasis placed on learning more about fly fishing for stripers, warmwater fly fishing, or just fly fishing in general.

Captain Steve Hollensed
Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide
FFF Master Certified Casting Instructor

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