Texas Fly Fishing Report 032521

| March 25, 2021

Greetings to long-time readers and newcomers alike. The Texas Fly Fishing Reports are a special thing I try to get done as warranted by fly fishing conditions in Texas, and since we have such extreme winters (just about everywhere now), I usually give it a break through the cold times.

Well the cold times are just about gone, and the battle for evermore warm-over-cold has begun. Of course we had the rare blizzard event in February that registered 1-below-zero here at my headquarters for about eight hours, and we made the lead story on the National news because of it. Last night, the train kept a rolling as long lines of storms were generated, south-to-north, for most of the night. Hail included.


As you begin to get out and stretch your fly lines, and hit your favorite waters, remember that the water is still colder than usual. It is warming though! It probably makes cosmic* sense to us that we need to concentrate on the north sides of ponds and lakes (see the video report), and spend our river float time on stretches that run more east-west than north-south – – and concentrate on the sunny side there as well. Warmer water, especially after what we went through in February 2021, generates more fish activity. 

*the lower sun angle means less shade, more sun on the north sides

TPWD Changes Coastal Regulations

Apparently, the new regulations for the Lower and Upper Laguna Madre will be official April 21st., and they will certainly be greeted with some friction from the folks who set themselves a limit of a limit of fish every single time they go out … folks and GUIDES actually. I have a feeling saying something about moderation to these folks may be a bit like saying, “wear a mask” to this same group of anglers. But maybe that statement is way too general? The rules are the rules.


The limit on trout will be a daily three fish limit, and the size slot is tightened from 15-25 inches down to 17-23 inches. Now, I know for a fact the distance from 15 up to 17 is a HECK OF A long way in a speckled trout’s world. Keep in mind: Unless SOMEONE has problems with food portions, one 17-inch trout will feed two people to the top (eat more fries!). And they are moving away from keeping fish over 25-inches. These changes run from the JFK Causeway all the way to the Rio Grande, and include surf fishing.


The runoff from these spring rains DOES have an effect on your sand bass in creeks and rivers. Mainly, the volume of water can be overwhelming and it definitely throws water color off balance. Think in terms of throwing even brighter flies so that these hungry fish can find them. Be careful of wet banks as well, it’s like sliding down a sheet of glass in places – once you start the slide, trust me, just go with it. You might consider adding a rope to your backpack this time of year if you’re going Soggy Bottoming. And you’ll realize where the term “Soggy Bottom” comes from – once you finish your slide. I have not hit the creeks, but here in the North Country we should be very close to approaching the height of the action now.

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