Monday Morning on the Slippery Slope

| May 5, 2014

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Did it get hot wherever you are, like overnight? I think we topped out here at 95-degrees yesterday, and it caught us by complete surprise. What started out as a fun day working outside on the yard Saturday (remember weekend days are for those who like waves when they fly fish the local lake flats), and made it through that day just fine.

We cranked it up again Sunday morning, but we were seeing stars by noon, and had to cut the day short – in order to survive and work another day. The heat.


Let me throw out a special thank you to Joyce Davis for taking the time and effort to write her story on fly fishing in Montana. I am glad to let loose the reigns anytime someone has something original and noteworthy to say about the topic we love so much.


IN CASE you missed it, Dallas fly shop Tailwaters has some great stuff on sale right now – including some top-of-the-line Scientific Angler and Rio fly lines. I picked up one last week, and am trying to arrive at a line I like for my good old Sage Z Axis. It’s amazing what a bad fly line does to a great rod!

I was just told by my wife that Tailwaters is also about to have their Birthday Bash! Whoa, it seems like yesterday that they were getting going, but they are going strong and growing strong. Their online sales are strong, and I haven’t heard about trips any better than the ones offered at Tailwaters.


Our favorite carp are definitely on the spawn at Lake Ray Roberts, and although I have yet to see them in the massive numbers we used to have on the grassy flats (now desert), I am sure they are sewing their oats en masse — somewhere where boats only go.

As you will recall, carp spawns are a wondrous event that is fascinating to watch, and be in the middle of (you’ll recall me catching carp by hand?), but are a boondoggle for actually catching carp on fly. They (the carp) have other things in mind. Regardless, it is good to see carp being carp – kind of like teenagers in heat.


As much as I like Ankona Boats, I just can’t seem to get a good handle on communication with the company, so my focus has shifted to a whole new direction – East Cape Skiffs. I never thought much about the company as a competitor for my attention because I assumed they were just too expensive. Well, maybe not. My focus is settling on the Glide by East Cape Skiffs.

Their website, the photography and videos answer so many questions compared to other boat makers, the clarity with which they go through the features on video … all just superior to other boat makers. To have so many questions answered before I actually contacted the company (with video and other info), is the most refreshing experience since I started down this slippery slope. It’s refreshing to talk to people who are communicators, and have a product with a very good reputation to boot!

In a couple of e mail back-and-forths, we have an exponentially better idea of what I want, and what East Cape Skiffs can deliver – and what I can deliver to East Cape Skiffs. How many times can I say, REFRESHING!? If you are wondering about East Cape Skiffs, whenever you see their name – that’s A LINK to their website. Click on the links to go to East Cape, or wherever you see links in any story for that matter – click on them for more knowledge.


Problem is, we are just not that close to a skiff just yet. The BOGO is still a GOGO, and I am pleasantly surprised by the number of trips booked, but we have a hill to climb. So let me encourage you to watch the BOGO video below, if you haven’t already, and go to the CONTACT page to book your BOGO now. If you’re tired of hearing about the BOGO, just wait! It’ll get worse, like a local car commercial coming at you before your first cup of java on a Monday morning.

I am about to try a couple of new things dealing with text on this site this week, so if you have any problems at all – LET ME KNOW, and I will kill that idea. I just can’t seem to get the choices (I think) I need to make the reading more interesting here, so we are going to plug in a few new things and see if they go. I am also experimenting with going video direct to Facebook, so be sure you visit and (I guess) “like” the Texas Fly Caster Facebook page. If this actually works, it could get totally out of hand – REAL QUICK!

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