Trinity River Disaster Hits FW Star Telegram Today

| March 24, 2021

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I had this one hit me over the weekend, and I have to say, on its face it is stunning. This environmental disaster has all the hallmarks; foreign involvement, lax regulation, inaction, lack of vision and on top of all that? It was brought to the public eye by a fly fishing Citizen of Fort Worth, Texas. These trees were of historical value, and irreplaceable.


This oxbow is shouting distance from the Trinity River Water District’s annual Flyfest, and the clearcut happened right before that event. Imagine that. All those potential activists, on site, and no mention, no organized response from TRWD? Why is that? People, whether you believe it or not – YOU HAVE THE POWER – to prevent these things from happening, and now … maybe prevent them from happening ever again. ORGANIZE NOW! Don’t just call yourself a “community organizer” on your resume – GET ON IT! If you have nothing to do, then here’s something for you to do NOW. Shoot video, shoot photos and share them widely – go ahead and even take credit for your sleuth work … whatever it takes.

What is really amazing to me about this is that hotbeds for “environmental activism,” and an allegedly active environmentally aware group of retail patrons, exist at REI Fort Worth and Whole Foods Fort Worth and walk the park’s trails — all pass within a few steps of this disaster on a regular, if not daily, basis. Are these folks checking their consciences at the doors on the way OUT of these stores, and leaving them inside? Folks, in your newest duds, maybe wear something a little looser so as to free-up blood circulation to the top.

If you are one of my media readers / periodical editors looking for stories here, feel free to use this info to do your own stories. Your contact on this is Matthew Clements in Fort Worth, Texas, and if you cannot find him, just let me know and I will send you that contact information. Contact me – HERE

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