Fly Fishing Guide to the Colorado River – BOOK REVIEW

| December 21, 2018

These are the books that guides love to hate. Basically, someone who needs all the insider information on, in this case, the Colorado River,  “Fly Fishing Guide to the Colorado River and Tributaries – Hatches, Fly Patterns, and Guides Advice,” by Bob Dye, gives away all that insider information for the cost of admission. 

These are also the books that often sell out quickly, and become difficult to find, especially when we are looking for them in emergency mode. It easily qualifies as a “reference” book, such is the style and detail in the what, when, where and how of finding these Colorado fish. 

This is not a book one would sit down and read. As I said, it is a “reference” book and one I wish I had the last time I was in this area of Colorado! The layout is wonderful. The images are nicely woven into the text, the fly patterns wait until the end as does the excellent mapping. Also included are “Resources” that add even more detail and value to this backpack sized book. All in all, Bob Dye has done a great job of assembling a load of valuable information and kept it interesting with the photography. Segregating the more mundane fly patterns, maps and 

In the “resources” at the back of the book, you can up your knowledge with references to hotels, restaurants, fly shops and river shuttles. What’s left? Nothing but for you to pick up this book before you go on your next trip to the Colorado River area. 

It’s a Stackpole Book, and for it’s size, it isn’t cheap at $29.95. But it will inevitably sell out pretty quickly. And I have seen these books go up in value once they become “hard to find” books. 

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