Pagosa Springs Fly Fishing – A Closer Look

| October 25, 2011

Aspen Trees north of Pagosa Springs, Colorado.
Last blast of aspen trees – north of Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Sometimes posts are a blunderbuss of information, and on occasion they are a .223 at about a hundred and fifty yards. Sure, a .223 drops some, but not much at 150.

I have been to Pagosa Springs many times in the last ten years, but by now I am becoming more familiar with where things are, where things were, and where roads lead to. There’s enough general information buried in this target to keep you reading for days, so I took my most recent visit to Pagosa Springs as an opportunity to concentrate on the details that make Pagosa Springs one of my favorite Colorado fly fishing locations.

If I took last week’s journey in chronological, our journey would start near Santa Fe, New Mexico. We had the privilege of staying at a friend’s brother’s house in Cochiti, New Mexico. I’ll be writing only a little about our time in Santa Fe (plugging a couple of restaurants), and there’ll be a lot of photographs of Tent Rocks, a hike we took while there.

However, I have to start with a great fly shop. Let it Fly, in Pagosa Springs since 1997 (a lifetime in mom-and-pop fly shop years), is permanently occupied by one of the nicest individuals I have come across in a long time. I’ll start with Pop, and his view on Pagosa Springs, and what makes him such a great person in a great place.

After the feature on Let it Fly, I will take you to some water, and a few photographs and video of fly fishing in and around Pagosa Springs. There will be as many as four posts on Pagosa Springs and at least one on New Mexico.

Feel free to ride along on this series, and don’t be surprised if you decide you have to head for Pagosa after reading about all the fun and fish to be had in Southwestern Colorado. If you’re really motivated, you can dig into past posts before this series gets underway –
Last Year’s Trip

There’s more in the past somewhere …

Note – We are looking at the new moon phase, and flounder are running on the north Gulf Coast of Texas, so I’ll let you know if fishing gets in the way of this series.

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