Ten Gallon Hat … Almost

| March 18, 2021

There have been a lot of questions over the years, but “where did you get that hat” ranks among the top repeating questions. This video gives you the lowdown on a tall Texas straw hat. It’s imported to Houston, Texas, company Sun Body Hats. But don’t try to drop in there – they’re still on COVID shutdown the last I read.

No, your best bet is to head down to the Fort Worth Stockyards, and go into Fincher’s White Front. You’ll have to ask for them by name – just saunter up to the hat shaper, and tell him what you want. It’s like they are keeping the “Good Stuff” hidden in back, and why not? These hats are so darn affordable, they have to hide them from the tourists! TIP: Don’t go to the Stockyards during the weekend!

These are all imports, but it really matters who is doing the building of the hat, and these hats are built to work and last. Just watch the video for a tip on how to make them last a REAL long time.

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