Music on the Skids

| August 23, 2010

I just received an e mail about this week’s bands at Dan’s Silverleaf on Industrial in Denton, Texas. It looks like the folks at Dan’s have been holding out on us until our 45-thousand students get back in town.

SATURDAY (28th.) – Joe Ely | Isaac Hoskins Starts at 8 and it’s 18 American Dollars
SUNDAY (29th.) – Slobberbone Unplugged!!!!

The previous Ely shows have been smoke-free, so I can only assume the same for this one. It’s only a matter of time before all this smoke clears, and old geezers such as myself can again enjoy the nightlife that has defined Denton, Texas, for so long. Until then, I will just have to sit at the Fly Bar and ponder.

Dan’s Silverleaf
Photography from and of Dan’s Silverleaf – Shannon Drawe Photography & Dan’s


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