The Fly Bar Takes Shape

| June 23, 2009

The Grand Plans for the FLY BAR
The Grand Plans – THE FLY BAR.

Readers may have had an inkling of what was going on right in my back yard, but in case you’ve been asleep (as it seems everyone is these days), here are some images from a work long awaited and now in progress. We call it the Fly Bar, and you can expect reports directly from this location as the beer does flow and the the flies do get tied.

In our neighborhood, where our house is similar to many around us, the lots are big and the emphasis for us at least, is being outside more than indoors. Beyond the Fly Bar is the chicken coup ( d’ Ville), and if you should make it to these parts for the grand opening next month, you will be treated to imbibations as well as lengthy discussions on all that is fly. After all, it is the FLY BAR!

A grand announcement will go out, and the opening should with all clarity, last about a week … or more. If there’s no roof, so what? The temperature may be over 100, but until I find the exact roof for the bar, there will be no roof! Anybody have a line on used corrugated tin – barn style?

The Fly Bar in a pile of wood


Setting the foundations for fun

The Fly Bar Takes a New Shape

End of day 1.5 The Fly Bar

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  1. shannon says:

    It’s hippie camo – horizontal and blurry. shannon

  2. Cindy says:

    same. picture. twice. i promise… i even refreshed! and remind me, you wanted sky blue and white stripes on your shirt, but horizontal, or vertical? and well defined, or blurred lines…

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