Soggy Bottom Sand Bass

| March 30, 2021


Soggy Bottom Boys – Let’s ride along with Jeff today, as he shows us where and how he catches sand bass in springtime. We’re headed to the upper reaches of the Elm Fork of the Trinity River, north of Lake Ray Roberts, Texas, and nearly to Gainesville.

The ride is worth the price of admission, as we twist and turn our way in the deeper parts, and Jeff does his best imitation of Humphrey Bogart in “African Queen” to get us the rest of the way there. It’s the perfect spawning grounds for sand bass with flow and gravel – lots of gravel and sand.

FLIES – There really is nothing magic about the flies. Almost any fly will work. Of course when the water is muddy, go brighter with your fly selection. OR, contrast with black so they can see fly against harshly stained waters.

METHOD – We are dead drifting these flies, and letting them swing at the bottom, before casting again. We let them swing for a long time! ALSO very important: The rod tip is your pivot point on the swing because you’re not standing in the middle of the river with a downward look and swing (which you would normally adjust by stepping right or left. YOU HAVE to dangle your rod tip at different distances across the river to adjust the PIVOT POINT of your dead drift swing. Got that? Simple right? If not, just comment, and we will get you the answers you need.

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