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| June 21, 2009

Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses

To say this has already been a good year for music releases would be a huge understatement.

I continue to spin the Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses release virtually non stop. It has a harder edge than the first outing, and deservedly so. The sophomore jinx is ground down in a sound that borrows, this time without stealing, from the likes of Neil Young and other legends (you tell me who you hear) of an era before Bingham was even born. The band and Bingham are maturing at a rapid rate, perhaps even in reverse – the Benjamin Buttons of the music world. Bingham sounds younger and stronger than the previous album Mescalitio would have lead you to imagine him to be capable of being, and the band is caught in a time capsule of the music most of us here grew up with – lacking heavy post production and completely ignoring the unreal bass depths found in virtually all modern rock & roll recordings.

The album, Roadhouse Sun, rightfully ushers in the (re)naming of the band as Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses. Just think Neil Young & Crazy Horse, and you see what the future holds. I can’t believe the Dead Horses – Crazy Horse simile was arrived at without some forethought.

Assembly of Dust - Some Assembly Required

Also on the turntable are a smorgasbord of other releases:
Joe Pug – Nation of Heat EP
Bob Dylan – Together Through Life
Assembly of Dust – Some Assembly Required (free downloads) released on July 21
U2 – No Line on the Horizon
Wilco I listened to and loved the entire thing when they were streaming it FOR FREE on their site. If you want to listen to live shows go to WILCO LIVE SHOWS
Son Volt – heard them roll a couple of the new tunes live at Dan’s Silver Leaf show
Green Day – 21st. Century Breakdown


There is a lot there, and there has already been a lot to pass between my ears completely forgotten.

I also have yet to feast my ears on the new Dave Matthews Band, Steve Earl “Townes”, Incubus “Monuments and Melodies” a greatest hits release, Pete Yorn “Back and Fourth”, and I am sure there will be some more surprises along the way.

COMING THIS WEEK – Report on Texoma; Yes it is on. A look at the Fly Bar under construction, and maybe something completely different by the end of the week.


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  1. shannon says:

    Dans does non smoking shows now. And I breathe a DEEP SIGH of relief. The project I have going with them came to an abrupt halt when I could no longer stand the smoke and /or the lack of ventilation. Check in and see if it is a non smoker — my bet is that because of JOE ELY, it is. I am guessing that because the price is so steep, he will have a full band this time. shannon

  2. Purple Hays says:

    We were all pumped to go see Joe Ely when we saw Dan stapling up a flier in Fuzzy’s last week. Walked right over to the Silverleaf to buy tickets and the place smelled like the inside of a case of Marlboros. Right away we remembered the last show we went to and how it took us three days to get over the smoke induced “pneumonia”. Getting old sucks.

  3. shannon says:

    Dan’s Silver Leaf

    Fri., June 26………….JOE ELY
    Joe Pat Hennen opens.
    9pm Seats 30 bucks Gen. Adm. 20 bucks

  4. Cindy says:

    what is this fly bar? and i still can’t believe you don’t like jason mraz or gossip in the grain. you at least liked haymaker! right?

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