Denton Greenbelt 380 Park Update

| March 26, 2021

This video was recorded after a localized rain BELOW Lake Ray Roberts. The dam was closed to its minimal flow, approximately 65cfs.


With all that swirls around us these days, it is going to be difficult to maintain an organized, sustained focus on the many-years-long debacle at the Denton 380 Greenbelt Park. I have documented the situation down below HWY 380 in this video – DENTON GREENBELT DISASTER VIDEO 1 – and now the latest video, above, shows how the Trinity River at HWY 380 Greenbelt Park has actually been rerouted ACROSS THE PARKING LOT of the now useless park.

Some natural crimes are so “in our face” that we are too stunned to think, or know what to do sometimes. I consider my role in this to be reporting the crime, and rallying like-minded individuals into a unified “Action Mode” on the Denton Greenbelt Disaster. And believe me, this disaster is not the only one in our area. Maybe you caught the Page 1 story on the Trinity River watershed disaster in Fort Worth earlier this week? That story was brought to light by none other than fly fishing friend Matthew Clemons of Fort Worth. Luckily for him, he has riled a population of concerned individuals who are organizing into action – as soon as the news broke.

This Denton 380 Greenbelt Disaster is OLD news. Not only was it ignored by the governmental caretakers who easily waited out the public’s short attention spans, it shows no signs of future planning or recovery to this day. What will it take to fix this disaster that, at first, the government said could not be fixed? (REMINDER: The government then went on to budget a few dollars to do the clearing of about 100-yards of the log jam.)

Obviously, when we are planning to send people to Mars, we can solve a problem like this. It boils down to: A local population that has always been known to be extremely “passive” when it comes to asking the government to fix ANYTHING it should have naturally fixed – and agencies, like USACE and TPWD are well aware of the local population’s passivity. Silence seems to grip the population, but why? By generational change alone, we should be in the throes of a new golden age of environmentalism in, and around, Denton, Texas. What happened to the greener promise?

What does the future hold for the City of Denton’s environment, as the City is being completely overrun by apartment developers and industrial parks? I am again guessing – we will not know until it’s already too late. This is all a symptom of what I have called the “Houstonifacation” of Dallas-Fort Worth. We are looking at a time when all our villages and communities will touch, and then be eaten whole by the beast that stops only for the Oklahoma border. Denton will be to Dallas, as Spring is to Houston – “All for One,” but never, “One for All.”


Steal Some of That “Wasted” Infrastructure Money and Use Wisely

The next BIG THING in the USA’s ongoing recovery from the last administration’s disasters, is probably going to be a huge Public Works Program. When has the time ever been more right TO SECURE THE FUNDS AND DO THE WORK on this government created disaster? To repair and actually upgrade the 380 Park makes almost too much sense! It will be a pressure release for the huge population increases we are experiencing in Denton, and Denton County, and it will attract people’s pocketbooks – to spend money on activities generated by a top-notch park. This park is NO DOUBT a long term economic WINNER. Imagine kayak rentals, kayak shops, paddleboards, canoes, hikers and bird watchers … you know, what we used to call “nature lovers,” all with somewhere they will (SHOULD ALREADY be) able to go and enjoy! All these “nature lovers” need “stuff” too, right? This leads to healthy economic growth for Denton, and Denton County, not to mention the (scientifically documented) health improvements it could generate for the citizens.

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