First Monday Morning Sidewalk for SPRING 21

| March 22, 2021

Yes. Yes. Yes. It is spring. The only thing is, a North Texas spring is as unpredictable as an old Jimmy Buffet performance. Heck, sometimes the weather doesn’t even show up.

The Greenbelt 380 Park on the north side of HWY 380, just east of Denton, Texas. What a terrible waste of money by USACE and TPWD.

As last season was wrapping up, I marveled at all the new fishable water we were plying way up beyond the North County regions … it wasn’t as picturesque as the Lantana Flats, but massive, wide-bodied carp were abundant and eating at will.

I invested a few hours Saturday on looking for a spot where sand bass would stage before heading up creek, and my best theories were again laid to waste. I got on plane and headed to the North County and eventually the next county.

To my surprise, there they were: Carp were barrel rolling, jumping for joy and abundant once again, but … not eating any fly I tried. I know the water is only 57-degrees, but my thinking is these northern regions warm up ahead of the rest of the Ray Roberts water. It’s common knowledge actually: The sun hits the northern shores longer because of the angle with the earth at this point, resulting in more warming to the north waters. That’s even simple enough for me to understand.

Now while I was north, way north, there’s a lot more new places even further north than where I was. When I say further, I mean miles further. And they’re sticking in my mind now …

So while we get our slot cars back on the carp track (you know what a slot car is right?), I am running a few more cars on parallel tracks, and it’s getting interesting trying to press the trigger on all these controllers!

I will upload a video to the YouTube Channel later on this week, and it should bring more clarity to all these spring details, plus I run down what I just covered in writing – from the deck of the skiff. Be sure to visit that Texas Fly Caster YouTube Channel and subscribe. You will get notified whenever I upload a public video there.


Also, on the YouTube Channel is a series of short instructional videos that are PRIVATE, and viewable by taking a fly fishing lesson with me. So, if I have given you a lesson in the past, and you’re wanting to refresh your memory? Contact me, and I will give you access to those videos. They are broken down into small consumable bites, and hit each beginner topic on a pinpoint level.


It didn’t take much sunshine, to get the fly line mats back into circulation. These things work guys and girls! If you haven’t seen them, they are showing up on skiffs from California to South Carolina nowadays … which is amazing to me! Those fly line mats are viewable on YouTube as well – here — Fly Line Mat.

Thanks for taking the time to read on a busy and rainy first Monday of Spring 21. Have a great week, and check back here, or better yet – SUBSCRIBE to be notified of new posts. I do not do anything with that subscription information, you just be notified.

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